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From the ever compassionate and ever impassioned Paul Craig Roberts, a calling out of the denizens of capital who inhabit such bureaucracies as the Department of Labor, where up to thirty million discouraged or “severely underemployed” workers no longer count as “unemployed,” meaning that the 4.6% ‘high fives’ of the Obama administration are so much bullshit and that the actual proportion of people out of work would be at least triple that figure or even higher, a topic of continuing interest to investigators of almost every imaginable stripe, where even the Gallup polling organization depicted the SOP data as “a big lie,” in the context of which the gladhanding and self-congratulation over Donald Trump’s ‘jobs fix’ in Indianapolis is also begging for a thorough deconstruction, especially inasmuch as Common Dreams reports that union leaders at the Carrier plant have been attempting to point out Trump’s overstatements, misstatements, and downright lies in relation to jobs saved by his ‘intervention’ in Indiana, one upshot of which could be for workers to be damned glad that they got anything, while a very different point of view would be to recognize that if capitalism is no longer delivering at even a minimal level for the working class, then these workers should just take things over for themselves, the discussion of and active engagement with all of which ought to be high on the priority lists of scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who are themselves wage-earners, since plutocracy does not seem in the most generous frame of mind of late.

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So as to avoid chauvinist idiocy, citizens today should limit themselves to celebrating International Civil Aviation Day; in Rome two thousand fifty-nine years ago, the mighty orator and organizer and political thinker, Cicero, died at the hands of assassins; one thousand four hundred forty-two years prior to the present pass, the Byzantine Emperor Justin II retured due to recurring seizures of insanity, abdicating his throne in favor of Tiberius; two hundred ninety-two years ahead of this day, the execution of nine Protestant and the major of the Polish town of Thorn caused much tumult; fifty-two years afterward, in 1776, the Marquis de Lafayette entered the American military as a major general so as to further the cause of the rebels; MORE HERE

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The conflation of democracy with voting amounts to more or less the same lame notion that being a fanatical Giants fan makes one fit and able to run and jump and display feats of strength and bodily acuity: not only does over-reliance on ballots favor or facilitate a failure to participate more fully and usefully and robustly in civic affairs and civil society, but insisting that the franchise is the primary, or even the only, defining aspect of majority rule also justifies vicious criticism of and even murderous assault on social groups that actually more completely embody social justice and inclusion but lack this arbitrary and quite likely self serving erstwhile quintessence of popular power.

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I collaborate with my wife on the songs, and every aspect of it, really— composing, and arranging, and recording, all that business. We have a rhythm and a way of working it. It’s kind of like borrowing the same ten bucks from somebody over and over again. But when you live together, it makes it a lot easier, the pay back.

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Claude Wheeler opened his eyes before the sun was up and vigorously shook his younger brother, who lay in the other half of the same bed.

'Ralph, Ralph, get awake!  Come down and help me wash the car.'

'What for?'

'Why, aren't we going to the circus today?'

'Car's all right.  Let me alone.'  The boy turned over and pulled the sheet up to his face, to shut out the light which was beginning to come through the curtainless windows. MORE HERE from Willa Cather One of Ours

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SEARCHDAYunemployment OR "labor force participation rate" OR "jobs data" tabulation OR methodology OR counting OR statistics OR metric fake OR fraud OR disingenuous OR partial OR misrepresent understate OR undercount OR underestimate "discouraged workers" OR underemployment OR "part time" history OR origins analysis OR critique OR explain = 426,000 Hits.

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  

Inside a retrospective examination of corporate complicity with Colombian anti-union and anti-progressive butchers, who served big business’ bottom line by eliminating guerillas and labor leaders, a Sixty Minutes segment about Chiquita banana and other companies that for over a decade availed themselves of this ‘protection racket,’ which has resulted in ongoing litigation and a true picture of the results of such programs as Plan Colombia, at the same time that the U.S. Justice Department did fine Chiquita $25 million for their engagement with gangland killers, the entire truth or understanding of all of which every scrappy scribe and stalwart citizen who cares about his or her own livelihood, or even life, should study with close and honest attention to detail.

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From Tuesday’s Files

Rose Pesotta Biographical Sketch – https://jwa.org/encyclopedia/article/pesotta-rose

‘Left’ Analysis of ‘Leftists’ – http://portside.org/2016-12-06/left%e2%80%99s-secret-identity

Limiting’ Expanded War Powers – https://theintercept.com/2016/12/06/after-8-years-of-expanding-them-obama-insists-that-presidential-war-powers-are-limited/





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How Should We Be Together?

An Edge article that looks at the opinions of a thoughtful tech writer who looks at how the ultimate question of how an ideal human civilization should be, when looked through the prism of technological advancements: “My academic background is in computer science and philosophy. My work has been about the relationship between those two fields. What do we learn about being human by thinking about the quest to create artificial intelligence? What do we learn about human decision making by thinking of human problems in computational terms? The questions that have interested me over the years have been, on the one hand, what defines human intelligence at a species level? And secondly, at an individual level, how do we approach decision making in our own lives, and what are the problems that the world throws at us?”

WRISSSuper-Duper Reading List

A New Inquiry reading list that will become a wonderful resource to all scrappy scribes, educators, and folks interested in social justice, radical, and anti-fascist literature: “Although there are bleak times ahead, we must remember that for most of us America was never paradise. Democrats and liberals will use this time to revise history. They will present themselves as the reasonable solution to Trump’s reign and advocate a return to “normalcy.” But their normal is a country where Black people are routinely killed by police and more people are imprisoned than any other place in the world. Their normal is a country where millions are exploited while a handful eat lavishly. Their normal is the opposite of a solution; it’s a threat to our lives.”


Hunting Witch-Hunters

A Op Ed News look at the ongoing saga of the Mcarthyite delusional propaganda initiative born of the sore-loser Democratic party/globalisation loss of face: “While those possessing a vested interest in a new Cold War with Russia and an overthrow of Putin praised and promoted The WAPO hit piece, it was soon exposed as the trashy advocacy for a totalitarian assault on free speech that it was. The first journalist to call bullshit was Pulitzer Prize winner Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept who railed against the paper in his epic piece entitled “Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist From a New, Hidden and Very Shady Group” in which he unloaded:”

Digging Into Trump’s Appointees

A 21st Century Wire look at Trump’s appointees, which shows that it will most likely be ‘business as usual’ with this administration: “This week the Trump transition team named former Goldman Sachs partner and ex-Soros Fund Management employee (turned Hollywood financier), Steve Mnuchin, as the US Treasury Secretary.

The Mnuchin pick, arrives simultaneously as long time billionaire pal of Trump, Wilbur Ross, former head of “Rothschild Inc’s bankruptcy advisory business,” becomes Commerce Secretary.”

GENISSHistory of Science Big Picture

A University of Chicago Press Journals look at the quest to develop a global, all-encompassing, generalised history of science and technology, in a larger context of a society that long ago sold out to specialized, compartmentalized narratives: “Now that the scholarly ban on “grand narratives” appears to have been weakened, we historians of science face an awkward question: What, in broad outline, is the story that we want to convey? The question is awkward because it forces us to admit that we have no such story. We have no general account of the emergence of modern science during the last four centuries and of the knowledge regimes produced by the institutions involved. We have a myriad of excellent microhistorical case studies and also many studies of much broader scope, but we lack a general overarching scheme.”