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A report from Vice News pertinent to all scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, in particular those who follow the exigencies of empire and the evolution of political economy, in the event a briefing about India’s blitzkrieg against cash in the form of instantaneously withdrawing from circulation all large rupee denomination bills and their replacement with new currency that administrators had not planned in advance to fit the country’s ATM’s, meaning that tens of millions of citizens, especially the poor, have had little or no access to banks and cash over the past few days, all in the context of a Modi government that wants to penetrate the vast underground market in the world’s third-largest economy, which operates almost exclusively on a cash-and-carry basis that has heretofore permitted some citizens to evade taxes on substantial incomes, the upshot of which will be that anyone who shows up with a wad of bills to ask for new money had better be able to account for keeping such sums in the form of cash.

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Today around the globe marks a commemoration of an International Day for Tolerance; as a member of an invasion force and Ninth Crusade, seven hundred forty-four years ago, England’s Prince Edward became putative King of the Realm when a Third Henry died, though Edward did not come home for two more years; five hundred twenty-five years prior to the present pass, in Central Spain near Avila , a famous case of a child’s purported sacrifice by Jewish occultists led to the murder of Hebraic and converso locals whom official inquisitors tortured prior to their crucifixion; just over four decades subsequently, in 1532, Spaniards under the direction of Francisco Pizarro capture an Incan Emperor en route to carrying out genocide and enslavement in pursuit of precious metals and other plunder; two hundred forty-four years later, in 1776, during the American Revolution, the Dutch United Provinces recognized the independence of the United States;  two hundred and twenty-three years in advance of today, ninety reactionary Catholic clerics suffered execution by drowning in Nance at the hands of agents of the Revolution; MORE HERE

                A Thought for the Day                

Most unfortunately, not only do people in rough waters tend not to accept whatever contribution they themselves have made to the dangers and drudgery and destruction that has become ubiquitous in their lives, but they also tend to blame, not the masters and minders whose imprimatur is as taken for granted as the seasons and the procession of the day, but instead to scapegoat individual members of groups that are socially even weaker and more benighted than are the given sufferers in their doldrums, an altogether complex and dicey dynamic that ought to be a required subject in secondary school and college, not to mention becoming a regular topic of discussion in community forums and on hometown media outlets that are locally owned and operated, a socialization of an understanding of context and contradiction, of paradox and polarity, of the dialectic of class and social struggle, that would, quite plausibly, lay a foundation for social engagement and political action to do something positive and constructive about the patterns of decline and decimation so rampant round the world right about now.

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Things will be very bad for Latin America. You only have to consider the ambitions and the doctrines of the empire, which regards this region as its backyard. Jose Saramago
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For the last two days I have been, I may say, in pursuit of you, my friend, having to talk over most urgent business with you, and I cannot come across you anywhere. Yesterday, while we were at Semyon Alexeyitch’s, my wife made a very good joke about you, saying that Tatyana Petrovna and you were a pair of birds always on the wing. You have not been married three months and you already neglect your domestic hearth. We all laughed heartily — from our genuine kindly feeling for you, of course — but, joking apart, my precious friend, you have given me a lot of trouble. Semyon Alexeyitch said to me that you might be going to the ball at the Social Union’s club! Leaving my wife with Semyon Alexeyitch’s good lady, I flew off to the Social Union. It was funny and tragic! Fancy my position! Me at the ball — and alone, without my wife! MORE HERE from  Fyodor Dostoevsky, “A Novel in Nine Letters:”

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  

In his final segment of HBO’s 2016 season of Last Week Tonight, a John Oliver half hour that positively skewers the President-Elect, all the while acknowledging some of the complexities that resulted in the final tally that elicited that obviously unexpected happenstance, at the same time, of import to any scrappy scribe or stalwart citizen who insists on actually thinking things through rather than merely parroting the latest installment of the Democratic Wing of the ReDemoPubliCratiCan Phalanx, that Mr. Oliver, for all his empirical punctiliousness, rhetorical acuity, and wildly hilarious wordplay, has not a word to say either about the fundamental corruption of the Democrats themselves, or about Ms. Hillary Clinton’s particular fiscal peccadilloes and warmongering ways that amounted on an arrogant insistence that beating nuclear war drums was a sound policy course for the ‘exceptionalists’ who crow at the murder of leaders whom we are ready to discard and so forth, eventualities that mandate serious political discourse and cultural commentary if we are to preclude the fascists who are queuing up to avail themselves of this moment of ‘Trumping’ workers and any potential for social justice because neoliberals and other thuggish bourgeois apologists would rather, literally, die than countenance the democratic socialist protocols that are the only alternative now to Trumpish barbarism.

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Explicating Electoral Realities of Ethnicity & Class

The Class Reality of Trump’s Victory

National Geographic’s Trip to Mars



student writing arm


The Yale Series of Younger Poets is seeking submissions for its 2017 competition. This contest champions the most promising new American poets. The winning poetry manuscript will be selected by the series’ current judge, critically acclaimed poet Carl Phillips, to be published by Yale University Press in the Yale Series of Younger Poets. The competition is open to emerging poets who have not previously published a book of poetry and who reside in the United States. Publication is contingent on the poet’s agreeing to the terms of the publishing agreement.
pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


Multimedia Journalism 

The English department of Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, invites applications for a teaching position in Multimedia Journalism beginning in August 2017.

Academic rank dependent on qualifications.

Concordia College has a strong commitment to the principles of diversity, and in that spirit, seeks a broad spectrum of candidates whose professional preparation or teaching has given them experience working with diverse populations.


Leadership from Truth and Music

A Waking Times profile of a fearless, powerful people’s leader in the form of musician Killer Mike: “As we stare down the barrel of a critically divided society under the thumb of an all-powerful government and police state, righteous voices of non-partisan, no-bullshit truth who apply logic, common sense, and critical-thinking in defense of community and humanity are needed now more than ever. One such example is hip-hop artist, civic leader, social activist, and entrepreneur Michael Render, aka Killer Mike. His articulation of the problems we all face, accompanied with real ideas for meaningful action, make for an excellent reminder of what true leadership can look like.”

WRISSInput for a Writers Toolchest 

Submittable, a great trove for all scrappy scribes, seeks input, testimonials, etc: “How does our newsletter help you out? Have you had success as a result? What suggestions could you offer?

We’d love to hear from you.”


The World’s First Troll, Circa 1830

A fun posting from The Atlantic demonstrating that the art of literary mudslinging so as to push forth an agenda: “Nastiest? Oh, most definitely. This is the great gift and insight of Frances Wilson’s new Guilty Thing: A Life of Thomas De Quincey—that De Quincey, while not as grandly antagonistic as his contemporary and fellow journalist William Hazlitt (“Have I not reason to hate and to despise myself? Indeed I do; and chiefly for not having hated and despised the world enough”), embodied in his elfin way a more modern, because it was more marginal and alienated, strain of meanness. He was kind of a stalker. He was kind of a troll. In 1816 his friend Charles Lloyd, recently escaped from a mental asylum and believing himself to be “the Author of all Evil,” told De Quincey sadly, “I know also who you are: you are nobody, a nonentity, you have no being.” But De Quincey was also kind of a genius, so let’s start there.”

Bad News for Trumpeters

An Atlantic post that looks at the final disposition of the notorious and ultimately successful Trump bid, showing a result that will be unfortunate both to the working folk who saw in him one of their own, and to the rest of us as well: “It’s fair to say that no supporter, journalist, or politician has any special forecasting power when it comes to the policy preferences of a President Donald Trump. But in the days after his shocking election, those following his transition have noticed a theme: Trump’s advertisement for populism may ultimately disguise a policy of surprisingly old-fashioned elite enrichment.”

GENISSRefusing Work

A New Rambler Review’s look at an iconic Japanese film that poetically captures the dread, drudgery, and uncertainty of the laboring life in this, the dark, last age of capital’s aegis: “The movie depicted the troubling apotheosis of capitalism. Jiro was dedicated to his craft but at what cost? He worked closely with his two sons, but there was virtually no representation of family or home life in the film. He only became close to them when they started to work for him, and after denying them a university education. Jiro’s wife is never mentioned; we get a fleeting glimpse of her in an old photograph. Jiro’s older son clearly wishes to take over the family restaurant, but his father refuses to retire. A trip to the fish market revels in the extractive horrors of capitalism. The sellers lament the low quantity and quality of fish on sale, a crisis being precipitated by the overfishing that supplies the rising demand for sushi. An old man at the market complains of being tired and worn out. He longs to retire. Why can’t he? We are never told. The colonizing and soul-crushing powers of work were suddenly brought into sharp relief.”