11.22.2016 Nearly Naked Links

From Sunday’s Files

Trump’s Real Appeal


Portugal’s Decriminalized Decade-&-a-Half


Worse on Way From Flyover Country

A Dark View from Flyover Country

Facebook’s Draconian ‘Fake News’ Plan

Zuckerberg Just Revealed Facebook’s 7-Point Plan to Censor “Fake News” and It’s Chilling

El Salvador’s Gang Murders


New York Times’ Censorship Proposals For Its Own Sins


Working Less, Living Better


Organizational Key to Transformation

Abolitionists Model: Yes, Resist, But, Organize, Organize, Organize!

Popular Ownership of Airwaves

The Airways are Owned by the People

rect3336 spaceFacebook’s Fakery Against ‘Fake News’

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Jewish Friend’s Letter to Evangelist Trump Supporter
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False Flags, Culture, Reality, Analysis
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From Monday’s Files
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Fake-News Chief = U.S.
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Really Resisting Fake News
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Podcasting’s Role in News Now
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‘Left’s’ Meaningless Fakery
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Moneybags Behind Trump
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Universities’ Profiteering
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Fascists’ Freaking Out Over Fake News
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What George Is Up To
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Identity Politics = Long Con
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An Equities Tsunami on the Way
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Media Bullshit’s Mirror of Society’s