12.14.2016 Nearly Naked Links

From Tuesday’s Files

Imploring to Avoid Nuclear War

Letter on the need for urgent measures to avert a nuclear war

Deadly Economic Manure – http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2016/12/michael-hudson-economists-deadly-but-innocuous-seeming-proclamations.html

FBI & CIA Splits Over ‘Hacks’

FBI Rejects CIA Claim that Russia Assisted Trump in Presidential Election as “Fuzzy and Ambiguous”

State Secrets Prohibitions on Whistleblowing –http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46025.htm

Capital’s Mundane Murder Routines – http://www.commondreams.org/views/2016/12/12/how-capitalism-kills-and-may-be-getting-deadlier

Counterrevolution & Revolutionary Dialectic – http://www.thepublicprofessor.com/the-counter-revolution/

Crowdfunded Muckraking Case Study

With Tarbell, a whistleblower is betting on crowdfunded muckraking

Philanthropy & Standing Rock – http://www.insidephilanthropy.com/home/2016/12/9/what-philanthropy-can-learn-from-standing-rock

Critiquing Anarchists – http://www.globalresearch.ca/anarchism-a-false-hope-nineteenth-century-cuban-independistas-explain/5561692

Legislating Propaganda Factories – http://www.globalresearch.ca/counter-propaganda-bill-quietly-creates-us-propaganda-factory/5561852

Rebutting Russia’s Guilt – http://wallstreetonparade.com/2016/12/heres-why-russia-wasnt-behind-the-wikileaks-emails-leak/

Ruling Class M.N.P. Backing

Full Text Of 74-Item Questionnaire Trump Transition Team Sent To DOE

Saleh v. Bush Litigation

US Court Of Appeals To Hear Arguments In Bush War Crimes Case

Wa Po’s CIA Links & Its Current Lies

Washington Post-CIA Connections Destroy Post’s “Election-Hack” Claim

Plea Bargained Activism – 

From Plea Bargain to Organizer: A Woman’s Story

British Ambassador to Russia: Insider Was Leaker – 

UK Ambassador Craig Murray: “I’ve met the person who leaked them [Podesta emails], not Russian – it’s an insider”

Revealing ‘Humanitarian Law’ History – 

A History of Humanity, Humanitarian Law, and Human Rights

Ideological Intellectuals Who Monger for War –http://www.chronicle.com/article/Beware-of-Defense/238603

Capital’s Dependence on Slaves – http://www.chronicle.com/article/The-Forgotten-Slaves/238604

Dylan’s Recalcitrant Banquet Speech – https://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/2016/dylan-speech.html

Instructions in Activist Narration

Let Grace Paley Inspire Your Creativity and Activism in 2017

When Spies Were Journalists and Vice Versa – http://www.cjr.org/behind_the_news/when_spooks_were_reporters_and.php?CJR

Deconstucting Russia Today – http://www.cjr.org/feature/what_is_russia_today.php?CJR

CIA Maps, Now Declassified

CIA Declassifies Maps from 75 Years of Surveillance

Bank of England’s Warnings of Commies – http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2016/12/12/carn-d12.html

Plunging Personal Income & Prospects – http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2016/12/12/pers-d12.html

An Incisive Fake News Backgrounder – http://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2016/12/11/fake-news-who-really-making-war-truth.html

En Route to Subcontinental Armageddon?

A Global Nuclear Winter: Avoiding the Unthinkable in India and Pakistan

Japan’s ‘Fight-For-Fifteen’ Developments – 

Japan builds a Fight for $15 movement of its own

New War Information Source – 

The New Cold War.org Information Bulletin

Trump’s Planned China ‘Showdown’ – 

The Trump China Showdown Aligns With Reality