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A developing and breaking story, in this case as a result of a passed-along compilation of items from Fortuna’s Corner, that examines the now-proven thesis more than a decade old from such investigators as Michael Ruppert  that ‘design flaws,’ so ubiquitous as to merit the label intentional, in almost every PC computer in existence will permit a simple USB device to mine everything on the system whenever those in authority would like to have such access, making notions of privacy and encryption and so on at best fatuous fantasies, of possible interest to scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who imagine creating documents or conducting business that they would prefer not to share in advance with government’s police-state administrators.

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"Gaius Caesar Caligula" by Louis le Grand cc 3.0
“Gaius Caesar Caligula” by Louis le Grand cc 3.0

One thousand six hundred and fifteen years ago, Visigothic fighters, having learned their lessons about butchery from Roman Imperial troops, crossed the Alps to enter Italy; nine hundred twenty-one years behind us, the Council of Clermont, called by Pope Urban II, led to the First Crusade’s beginning; two centuries and seven years past that fateful moment, in 1302, another Pope issued another history-changing edict when he authored the Papal bull that claimed spiritual supremacy for the papacy; MORE HERE

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However its subtle and clearcut attraction may seduce the mind, the notion of an independent media is primarily fatuous, since the list of ‘dependencies’ in every process of mediation—time out of mind—must include access to significant social resources just for production, acceptance by multiple audiences that are key to continued creation, the manifestation of various collective processes that underlie anything even vaguely akin to publication, to name just a few: thus, in the context of propagated propaganda and mandated manipulation by monopoly media that serve the ruling classes’ imperial pretensions and basic depredations, that to which scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens should aspire is a dependent cultural, journalistic, and literary output, a phalanx of flourishing imaginative and perspicacious storytelling and narrative that is of, by, and for the planet’s common people and working classes.

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Reading and writing, like everything else, improve with practice. And, of course, if there are no young readers and writers, there will shortly be no older ones. Literacy will be dead, and democracy – which many believe goes hand in hand with it – will be dead as well. Margaret Atwood
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Cherokees_native american indianRebuilding the Cherokee Nation

April 2, 1993 — Sweet Briar College

Thank you very, very much for choosing to spend a little time with me tonight. I appreciate that. I’d like to introduce my husband, Charlie, who traveled with me from Oklahoma, who’s here somewhere. There he is, right there. Some people don’t know I’m married because his name is Charlie Soap and my name is Wilma Mankiller, and when we got married we debated whether he should take my name or I should take his name, and we decided we’d both keep our own names, so he kept his maiden name and I kept mine.

Being in this part of the country is really kind of nostalgic, because part of the Old Cherokee Nation took in part of Virginia, and it’s really interesting and kind of an emotional experience always to come back to this part of the country. It was interesting, as I met people during the course of the day today, several people asked me how they should address me, and at home I can think of very, very few people who call me “Chief”; most people just call me Wilma, and that’s how I ask people to address me here. MORE HERE

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From the estimable aggregators at The Duran, a video of a liberal conference’s streaming of Edward Snowden’s presentation on the fakery and fraud and double-dealing hypocrisy inevitable in a corporate media establishment that runs with a guaranteed-impunity monopolistic power, an imprecation and concomitant advice to pay attention and be on guard that scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens alike would do well both to note and study and to follow as if their lives depended on so doing, as well they may.

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Predicting Newspapers’ Demise Yet Again

Strategy’s History Requirement


Vigotsky in English Challenges





Redrock Creative Writing Seminar

St. George, Utah
Application Deadline:
Rolling Admissions
E-mail address:

The 20th annual Redrock Creative Writing Seminar was held on March 5 at the Pioneer Center for the Arts in St. George, Utah, approximately 40 miles west of Zion National Park. The seminar featured classes and readings in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. The faculty included poets David J. Rothman and Marleen Bussma; fiction writer Marilyn Richardson; and creative nonfiction writer Brian Passey. The cost of the conference was $65, which includes lunch. E-mail or visit the website for more information.


The Dead Mule of Southern Literature seeks prose and poetry for its 20th Anniversary Year. “No good Southern writing is complete without a Dead Mule.”

Named for the ancient Greek concept of sacred space, Temenos journal wants to know: what are your bones made of—steel, or sand? Send fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and art.

pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


Colorado Public Radio News is looking for a Daily Editor who is passionate about daily news and can’t stand to be late to an important story to join its editorial leadership team.

The Daily Editor identifies, assigns and implements daily coverage for Colorado Public Radio, ensuring content in CPR news magazines is timely and relevant to our audience. The Daily Editor assesses the story and determines the right approach for the topic – whether that’s newscast, a reporter debrief or a host interview with a guest. The Daily Editor leads breaking news and works closely with CPR’s digital team to coordinate coverage. The Daily Editor has a good audio sensibility about how news magazines should sound and works with on-air hosts to ensure quality delivery. This person is a key part of CPR’s editorial leadership team and helps shape the newsroom’s direction. The Daily Editor is responsible for the supervision of a team of on air hosts and reporters, with a goal to inspire, coach and help this team deliver content on time and meet overall newsroom objectives.  The Daily Editor exhibits our newsroom values in all of their interactions and will use those values to guide daily decision-making.


Calling to Dismantle the Democrats

A Counterpunch analysis by a dissenting voice that calls us to embrace the values we subscribe to, and evict the establishment: “The Democratic Party can save itself only by focusing on economic issues – in a way that reverses its neoliberal stance under Obama, and indeed going back to Bill Clinton’s pro-Wall Street administration. The Democrats need to do what Britain’s Labour Party did by cleaning out Tony Blair’s Thatcherites. As Paul Craig Roberts wrote over the weekend: “Change cannot occur if the displaced ruling class is left intact after a revolution against them. We have proof of this throughout South America. Every revolution by the indigenous people has left unmolested the Spanish ruling class, and every revolution has been overthrown by collusion between the ruling class and Washington.”[1] Otherwise the Democrats will be left as an empty shell.

Now is the time for Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the few other progressives who have not been kept out of office by the DNC to make their move and appointing their own nominees to the DNC. If they fail, the Democratic Party is dead.”

WRISSAlienation & Journalism

A Poynter article that explores the many dimensions, including the unsavory ones, of having a vocation towards writing and journalism in this day in age of diminished expectations and diminishing income: “I was gratified to see that a former student of mine, Nelson Graves, wrote a post-election piece for the New Straits Times in Malaysia in which he cited my work from 2004. He reminded me that I had written not one, but two essays back then. The first one, quoted above, described my alienation. The second, a month later, titled “Beyond Alienation,” outlined what I was trying to do to get back my bearings as a journalist and a citizen.

I had argued that “My blind spots blot out half of America. And that makes me less of a citizen, and less of a journalist.””


Attacking Independent Media

A Waking Times post that exposes the current trend, especially after these tumultous elections, of discarding all media and commentary that clashes with monopoly media’s ideas, and thus obfuscating all possibilities for reaching actual truth even more: “Reports about Facebook’s and Google’s nascent battle against purported “fake news” must be considered in solemn gravity — not because there are bogus articles circulating — but because, in actuality, it constitutes a war on legitimate, factual information and dissenting opinion.

Certainly, many of us grumble when an article about aliens invading New York City passes through our newsfeeds only to be taken seriously — but the so-called “problem” of “fake” news Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is referring to isn’t targeting such vapid content.

What Facebook will target, however, should concern all of us.”


GENISSStrategy’s History Requirement

A War on the Rocks look at an enigmatic character appearing in the JFK murder, a person who provides grist for the mill in regards to thinking strategically about this and other momentous events:  “Given all the mystery surrounding the assassination, it was only natural to concoct all sorts of ominous motives animating this sinister character and his menacing umbrella. Who was the umbrella man and what was he doing? Clearly he played a key role in the conspiracy to kill the president. Perhaps the umbrella was a gun device of some sort, firing a flechette into the president’s throat. Or maybe it was a way to signal to the actual shooter to go ahead with the assassination. Into the vacuum of uncertainty, it did not seem unreasonable to make a causal link between the shadowy figure, his umbrella, and the fateful events of that day.”