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From The Hill, an announcement to emphasize that the Green Party has indicated how it will initiate a prolonged and pointed campaign against Donald Trump’s recent election, in particular in relation to recounting votes and examining ballot protocols in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, where, respectively, the Donald’s margins of victory were razor-thin, tiny, and small, an exercise that in a small number of cases, hypothetically, could result in overturning the election results, a possible eventuality that must be of vast significance to scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, whatever the nitpicking  of LawNewz about the potential for some of the funds that the Greens are raising to go toward other than this attempt to resubstantiate–or invalidate–Trump’s win, the latter of which conceivable outcomes represents an at least vaguely plausible scenario that the likes of Trump advocate Paul Craig Roberts views with enough alarm that he is questioning Stein’s integrity and good sense in advance of whatever transpires, altogether an instantiation of the Chinese curse that ‘we live in interesting times.’

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CC BY-NC-ND by UN Women Gallery
CC BY-NC-ND by UN Women Gallery

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and New Yorkers commemorate Evacuation Day; during the Roman era, two thousand five hundred eighty-seven years prior to today, Servius Tullius of Rome celebrated a triumph for his victory over the Etruscans; one thousand one hundred thirty-one years before today’s light and air, Viking forces sailed up the Seine River with a fleet of 300 longships, and lay siege to Paris; a Christian leader, and leper, eight hundred thirty-nine years ago, joined Alsatian knights to defend Christian control of Jerusalem, which succeeded in slaughtering a much larger Muslim army; three hundred fourteen years later, in 1491, the siege began of the final Islamic stronghold on the Iberian Peninsula, at Grenada; MORE HERE

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At the same time that history without data devolves deliberately into mere storytelling, no more concerned with reality or completeness than it is with overall honor or comprehensive honesty, even more so can an observer note that data without history, in the best case scenario, adds up to little more than meaningless chatter, since whatever empirical aspects of existence are under review, they only exist in the way that they do as a result of past relations and attributes that identifiably elicited exactly those components of the current context that an interlocutor hopes to illuminate.

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“You’ve just mentioned the price that has to be paid…Pride, freedom…Knowledge. Whether at the beginning or at the end, you have to pay for everything. Even courage, don’t you think? And don’t you think a lot of courage is needed to fight God?”
Arturo Pérez-Reverte, El club Dumas
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The social body to which we belong is at this moment passing through one of the greatest crises of its history, a colossal process which may best be likened to a birth.  We have each of us a share in this process, we are to a greater or less extent responsible for its course.  To make our judgments, we must have reports from other parts of the social body; we must know what our fellow-men, in all classes of society, in all parts of the world, are suffering, planning, doing.

There arise emergencies which require swift decisions, under penalty of frightful waste and suffering.  What if the nerves upon which we depend for knowledge of this social body should give us false reports of its condition? MORE HERE

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SEARCHDAY"fake news" OR bullshit OR falsehood OR propaganda OR psy-ops OR "psychological operations" CIA OR DOD OR "government agencies" purposeful OR conscious OR sop ongoing OR continuous OR ubiquitous history OR origins mockingbird OR cointelpro = 108,000 Intersections.

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  

In the context of literally almost frantic panic about “fake news,” a three-year-old briefing from Abby Martin about the true origins of falsehoods, bullshit, and half-truths in the service of propagating propaganda, which is to say the United States government, which at this time employs some unspecified gigantic number of military agents to create as many as ten alternate identities and then to troll any and all websites where discussion might question the “falsehoods, bullshit, and half-truths” that regularly emanate from CIA, DoD, DoE, and other bureaucracies of the Federal authorities, a perspective that–via the denizens  at The Free Thought Project who provided her link–the estimable Ms. Martin amplifies by discussing Operation Mockingbird, a sophisticated, decades-long CIA program to manipulate and mislead public opinion with the use of psy-ops, again “Falsehoods, bullshit, and half-truths,” a portal  to additional information about which appears among other places in a Pacifica Radio archival presentation about the infamous Church Committee’s interrogation of then CIA director William Colby, who admitted the continuing presence of Central Intelligence Agency personnel on ‘large circulation American journals’ even after it publicly insisted that it had ended all such activity, key components, in aggregate, for any scrappy scribe’s or stalwart citizen’s understanding of why American media are so hopelessly biased and incapable of reporting key aspects of contemporary reality.

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Ideological Roots of Trump’s Victory – http://portside.org/2016-11-23/why-trump-really-won-it%e2%80%99s-not-just-race-gender-and-class


A Condor Guilty Verdict – http://nsarchive.gwu.edu/NSAEBB/NSAEBB551-Operation-Condor-Verdict:-GUILTY!/

Key Kerry Hearing Points –http://www.pinknoiz.com/covert/contracoke.html




Blue River, Oregon
Application Deadline:
December 1, 2016

The Spring Creek Project offers one- to two-week residencies to poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers in March, April, and May at the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest in the Oregon Cascades, 40 miles east of Eugene. The residency is open to writers whose work “reflects a keen awareness of the natural world.” Residents are provided with a private apartment, which includes kitchen facilities, access to the forest research site, and a $250 stipend.



Please send your best fiction, poetry, nonfiction, graphic narrative, or hybrid genres. Manuscripts should be roughly 35-50 pages, but we’re flexible. The $10 entry fee comes with an electronic issue of Palooka. The winner receives publication by Palooka Press (a perfect-bound book with a glossy color cover), $200 honorarium, 20 free copies of the book, a bio and photo featured on our website, and chapbook sent out for review and promotion. Deadline May 15, 2017.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr



Deadline November 21, 2016. This position is part of the Defense Media Activity. The incumbent will serve in the Magazine Branch for a service-unique Production Directorate Production Component. As a senior editor, selects stories intended to increase awareness of service missions and operations, and supports service communication goals. Instructs reporters and photographers on content needed to support stories. Ingests articles, features, commentaries and images. Develops and monitors short- and long-range plans for news and feature content. Location Fort Meade, MD.


WRISSJournalism Under Trump

A Columbia Journalism Review opinion piece that alarmingly contextualizes the new realities of being a journalist and scrappy scribe after this election cycle, in which if nothing else all the facades have fallen away: “When Donald Trump ditched his press pool twice within days of being elected, and launched a series of Twitter attacks on The New York Times, a lot of you sounded surprised. As if you expected him to become a different person once the anointing oil of the Electoral College had touched his brow. Of course there was nothing surprising about his conduct. Rule number 1 of surviving autocracy, as Masha Gessen reminds us, is “Believe the Autocrat.””


Challenging Presstitution’s ‘Fake News’ Imbroglio

A Free Thought Project look at the alarming trend in the media environment lately which will, no doubt, see a massive decline in any sort of alternative news, as well as the end of jobs: Do not misunderstand this warning as a denial that fake news sites exist to intentionally mislead the public into believing a false narrative. There is certainly no shortage of ‘news’ websites that promote racism, disinformation, and general ignorance. However, whose job is it to filter through this sea of disinfo? Certainly not the disinformation agents in the mainstream media, right?”

Chattanooga Horrors & Maximized Exploitation

From World Socialist Web Site, the harrowing details behind the tragic accident in Chattanooga, in which an overtired bus driver who also worked for pitiful wages at Amazon, a known labor exploiter, finally burned the end of both candles: “The Chattanooga school bus crash that took the lives of six elementary schoolchildren last Monday has called attention to the tragic cost of budget cuts, privatization of public services, and the daily risks facing the most vulnerable sections of the population.”

GENISSThanksgiving’s Lack of Gratitude

A Consortium News post that looks at the sad underlying dynamics of the holiday that celebrates Western hegemony over Native people, and the way this paradigm continues to this day: “Returned to its historical roots, Thanksgiving would be a day to express thanks to Native Americans whose generosity saved the Pilgrims, but that never seems to be a lesson learned, as Dennis J Bernstein reports on the Dakota pipeline standoff.”