12.30.2016 Day in History

In Western Christian tradition, which obviously stems from Wiccan and Pagan Solstice practice, today is the sixth day of Christmasone thousand nine hundred seventy-seven years ago, an upper class Roman baby boy entered the world who would grow up to massacre Jews for the empire and serve as the first Emperor who inherited the title from his father; in Granada a thousand twenty-seven years henceforth, in 1066, a mob, largely Muslim, broke into the royal palace and crucified the Jewish vizier, after which many of the Jewish residents of the city suffered similar fates;six hundred thirty-six years later, in 1702, the forces of the British colony of Carolina gave up their Queen Anne’s War quest to overthrow Spanish rule at St. Augustine; precisely one hundred fourteen years further along time’s path, in 1816, the United States bargained with three Native American clan-groups for land now part of Metropolitan Chicago, paying $1,000 over the course of twelve years for the plus-or-minus two hundred square miles; nine years afterwards exactly, in 1825, in another of the series of Treaties of St. Louis, the U.S. paid another pittance for the lands that now make up the Southeastern Missouri town of Cape Girardeau; the U.S. bought a sliver of land from Mexico one hundred sixty-three years before the here and now, the so-called Gadsden Purchase, a tiny slice at ‘reasonable prices’ to augment what the U.S. stole the previous decade; twelve years precisely thereafter, in 1865, a male infant was born who would grow up to write poetry and win the Nobel Prize as Rudyard Kipling; three decades and a year afterward, in 1896, around the world in the Philippines, Spanish executioners murdered Jose Rizal for the ‘crime’ of writing stories in favor of independence; three hundred sixty-five days past that conjunction, in 1897, eight thousand miles Southwest in Eastern South Africa, British imperialists in Natal Province subsumed Zululand under their aegis; two years subsequently to the day, in 1899, railroad employees in Missouri met together to form the Organization of Railroad Clerks of America; half a dozen years henceforth and a thousand miles West in Idaho, in 1905, the an assassin’s bomb killed Frank Steunenberg, the State’s governor who had viciously repressed miners’ attempts to organize, a murder for which Big Bill Haywood would suffer imprisonment before a jury found him innocent of the crime; after laying the basis for breaking the British control of India into Muslim and Hindi nations, three hundred sixty-five days yet later on, in 1906, the All-India Muslim League first met in Dacca, East Bengal—now Bangladesh; ninety-three years back, the Union USSR_Emblem_1936 russia sovietof Soviet Socialist Republics formally came into existence; six years past that point in time, in 1928, a baby male shouted out on his way to a life as performer and songsmith, Bo Diddley; eight years later on the dot, in 1936, United Auto Workers member spread their first sitdown strike to Flint, Michigan; one year more down the pike, in 1937, a male infant opened his eyes who would rise as the crooner and lyricist, Paul Stookey, of Peter, Paul, & Mary; half a decade subsequently, in 1942, the baby boy uttered his first cry en route to a life of science and criticism and literature as Vladimir Bukovsky; seven hundred thirty-one days hence, in 1944, French playwright and Nobel Prize winner Romaine Rolland died; another two years after that, in 1946, the girl child came into the world who would mature as rocking songwriter and poet, Patti Smith; Romania’s last king, Michael I, abdicated as a result of Soviet rule a year even closer to now, in 1947, and on the other side of Europe, philosopher Alfred North Whitehead breathed his last in England;one year subsequent to that conjunction, in 1948, Cole

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Porter’s Guys and Dolls opened in New York, en route to the first Tony Award for a musical; eleven years beyond that, in 1959, a baby girl was born in England who would mature as the performer, writer, thinker, and comic and critical genius, Tracey Ullman; the United States ceased heavy bombing strikes against North Vietnam thirteen years thereafter, in 1972seven years hence, in 1979, the iconic and prolific popular composer and musical genius, Richard Rodgers, sang his swansong and exited; Israel and Vatican City fourteen years subsequently, in 1993, first established diplomatic relations; thirteen years still more proximate to the present, in 2006, Saddam Hussein ended his days with a noose around his neck; ten hundred ninety-six days even nearer to this moment in time, in 2009, a suicide bomber who was also a ‘double agent’ exploded himself and killed nine Central Intelligence Agency personnel on the Afghan border with Pakistan, in a case that perfectly exemplified the butchery and treachery and torture at play in U.S. ‘policy.’