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From Economist Magazine, an update about the evolving story from the Southern half of the Korean Peninsula, where one of imperial America’s core ‘demonstration projects’ has yielded such a bundle of contradictions and alienation that, despite among the most successful per capita economic miracles in history, the present President finds herself in a morass of mayhem and gridlock and pain that she may only escape by resigning her post, which in any case the Economist commentator recommends, a process of dissolution about which the Times is also reporting  on a daily basis, the sum total of which conceivably ought to recommend itself as a course of study to scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens for reasons both moral and practical.

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Today is the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, a shameful admission and an awful necessity; 1409 in what would be Germany four and half centuries later, six hundred seven years ago, the University of Leipzig first opened its doors to students; a hundred eighty-five years later, in 1594, the philosopher, mathematician, and mapmaker Gerardos Mercactor lived out his final day; a hundred three years subsequently, in 1697, St. Paul’s Cathedral began hosting services in London; another hundred sixty-six years onward, in 1763, across the pond in the Rhode Island English colony, a young congregation of Jewish folks consecrated the first synagogue in what would become soon enough the United States; MORE HERE

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That the key to English is metaphor almost goes without saying, though what we are to make of this seemingly obvious truism appears less than clear—perhaps at a minimum that, to start, in addition to calling things what they are not in order to show or understand what they are, we also recognize that rhetoric, the art of persuasive writing or speech, depends at its core on writers’ or speakers’ capacity to create appealing, even irresistible, allusions in oral or textual presentations, references that create corollary or congruent thoughts in readers’ and listeners’ minds that, in turn, encourage or even induce collaborative joint action on their mutual behalf.


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I am quite serious when I say that I do not believe there are, on the whole earth besides, so many intensified bores as in these United States. No man can form an adequate idea of the real meaning of the word, without coming here.

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IN THE CONVERSATIONS WHICH I HAVE HAD TODAY, I was impressed by two things, and I want to state them before I launch into my prepared talk.

I was impressed by your insight that the motivation of U.S. volunteers overseas springs mostly from very alienated feelings and concepts. I was equally impressed, by what I interpret as a step forward among would-be volunteers like you: openness to the idea that the only thing you can legitimately volunteer for in Latin America might be voluntary powerlessness, voluntary presence as receivers, as such, as hopefully beloved or adopted ones without any way of returning the gift. MORE HERE from two selections of Ivan Illich

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SEARCHDAYschool OR schooling inculcation OR socialization OR conformity OR indoctrination repression OR oppression OR limitation OR inhibition education OR learning conflation OR confusion OR disinformation analysis OR explication OR research history OR origins OR evolution marxist OR radical OR socialist = 5,380,000 citations

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Given the noisome pretense of present pontifications about fakery, themselves as false and rotten as promises of ‘virgins for suicide bombers’ and such, a corrective or emetic or analgesic in the form of a video and transcript from Information Clearinghouse, in its essence the complete ‘State of the Nation’ presentation of Vladimir Putin to some hundreds or thousands of Duma members and invited guests, broadcast to Russians and freely available to scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who have adequate open-mindedness or open-heartedness to play along enough at least to listen to and consider what the current imperial elite’s Demon-in-Chief has to offer about the way the world now works, in the event a brilliant and humble defense of rationality, mutuality, and survival that ought to be part of the current context’s required curriculum.

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From Thursday’s Files

Reading Albert Murray on Race Now – https://newrepublic.com/article/139030/reading-albert-murray-age-trump

Barcelona’s ‘Commons’ Experiment

Barcelona’s Brave Struggle To Advance The Commons

Texas’ Latest Hateful Attack on Abortion – http://www.salon.com/2016/11/30/texas-will-now-require-funeral-services-whenever-a-woman-has-an-abortion/



student writing arm



Saratoga Springs, NY

Yaddo offers residencies of two to eight weeks from May through February to poets, fiction writers, creative nonfiction writers, and translators on a 400-acre estate in Saratoga Springs.


African Poetry Book Fund
Sillerman First Book Prize

A prize of $1,000 and publication by University of Nebraska Press is given annually for a debut poetry collection by a poet who was born in Africa, is an African national or resident, etc.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


Digital Editor

A trusted and beloved name in the “home” vertical needs a first-rate editor to manage its website as the company boosts its already significant digital footprint. Light on tech and heavy on content, this is a writerly/curatorial job, especially perfect for someone with a thing for home repair, design and improvement.


The New McCarthyism

A Naked Capitalism exoneration and plea for financial support at a difficult time in which 1984-type censorship can easily result in all alt-media from going under, regardless of its actual content and intent: “The common denominator for all these websites seems to be skepticism about the failed Clinton coronation.

This is intimidation of the most crass sort. Make no mistake: this isn’t about media, it’s about a wholesale attack by the Democratic establishment on anything they don’t like, which includes the Naked Capitalism community. This version is a lunatic conspiracy theory, that the election was stolen by Putin, and no different from the ones the ones peddled by the right, like birtherism and climate change denial.”

WRISSAttacking Journalists’ Sources Threatens All Social Decency

A Conversation piece of great relevance to all scrappy scribes and journalists in these troubling times: “Operation Elveden secured 32 successful prosecutions of public officials whose lives have been devastated by exposure, unemployment, destitution and public humiliation. Norman is the only source to appeal his conviction, and although he was unsuccessful, his Court of Appeal ruling in October revealed how willingly Trinity Mirror and News International voluntarily gave him up to the Metropolitan Police. He is still fighting on. His lawyers have put in an appeal to the UK Supreme Court.”


DoD’s Assistance to Transformers Franchise

A Spy Culture look at the raison d’etre of these and other paramilitary spy-type films, why the Department of Defense interest in the production of these and other such films: “Despite only producing 4 films so far the Transformers series is already one of the top 10 movie series of all time.  In a paradox that encapsulates much of Hollywood, it appears that the worse the Transformers films get the better they do at the box office.  These production assistance agreements shed some light on how, just like the early films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the first three Transformers films benefited from large scale support from the Pentagon.”

Standing Rock Artists

A Hyper Allergic look at the artists and visionaries occupying Standing Rock: “Last weekend was Thanksgiving in the United States, and I traveled to the Oceti Sakowin Camp at the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. Thousands of protesters — who prefer to be called water protectors — and their allies are trying to stop the multibillion-dollar Dakota Access Pipeline, which is being pushed by the government and major oil companies. The pipeline is set to tunnel under the Missouri River, which is the lifeblood of this scenic region of rolling hills.”

GENISSAn Ancient Thinker on a Current Problem

A Fortuna’s Corner article that reintroduces readers to the brilliant work of a lesser-known Greek thinker who has already laid the groundwork for understanding current conflicts and possible consequences: “Ultimately, Thucydides’ enduring relevance lies in the fact that he forces us to wrestle with the notion that war, as a contest for power, strips bare human nature under the pressure of conflict-and the results are not appealing. The Peloponnesian War shows how strategic perceptions based on the innately human frailties of fear, honour, and interest lead a state to war. Thucydides then warns us that during conflict a state’s collective morality can decline under the strain of prolonged war based on the choices it makes.”