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In an overall context of clearly false, if not purposely faked, accusations of ‘fake news,’ a report from TeleSur that illustrates a gigantic difficulty with the so-called authoritative sources–the monopoly media giants that are scrambling to claim control of scrappy scribes’ and stalwart citizens’ brain waves and attention spans–which is to say no news whatsoever about critically important phenomena and events, here in the form of a ‘front page’ report from TeleSur about Russia’s stepping into Western Hemispheric difficulties by making adequate enough wheat available to Venezuela to fend off what amounts to a ‘general strike of the capitalist and imperial class’ against a government that has been attempting to develop a workers society, a land of social justice instead of maximized profiteering and efficient expropriation, a briefing that one would be hard-pressed to discover anywhere near the ‘front pages’ of The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and so on and so forth among ‘the usual suspects’ in the corporate crowd, a case that is far from unique, as another ‘top-of-the-fold’ piece from TeleSur makes clear simultaneously as it presents the item from Caracas about grain, altogether an important set of ideas and insights for readers to consider if they actually care not only about knowledge, but also about how to act about what we know.

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In a tiny expression of independence from the imperial behemoth, today marks the solidarity that non-revolutionary Caribbean regimes, in the ‘community’ of CARRICOM, now express with the yet radical nation of Cuba; in the early days of imperial Rome two thousand eighty-one years ago, a baby boy first cried out who would mature as the renowned wit and thinker and poet, Horace; at the heart of different Chinese imperial competitors eight hundred thirty-two years past that instant in time, in 757, the poet whom many consider the supreme Chinese language giant, Du Fu, returned to the capital city that he escaped during the Lushan Uprising; MORE HERE

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The oddest castoff pieces of flotsam or jetsam, as a result of their shape or their coloration or some other qualities of beauty or interest that attach to or inhere in their very being, can excite imaginative play that in turn may ignite insight about happenstantial corners of the universe or ourselves, an apparently random dynamic that reflects in passing the innate human drive to ponder and ultimately to explicate all that matters, which is to say all that happens, in the cosmos.

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I don’t do anything in order to cause trouble. It just so happens that what I do naturally causes trouble. I’m proud to be a troublemaker. Sinead O’Connor
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“Every great classic in our native language should from time to time be reviewed anew; and especially if he belongs in any considerable extent to that section of the literature which connects itself with manners, and if his reputation originally, or his style of composition, is likely to have been much influenced by the transient fashions of his own age. The withdrawal, for instance, from a dramatic poet, or a satirist, of any false luster which he has owed to his momentary connection with what we may call the personalities of a fleeting generation, or of any undue shelter to his errors which may have gathered round them from political bias, or from intellectual infirmities amongst his partisans, will sometimes seriously modify, after a century or so, the fairest original appreciation of a fine writer. A window composed of Claude Lorraine glasses spreads over the landscape outside a disturbing effect, which not the most practiced eye can evade. The eidola theatri [“idols of the theater,” one of Francis Bacon’s Idols of the Mind — ed.] affect us all. No man escapes the contagion from his contemporary bystanders. MORE HERE FROM Thomas de Quincey, excerpts from “The Literature of Knowledge and the Literature of Power

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SEARCHDAYconsciousness OR "self awareness" OR cognition OR "cognitive science" versus OR "compared to" OR contrasted "artificial intelligence" OR "machine intelligence" OR "algorithmic analysis" critique OR criticism OR deconstruction origins OR evolution OR history explication OR research OR investigation contradiction OR dialectic OR paradox OR "contradictory dynamic" marxist OR radical = 226,000 Results.

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  

A young genius for a bit more than forty minutes here, from the folks at Edge in their Conversation series, a presentation that brings together thinking about computer science, logic, ethics, algorithms, and art in an open-ended and provocative format that, whatever flaws a critical scrappy scribe or skeptical stalwart citizen might detect, contains tremendously interesting ideas about how building a good society might happen, about how social justice and data-science might work in tandem rather than at odds, and much more, an edited dialogue that refers viewers to further erudition and evocative materials, such as to a portal  on the plausibly iconic Godel, Escher, Bach monograph from the late 1970’s.

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Real Unemployment Data Duo



Marxist Analysis of Criminal Unemployment – https://www.marxists.org/history/etol/newspape/socialistvoice/jobsPR47.html




CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS | A Scandal in Gomorrah: Queering Sherlock Holmes

Payment: 3c per word (Ideally seeking original fiction, but reprints considered at a rate of 1c per word)

Story length: 2k-6k approx. No iron-clad upper limit, but pay cap at 6k.

Submissions or queries to: matthewbrightwriter@gmail.com (Please feel very free to query with questions, suggestions or concepts for a story prior to submission.)

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


The Portalist / Open Road Media is looking for a Freelance Writer- remote
We are looking for freelancers who are interested in writing about geek pop culture (video games, comic books, TV, movies); science and tech; and aliens/cryptozoology. We are not interested in fiction submissions or TV recaps. Our emphasis is on positivity, inclusivity, and examining how the pop culture and science of today will impact tomorrow…

Company: The Portalist / Open Road Media
Payment: $75 / story
Skills: Writing
Source: ed2010


Comprehending Cuban Poverty

A thoughtful post by a long-standing astute observer that contextualizes what should be obvious to anybody who has been paying the remotest attention to what has been occurring for half a century in the resilient and defiant island nation: “Alongside his depiction as a “brutal dictator”, negative reflections on Fidel Castro since his death on November 25 have focused on his “mismanagement” of the Cuban economy and the consequent “extremes of poverty” suffered by ordinary Cubans.

This caricature is problematic – not only because it ignores the devastating economic impact of the United States embargo over 55 years, but also because it is premised on neoclassical economic assumptions. This means that by stressing economic policy over economic restraints, critics can shift responsibility for Cuba’s alleged poverty on to Castro without implicating successive US administrations that have imposed the suffocating embargo.”

WRISSAn Almodovar Update

A New Yorker look at the career and current prospects of an iconic filmmaker who must be of fascinating interest to all aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers: “Almodóvar, who was a bold showman when he was younger, now carries himself in public at once tentatively and grandly. He clearly enjoys walking unimpeded through the city, but the cinema visits are telling—if you don’t want adulation, why go where you’ll certainly be recognized? He told me, in Spanish, that the advent of the selfie was a relief: “While you gave them an autograph, the other person tended to tell their whole life story.” Some of the fans at the Cine Renoir lingered anyway. Almodóvar’s movies—abiding closeups, conversations full of confidences—make people think he must be a good listener. Another older woman spotted him from inside the theatre and came out. “Wow,” she said. “Congratulations on ‘Julieta.’ I’ve seen all your movies!” Almodóvar seemed relieved to get into the dark. He sat down, folded a light jacket across his lap, and settled in.”


Why Monopoly Media Love War

A Washington Blog’s post that contextualizes the bellicose nature of monopoly, or corporate-driven, media, a phenomenom which is easy to understand once folks understand whose interests fund these propaganda outlets: “Can you name a single paper, or a single TV network, that was unequivocally opposed to the American wars carried out against Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Panama, Grenada, and Vietnam while they were happening, or shortly thereafter? Or even opposed to any two of these seven wars? How about one?.”

A Bulls-Eye on Social Security & Medicare??

A Naked Capitalism article that discusses the fate of these fundamental social services under a ‘business-friendly’ administration, and what social consequences can result: “I have some reservations about this interview but will only raise two quibbles here. First, there’s an assumption embedded in the framing employed herein that Democrats are angels who consistently and adamantly oppose tampering with Social Security and Medicare, and it’s only the nasty Republicans who seek to jettison these highly popular programs. To swallow this assumption is to ignore bald evidence to the contrary. Bill Clinton was poised to privatize parts of Social Security and might well have succeeded, but for the disclosure of his Oval Office dalliance with Monica Lewinsky. And also remember that it was the Obamamometer who in 2010 created the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform — more widely known as the Simpson-Bowles Commission– that put “entitlements” spending on the chopping block. So both parties must be watched carefully– if we turn our backs, who knows what they might get up to?”

GENISSGrokking Kissinger’s Murderous Instincts

An Atlantic look at the career of one of the most ruthless imperialistic puppetmasters whose war-like attributes have damaged more positive possibilities in the global front: “One of the more telling moments of the political season occurred on February 11, in the middle of a Democratic primary debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Surprisingly, it concerned Henry Kissinger. Clinton had made no secret of her amity for Kissinger—a fact Sanders found distasteful, to say the least. “I am proud to say that Henry Kissinger is not my friend. Count me in as somebody who will not be listening to Henry Kissinger,” Sanders said. “