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For scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens alike, a briefing from the New York Times that bears close attention indeed, in the event the announcement that America’s ‘Wheeler-Dealer-in-Chief’ has brokered an agreement that will keep some 2,000 manufacturing jobs in the United States–Vice President Pence’s Indiana, in fact–at a United Technologies Carrier Plant that had already scheduled its exit to Mexico prior to the Donald’s election, the upshot of which is likely to be lower pay, fewer unions, more tax breaks, and plenty of toxic leeway to sweeten the company’s decision to keep the facility in Indianapolis.

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Today worldwide among those who acknowledge the necessity of social justice marks an International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People; in the rude and crude internecine fractiousness that characterized Rome a thousand two hundred sixteen years ago, the Frankish ruler Charlemagne arrived on the scene in order to oversee investigations of crimes and corruption, allegedly at the behest of a third Pope Leo; a century and three years beyond that unfolding of imperial conflict, in 903, schismatic Islamic contention unfolded in the vicinity of present-day Hama, Syria, with the complete local victory of the forces of the Abbasid caliphate over the fighters of Qarmatians allegiance, though this ‘radical’ sect has continued to have influence to the current day; MORE HERE

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In regard to managing our mediation of the world, one might contemplate three duties that represent what we need to do, the first of which—to study diligently the nature of the world that we inhabit—is easy enough to state and imagine accomplishing, as is also true with the third item, to act regularly and ethically on what we’ve learned—the second responsibility is more complex, but no less important than the first and last, concerning the irreducible fact that every single problem in the world today—from bickering with loved ones to worries about paying bills to concerns that the biosphere is about to implode—results from inappropriate or otherwise destructive relationships: social relations, our connection with the earth, political problems, all relationships are part of the overall difficulties that we face; when we think about a particular expression of media, therefore, we also have to think about how usefully it considers our various interrelations, and whether it advises us in tangible and practical ways about how to improve or optimize these social intersections, a kind of thinking and work that may not be easy, but which is definitely interesting and, more importantly, is so central to whatever we conceive as ‘progress’ that we will get nowhere unless we do it.

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There is no philosophy which is not founded upon knowledge of the phenomena, but to get any profit from this knowledge it is absolutely necessary to be a mathematician. Daniel Bernoulli
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“Nonviolence Speaks to Power without discussing human rights. They belong inseparably
together. We do not want a peace that suppresses! We welcome
the Five-Point Peace Plan suggested by the Dalai Lama
including the idea of Tibet becoming a zone of peace and
nonviolence between India and China.
India has often expressed anguish over the increasing
violations of human rights and fundamental freedom all over the
world and has called for urgent measures to stem this trend.
Unfortunately, I am told, India has rebuffed an Australian
attempt to establish a UN agency for monitoring human rights
violations in Asia and the Pacific. I hope that human rights is
also a domestic issue in India when it comes to the human rights
of the Sikhs. Amnesty International has written an alarming
report on this subject, of which the Indian government should
take note.  MORE FROM Petra Kelly, “For a Nuclear-Weapon Free and Non-Violent World;” in Nonviolence Speaks to Power

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A few links today to documentary evidence of the impact and imprimatur of Fidel Castro for every good cause in existence–public health, public education and literacy, cultural and performance options for all members of society, elimination of poverty, empowerment and engagement of citizens, and on and on and on–in the lead an item from Europe’s Defend Democracyimprint that delivers in the margin a link to an hour and a half film about Castro’s rich and complex legacy, but which a scrappy scribe or stalwart citizen might supplement with copious raw footage of Castro at the United Nations, Castro on network television, Castro the consummate communicator and debater and interlocutor for social justice and transformation, as in a brief interlude  from The Duran, or multiple access points from either  of two  recent installments about the Cuban Leader from Who, What, Why?

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From Monday’s Files

Taibbi on ‘Fake News’ Tropes –http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/features/washington-post-blacklist-story-is-shameful-disgusting-w452543

War on Drugs Historical Assessment –http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2016/10/history-war-drugs-vikings-nazis-161005101505317.html

‘Liberal’ 501-C-3’s Under Trump – http://www.insidephilanthropy.com/home/2016/11/28/the-future-of-progressive-philanthropy-under-a-trump-presidency



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The Horror of Solitary Confinement

A New York Review of Books look at the compilation work of very thoughtful prison reform voices who in a book expose the hellish reality of prison solitary life: Hell Is a Very Small Place: Voices from Solitary Confinement is a collection of seventeen essays by men and women who have been held in solitary confinement in American federal and state prisons. They were collected by Jean Casella, James Ridgeway, Sarah Shourd, and Solitary Watch, a national organization that opposes solitary confinement. For readers who have no sense of the nature of the punishment that is exacted in their name, this collection offers an unforgettable look at the peculiar horrors and humiliations involved in solitary confinement.”

WRISSIn Praise of Libraries

A Brain Pickings offering that highlights a literary luminary’s views on libraries and the life-saving effects of books, literary, and education: “In the autumn of 2010, shortly before Dr. Angelou received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Harlem’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture — a research division of the New York Public Library — acquired her papers. She visited NYPL for a public event celebrating the occasion, during which she broke into song to illustrate the life-saving role libraries have always played in the lives of the people during the darkest of times. She went on to share the story of how a library had saved her own life as a child.”


Humorous Fake News Deconstruction

A Paul Craig Roberts tongue in cheek offering that deconstructs the whole ‘fake news’ thing from the vantage point of one of the accused:“Now that CIA agent Craig Timberg posing as a Washington Post reporter has blown my cover and exposed me as a Russian agent, I was wondering if I might ask you for a Russian passport and a bit of diplomatic cover, perhaps assistant press officer at the Russian embassy in Washington, until I can get out of the country. I saw that you gave a passport to Steven Seagal, so I am hopeful that being a Russian agent is as important as teaching martial arts to Russians.”

Erdogan’s Turkish Ambitions

A Juan Cole article that takes a look at recent developments in the Middle East:  “The battle over Mosul appears to have ignited Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s expansionist Ottoman era fantasies. He gained a few more adversaries recently when he claimed that Mosul, along with Aleppo, Western Thrace in Greece, and Kosovo, are part of Turkey. Erdogan’s comments come at a crucial time, as Iraqi forces sets out to liberate Mosul from ISIS.”

GENISSRemembering Fidel

A New York Review of Books commemoration of Fidel through looking at a collection of books: “If you are in the neighborhood of forty years old and Cuban, Fidel Castro has been at the center of your heart and thoughts, for however small a second, each day of your life. Perhaps you saw him first in the Plaza of the Revolution, when doves landed on his shoulders as he made his first speech in power. Even if you weren’t there you remember this event as if it had happened to you, because the photographic image of that moment has become part of the national memory. Fidel visited the shiny new infant nurseries and kindergartens and dandled you on his knee and patted your teacher on the back and told you in his papery voice that you were the future of the Revolution. Later he would spread his solemn soaring gaze over Cuba like a protective mantle and you saw him on every poster and wall mural in your barrio. “With Fidel, our whole life!” “In every barrio, Revolución!””