12.13.2016 Daily Links

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As multisided debates unfold about the minimum wage here in the U.S., a topic that is as necessary as any in existence to consider in a deeply nuanced and multifaceted way, a report from Waging NonViolence about a developing ‘Fight-for-Fifteen’–as in fifteen hundred Yen–upsurge in Japan, an important briefing and overview of a key topic that scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens need to ponder often and deeply if they truly care about their own and their families’, as well as more distant cousins’, futures.

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For all those who remember the tale of Evangeline and the coming of the Cajuns, today marks Acadian Remembrance Day; on the Iberian Peninsula, where complex conflicts among Jews, Christians, and Muslims was already a century long fare, eight hundred twelve years ago, the respected and insightful spiritual leader and philosopher Maimonides came to the end of his road; returning to his more solitary and inward spiritual pursuits, nine decades later in 1294, the fifth Pope Celestine resigned his papacy after only five months of service; a hundred seventy-two years onward in space and time, in 1466, the renowned sculptor Donatello composed his final piece; MORE HERE

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The rationale for murdering the children and close relatives of those whom plotters and assassins overthrow and depose is quite logical, inasmuch as many years or many decades onward in time, the offspring or their offspring of those who have suffered the injustice of butchers and imperialists will strike back at the older and weaker practitioners of corruption and despotism, just as Salvador Allende’s grandson is now seeking the arrest and indictment of Henry Kissinger in Norway.

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My friends, we have met here today to celebrate the idea that has prompted thousands of working-people of Louisville and New Albany to parade the streets…; that prompts the toilers of Chicago to turn out by their fifty or hundred thousand of men; that prompts the vast army of wage-workers in New York to demonstrate their enthusiasm and appreciation of the importance of this idea; that prompts the toilers of England, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Austria to defy the manifestos of the autocrats of the world and say that on May the first, 1890, the wage-workers of the world will lay down their tools in sympathy with the wage-workers of America, to establish a principle of limitations of hours of labor to eight hours for sleep, eight hours for work, and eight hours for what we will.

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In the vein of remaining openminded and openhearted enough to consider information from ideologues with whom one might not instantly agree–in face, quite the opposite–a powerful presentation by a former CIA officer and whistleblower who turned against his agency and his government despite multiple threats to his freedom, his life, and his family because the operations that underlie his own operational deployment in ‘special ops’ were so toxic and brutal and cavalierly catastrophic–and, as he likes to point out repeatedly, also unconstitutional–that he had no choice but to extricate himself and stand up in opposition to this manifestation of ‘deep-state,’ or as he terms it ‘shadow-government,’ depredation against decency and humanity, three quarters of an hour of insight and documented analysis that all scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens need to attend, ‘stat,’ as the emergency room aficionados might state the case.

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The CIA After Obama

The CIA, Post-Obama

Destroying the World, Accidentally Or By Design – http://thebulletin.org/who-would-destroy-world10253

Florida’s Water & Nuclear Waste – http://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/fpl-wants-to-store-radioactive-waste-under-our-drinking-water-supply-8971822



student writing arm


Jentel Artist Residency Program

Jentel Artist Residency Program
Residency – Banner, WY

The Jentel Foundation offers four-week residencies from mid-May to mid-December to poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers on a cattle ranch in the Lower Piney Creek Valley


 Dorkly publishes articles about pop culture, covering topics such as anime, video games, movies, and television. They pay $75 per published article. Their aesthetic seems to be a bit “click-baity.” To learn more, read their submission guidelines.


Rowan University

Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and Publishing (tenure-track)

The Department of Writing Arts welcomes applications for a full-time (10-month) tenure-track Assistant Professor, to join the department September 1, 2017.


Burned-Out Art & Oakland’s Fire

A Red Wedge article by two fellow social justice creatives who look to the tragic and apocalyptic death of one of the few remaining urban creative incubation spaces for the non-trust fund young, a tragedy and the consequences of which point to further evisceration of all non-Nazi voices in our future: “If the Ghost Ship fire is an example of neoliberalism’s not-so-benign neglect exploding in profound violence, then the lack of an alternative to it has also produced a far more deliberate, sinister manifestation. Donald Trump aims to shred what little social welfare remains – while whipping up racism and bigotry against dozens of groups. Even worse, he has emboldened the neo-fascist “alt-right” minority who were his most loyal supporters.”

WRISSDostoevsky, Pain, Story

An Atlantic glimpse at the sharp, rare, and precious spiritual impressions that beholding states of vulnerability and disease can bring to the creative faculties of writers: “I love how, with one devastating passage, Dostoyevsky breaks open the accepted, meaning of “tenderness” and reveals its stark impurities and contradictions. It doesn’t hold itself apart from the perverse, the ugly, the tormented, the conflicted. A fissure opens, and Dostoyevsky finds within it the baffling, irreducible and to many, unacceptable, textures of the real. Like the relentless progression of a seizure, there is no pulling back.”


Pointing a Finger at ‘Fake-News’ Hypocrites

A Consortium News look at what the wildly speculative and apparently downright hypocritical Russian election claims say about monopoly media and the sour-grapes Democratic establishment: “The absence of such hard evidence opens the door to what is called “confirmation bias” or analytical “group think” in which the CIA’s institutional animosity toward Russia and Trump could influence how analysts read otherwise innocent developments.”

Trump’s Planned China ‘Showdown’

An Ian Welsh post that contextualizes Trump’s alarming behavior and stance towards China, showing both how there is sense behind his actions, as well as pointing to the errors of previous establishments as to their diplomatic relationships with the East: “Trump and his advisors do not believe that China and America’s interests are aligned, they see China as the rising power, who is rising at America’s expense.

This is not insane, it is, actually, accurate.  It is possible to imagine a world in which that rise led to shared prosperity, but no one is offering those policies or ever has.

GENISSCIA Maps, Now Declassified

A Hyperallergic post that looks at recently declassified maps from a quarter century of surveillance to ‘areas of interest:’ “The Cartography Center of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) started in October of 1941 with hand-drawn maps that plotted the geographic data of World War II. The Center today harnesses more advanced, digital technologies, but the goal remains the same: to visually convey data in a way that will be understandable for a broad intelligence audience. For the Center’s 75th anniversary, the CIA announced last month that it was releasing several albums of declassified maps, which represent its decades of activity, onto Flickr. From the Russian front of 1942 to the threatened elephant populations of Africa in 2013, the maps are an archive of American involvement in global conflicts and crises.”