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Fulfilling predictions from all with brains in their heads, an announcement and analysis of Donald Trump’s planned Education Department appointee, a longstanding leader in the attack on public education, an opportunistic profiteer from ‘privatizing’ schemes, and a hyper-privileged billionaire to boot, a perfect companion for the President-Elect in other words, and a nightmare for students, parents, and communities where the repository of hope for social transformation–education and the excellent schools that such a process requires–has just become another swamp, full of corruption and muck, that only the solidarity and active engagement of scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens can drain away, new developments in this ‘transitional’ period that comport with other announced participants in a nascent Trump administration, such as the ‘revolving-door’ financier whom the Donald has chosen, according to a briefing from Pro Publica, to lead the way in advising the new President after January 20 on how to deal with finance capital.

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Parthenon Fredric Edwin Church
Parthenon Fredric Edwin Church

Japan today celebrates Labor Thanksgiving Day, while people around the world hold out for what is an essential development, an International Day to End Impunity; in what is now Greece two thousand five hundred fifty years ago, Thespis, a performer and writer from Icaria, now in Southern Greece, became the first ‘thespian’ when he characterized another on stage; seventeen centuries and eight years later, across the Mediterranean in 1174, the Sultan Saladin extended the reign of his fighters and backers with the conquest of Damascus; 1248 seven hundred sixty-eight years prior to the present pass, Christian forces on the Iberian Peninsula successfully ended their siege of Seville to mark the early stages of the Reconquista; two hundred sixty-two years hence, in 1510, Ottoman troops first carried out campaigns in what is now Georgia, sacking the capital city and extending their control beyond that; not quite a century and three and a half decades subsequently, in 1644, a thousand miles West in England, John Milton published his sweeping Areopagitica, which condemned censorship and lack of rights to publish generally; MORE HERE 

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Even the most placid and apparently pleasant facade, on which seemingly only smiles blossom or sweet repose presents itself, masks crazy complexity and at least a dose of daunting darkness beneath the surface: in the course of activating any ‘pursuit of happiness,’ one must grapple with and seek to grasp what lies in the these deeper regions, setting aside and steadfastly ignoring all pretentious and fatuous fantasies of ‘eternal bliss.’

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The human mind invents its Puss-in-Boots and its coaches that change into pumpkins at midnight because neither the believer nor the atheist is completely satisfied with appearances.

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The initial Committee investigation into the international drug trade, which began in April, 1986, focused on allegations that Senator John F. Kerry had received of illegal gun-running and narcotics trafficking associated with the Contra war against Nicaragua. MORE HERE

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For scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who would like to understand the empirical reality, the mathematical reasoning, and the politics of how current housing practices inevitably, purposefully, and completely annihilate equity and social justice in relation to one of the key human rights, a transcript from Naked Capitalism of the Real News Network interview with Michael Hudson about the political economic underpinnings of plutocratic home financing and attendant practices, a textual memorialization of the video that also accompanies this link, along with a plethora of intelligent commentary from the denizens of NC to what Professor Hudson purveys.

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From Tuesday’s Files

State Department RT Fight

A Revealing Fight with Russia’s RT at the State Department

Fake Science For Fake Convictions – https://psmag.com/thousands-of-potentially-wrongful-convictions-and-years-of-delayed-action-ec58b5c641ad#.nwqtkppxm

Turning Human Waste Into Fertilizer – https://psmag.com/liquid-gold-why-flushing-a-toilet-is-a-colossal-waste-fe656731956f#.j0znnlfcc




student writing arm


Emerging Poets Fellowship Program at Poets House

New York, NY

Poets House offers 10 fellowships from March to June 2017, to poets living in New York City.


American Library Association
W. Y. Boyd Literary Award

A prize of $5,000 is given annually for a novel published in the previous year that is set in a period when the United States was at war.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


Politics Editor

Post Date: Nov 01, 2016 Type: Full time
Start Date: Negotiable Salary: Negotiable
Location: United States – Texas – Austin Job Reference:
Job Description:
The Houston Chronicle is seeking a highly skilled politics editor to lead a team of talented reporters to greater heights.Based in Austin, Texas, the new politics editor will cultivate a strategic vision for the Chronicle’s coverage of politics and state government. We are looking for someone who can produce sophisticated journalism – online and in print – through planning, mentoring and editing.


Robert Reich’s Call

A Rolling Stone look at the works and the words of a politician of note’s valiant call to creating a party that truly works for people:  “During the 2016 primary, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich was an outspoken supporter of Bernie Sanders. When he threw his weight behind Hillary Clinton’s bid in the general election, he did so while also calling for the formation of a new progressive party to take up Sanders’ cause after the election. In the wake of Democrats’ humiliating defeat in November – not just for the presidency, but in a number of Congressional races – the UC Berkeley professor and co-founder of Inequality Media says the Democratic Party must be rebuilt from the ground up, and he has some ideas about how it ought to be done.”


Library Wins

A Library Journal article that looks at recent electoral gains that protect or promote libraries, in spite of pretty much across-the-board bad news elsewhere: “On a long election night filled with tension and political upset, 79 libraries across the country had referenda on the ballot. The news for libraries was more good than bad. At press time, 54 wins and 12 losses were recorded, with the remainder either not applicable—representing votes to leave a district, for instance—or still too close to call.”


Billionaire Fights in the Press

A New York Times article that looks at some of the unique challenges that media organizations will have moving forward, in a climate that already is terrible for media, via the possible enhancement of libel laws that only benefit the rich: “This kind of manipulation of the law is unfolding at a keen moment of weakness for the press, which has already been buffeted by falling revenue and mounting public disaffection. Only 40 percent of the public — the lowest rate since at least the 1990s — trusts the media “to report the news fully, accurately and fairly,” according to a Gallup survey conducted in September 2015. This mistrust has been growing for a long time, but it was stoked by Trump during the campaign. He called the reporters who covered him “scum” and whipped up yelling and booing crowds. There is no consensus among his supporters that the press should hold those in power accountable. A recent Pew survey found that only half of Trump backers agreed that it was important in a strong democracy that “news organizations are free to criticize political leaders.””


Israel’s Celebration of American Anti-Semitism

An Electronic Intifada look at the significance of the American government’s swing to the fascist right, and at the surprising fact of this move benefiting the Israel project: “One of Israel’s most prominent broadcasters says Israeli leaders are welcoming the resurgence of white nationalism and anti-Semitism in the United States that has accompanied Donald Trump’s winning presidential campaign.

In a column for Israel’s Ynet, Yaron London, long a prime-time host on Israel’s Channel 10, wrote that “a worldview which supports white supremacy matches our government’s interests.””

GENISSPropaganda Model Overview

A Free Thought Project offering of Chomsky’s ouvre on propaganda, media, and the  media being as a mechanism of the state, in the context of how these recent elections have demonstrated all of this to great effect: “Subsequently, in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election, Facebook has been targeted by behind the scene oligarchic forces that largely control society, and, their respective government representatives, such as President Obama, as being partially responsible for the outcome of the election through the spread of misinformation.

In reality, the opposite is true, as this election cycle saw social media allow people to peer through the facade of mass media and see factual information presented by non-corporate news entities, such as the plethora of emails released by WikiLeaks. Note that the mainstream news attempted to ignore these releases and not report on them as a means of shaping public discourse. The even went so far as to declare reading them illegal.