11.25.2016 Day in History

"New York Stock Exchange 1882" by Hughson Hawley
“New York Stock Exchange 1882” by Hughson Hawley

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and New Yorkers commemorate Evacuation Day; during the Roman era, two thousand five hundred eighty-seven years prior to today, Servius Tullius of Rome celebrated a triumph for his victory over the Etruscans; one thousand one hundred thirty-one years before today’s light and air, Viking forces sailed up the Seine River with a fleet of 300 longships, and lay siege to Paris; a Christian leader, and leper, eight hundred thirty-nine years ago, joined Alsatian knights to defend Christian control of Jerusalem, which succeeded in slaughtering a much larger Muslim army; three hundred fourteen years later, in 1491, the siege began of the final Islamic stronghold on the Iberian Peninsula, at Grenada; four hundred fifty-four years prior to the present pass, a baby boy first opened his eyes on his way to a life as the massively prolific dramatist and writer and poet and thinker Lope de Vega; two hundred fifty-eight years ahead of today, British troops captured Fort Duquesne, which formed the basis for the establishment of Fort Pitt, and later Pittsburgh; two hundred twenty-one years before the here and now, the partition of Poland proceeded to such a point that the last independent King of Poland abdicated and accepted exile in Russia; forty years later, in 1835, the baby first opened his eyes on his way to becoming the infamous businessman and carnegie andrew carnegie plutocrats money elitesteel baron Andrew Carnegie; a baby girl came into the world eleven years subsequently, in 1846, destined to grow up as prohibitionist and general hell-raiser Carrie Nation; eighteen years afterward, in 1864, Confederate agents started a score or more of fires in an attempt to set New York City ablaze and put the town to the torch; eleven years subsequent to that instant, in 1874, after the panic of 1873 had caused profound dislocation in rural and agricultural areas, the Greenback Party formed in 1874, offering a program of fiat money to dispossessed and struggling farmers and small business people; two years further on, in 1876, the U.S. Cavalry, to avenge the massacre at Little Big Horn, undertook a predawn attack on a Cheyenne village near the source of the Powder River, razing the community and killing most of its inhabitants, largely women and children; seven years beyond that passage of plunder, in 1883, an unheralded but noteworthy instance of solidarity took place when upwards of ten thousand Black and White workers marched together in New Orleans to stand for mutual respect and social justice; one hundred and one years back, Albert Einstein presented his field calculations in support of the General Theory of Relativity at the Prussian Academy of Sciences; two years further on, in 1917, German forces defeated Portuguese army in Mozambique and Tanzania; Japan and Germany nineteen years thereafter, in 1936, signed a pact to aid the other in the event of any attack on either nation by the Soviet Union; Bosnia and Herzegovina seven years hence, in 1943, initiated a drive for Statehood based on their opposition to fascist Germany; ten hundred ninety-six days further along, in 1946, the first U.S.

"Heiwa elementary school 18" by ajari from Japan - cc 2.0
“Heiwa elementary school 18” by ajari from Japan – cc 2.0

teachers strike began in St. Paul, Minnesota, with demands for better wages and conditions for those whose jobs were to shape and foster clear thinking young citizens; another year subsequently, in 1947, the blacklisting started of the so-called “Hollywood Ten” for its members’ affiliations with communists and so forth, while more than 1,500 typographical union members in Chicago initiated a victorious strike against media moguls there, and, half a world away, New Zealand became an independent country in the British Commonwealth of Nations; three years onward and upward toward today, in 1950, the Danish Nobellist died who had produced his work as Johannes Jensen; three hundred sixty-five days past that juncture, in 1951, a male Spaniard baby came along in standard fashion, en Agatha_Christie_writer mysteryroute to life as the magnificent writer and storyteller, Arturo Perez-Reverte; another year henceforth, in 1952, Agatha Christy’s play, The Mousetrap, opened, eventually to become the longest continuously presented play in history, and George Meany became president of the American Federation of Labor following the death four days earlier of William Green; four years later, in 1956, the celebrated Unkrainian-Russian director, producer, and screenwriter Alexander Dovzhenko wrote his last script; four years still closer to now, in 1960, three sisters who were organizing against Dominican Republic Strongman Trujillo died from assassins’ bullets, their martyrdom the basis thirty-nine years later, in 1999, for the establishment of an international commemoration against violence against women, and at the same time as the earlier tragedy, the baby boy of the man who was about to become President was born, as John Kennedy, Jr. growing to prominence as a journalist and publisher, and a baby girl entered our midst who would mature as the songwriter and guitar music art performanceperformer of love and pain, Amy Grant; another eight years onward, in 1968, the prolific socialist author and social justice advocate and journalist Upton Sinclair breathed his last; a Japanese author, Yukio Mishima, and a compatriot killed themselves two years later, in 1970, in a ritual suicide after their attempt to overthrow their country’s government failed; fourteen years further down the pike, in 1984, the fundraising song “Do They Know It’s Christmas” was performed by thirty-six top musicians gathered in a Notting Hill studio in order to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia, as a band aid to the imperialist abuses that helped create the famine in the first place; sixteen years after that event, in 1986, Attorney General Edwin Meese announced that profits from selling illegal weapons to Iran had funded the provision of illegal aid to so-called Contra rebels who were terrorist opponents of Nicaragua’s legitimate government; Czechoslovakia six years later, in 1992, split into two States, Slovakia and the Czech Republic; another six years more proximate to the present pass, in 1998, the comedic genius and screenwriter and public intellectual, Flip Wilson, went through his final scene, three hundred sixty-five days later, in 1999, the United Nations recognized the dangers of fascist terror in the form of ‘friendly dictators’ like Rafael Trujillo in commemorating the death of three sisters who resisted his depredations by the establishment of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.