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Other than continuing Solstice/Days of Christmas celebrations, a relatively quiescent day on the annual calendar in terms of specific commemorations; just before the Norman conquest, nine and a half centuries and a year ago, England’s rulers consecrated Westminster Abbey; three years less than five and a half centuries subsequent to that, in 1612, Galileo Galilei first observed Neptune, albeit he classified it as a star rather than an orbiting planet; two hundred and twenty-one years further down time’s pathway, in 1832, across the Atlantic in the young United States, John Calhoun’s Vice Presidential resignation foretold elements of the dissolution of the Union; three years hence, in 1835, in a different sort of dissent, the Seminole leader Osceola and his fierce followers fought the incursions of the United States military in their lands; another three hundred sixty-six days farther along, in 1836, Spain finally recognized the reality of Mexico’s independence; two decades after that instant, in 1856, a baby boy shouted out whose life would entail executive offices at Princeton and the United States as the clever contextualizer of White Supremacy and capital’s ascendancy, Woodrow Wilson; just short of ten years onward, in 1865, a Massachusetts inventor indebted caffeine fiends for

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eternity with his patenting of a coffee percolator; one hundred and thirty-one years back, the predecessor to India’s Congress Party came into existence in opposition to untrammeled British imperial sway; a decade thereafter, in 1895, the Lumiere brothers in France demonstrated the viability of relatively modern cinematic methods before an audience in Paris for the first time, and in nearby Germany, Wilhelm Rontgen published his discovery of a type of radiation that implied the multiplicity of atomic structure; one hundred fourteen years ahead of today, a little baby boy opened his eyes who would rise as the champion of ‘great books’ and promulgator of bourgeois ideology and ‘common sense’ philosophy and social science,  Mortimer Adler; sixteen years after that, in 1918,  Constance Markievicz became the first woman to gain election to the House of Commons, doing so while she was serving time in prison for her activism on women’s behalf; thirteen years farther forward, in 1931, a baby boy came squalling into the world in France whom fate had designated as the thinker and theorist Guy Debord; another year subsequently, in 1932, Southwest across the Atlantic in Argentina, a boy child opened his eyes who would grow up as the playwright and cultural savant, Manuel Puig; four more years onward, in 1936, auto workers at the Fisher Body Plant began their legendary sitdown strike that led to a victory for the workers generally and for the development of the United Autoworkers in particular; eight more years closer to the current context, in 1944, Franklin Roosevelt ordered Federal troops to seize the offices of the Montgomery Ward Corporation for the firm’s refusal to honor the union shop provisions of National War Labor Board directives; a year beyond that conjunction, in 1945, the novelist and public intellectual, Theodore Dreiser, lived out his final day; a decade past that point, in 1955, the baby boy bounced into the world on his way to becoming writer and activist Liu Xiaobo is born; sixty years ahead of today, a committee of local nationalists and activists and imperial representatives gathered to confer over ways to diffuse the eight-year-old Malay crisis, in which anticommunists and committed Marxists were seeking a political solution to insurrection, murder, and civil war; three years past that point in time and space, in 1959, a baby girl was born who would mature as the soulful crooner and searing lyricist Ana Torroja, of the Spanish group, Mecano; another ten years afterward, in 1969, a male infant entered our midst who would design and popularize the Linux operating system as Linus Torvald; seventeen years subsequently, in 1973, the United States passed an Endangered Species Act to ameliorate ecological drawbacks of human culture, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn published his seminal work, The Gulag Archipelagoa year past a decade farther along, in 1984, gritty filmmaker and screenwriter Sam Peckinpah lived out his final scene; nine years henceforth to the day, in 1993, renowned storyteller of war and popular writer William Shirer died; seven years nearer to now, in 2000, the retailer Montgomery Ward closed it doors in bankruptcy, fifty six years to the day past its screwing over its workers during World War Two; four years thereafter, in 2004, the iconic thinker, critic, photographer and author Susan Sontag breathed her last; six years yet later on, in 2010, Algerian activists and protesters began demanding better government and thereby initiated the so-called Arab Spring in their country;another seven hundred thirty-one days more proximate to the present moment, in 2012, the programmer and inventor of the Internet Message Access Protocol, Mark Crispin, drew his final breath.