11.15.2016 Daily Links

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A must-read for all scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, from LawNewz, in the form of a briefing about the announced intention of Breitbart News to sue one or more ‘major media companies’ for having labeled the reactionary aggregator and producer a “White Nationalist”–which is to say, fascist–publisher, a chance for the organization, a portal for massive Trump support, to model possible plans of the President-elect to expand the reach of U.S. libel law to include the sort of “criminal defamation” actions that occur in England, where politicians and other public figures have options to involve their enemies in expensive and dangerous legal actions that can effectively attenuate free-for-alls among political opponents, altogether a development that bears close attention moving forward.

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In Japan today, in keeping with the Ten New Commandments, this date marks the Seven Five Three celebration of children’s emergence from toddler status and the assumption of the joyous responsibilities of childhood, and seven thousand miles or so to the West, Palestinians commemorate their still-longed-for ‘independence,’ while the United States designates this twenty-four hour period as America Recycles Day, and the citizens of the world honor scrappy scribes in trouble with a Day of the Imprisoned Writer; in the mountainous environs that for centuries housed Inca imperial operations, four hundred eighty-four years ago, Iberian interlopers first met with those who were to be the last Incan rulers in preparation for the European sacking of the Andean American Project; a single cycle of sol forward from that, in the same environs in 1533, conquistador Francisco Pizarro came closer to his storied plunder of the Incas by accepting an invitation to visit the imperial capital in Cuzco;  MORE HERE

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When people face problematic developments, rather than examining their own inputs that have caused, or at least contributed to, such infelicitous outbreaks, they almost universally begin looking around for someone or something to blame for their struggles, a seemingly universal and apparently endless process that must offer some semblance of self-satisfaction or false justification to be so ubiquitous but which without a single doubt at once impedes making adjustments to improve outcomes or inhibit meltdown and encourages the now omnipresent scapegoating of opportunistic others who are no more responsible for our ongoing woes than fat hamsters are the reason that lemmings jump from cliffs into cold deep waters.

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IN this book we propose to study the most primitive and simple religion which is actually known, to make an analysis of it, and to attempt an explanation of it.  A religious system may be 
said to be the most primitive which we can observe when it fulfills the two following conditions: in the first place, when it is found in a society whose organization is surpassed by no others in 
simplicity; and secondly, when it is possible to explain it without making use of any element borrowed from a previous religion.

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SEARCHDAYcrisis OR difficulties OR recession OR depression OR troubles blame OR scapegoat OR accuse OR deflect "the other" OR immigrants OR ethnocentrism OR bigotry OR prejudice accountability OR responsibility absurd OR crazy OR insane analysis OR explication history OR origins = 4,210,000 citations

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In the context of rending of many garments and gnashing of many teeth, not to mention threats to pick up and pack up and leave the entire charade behind, a reminiscence, at once loving and tongue-in-cheek, from LitHub about Leonard Cohen’s magical processing of darkness and closeness, of damage and ecstasy, in particular relation to one Donald Trump’s election, especially apropos given Cohen’s recent death, in his sleep, just after he completed his final album and Rolling Stone had polled its readers to choose his best song ever , his most masterful hit  of the past thirty years, and his best album , before proceeding to devote much of an entire issue  to remembering the Canadian genius and speaking to Cohen’s impacts on film , on other artists whom he profiled in his stanzas, on the literary world with his memoirs , and on thinkers about cultureMORE HERE

              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  


Access here for all scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens to many, many hours of intense emotion, mellow music, and lyrical epiphany, courtesy of the folks at Rolling Stone, who through reader input have selected Leonard Cohen’s ten most exalted albums, which contain songs of love and lust and longing for social justice and philosophical reflection on the conundrums of carrying on a life of the heart and mind in the jugular jungle that often manifests as the world at hand and the world at large for most human sojourners, altogether a refreshing interlude as America evolves its ‘fascist moment’ and everyone on Earth is waiting for the sound of dropping shoes and praying for courage on somebody’s part sooner rather than later.

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Public Interest & Digital Futures in 1998

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Propaganda Models, Explication & Rationale

SEP on Identity Politics

IEP on Feminism & Race





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Vaccines & Concussions

An Activist Post look by fearless scientists and thinkers who wish to access actual risk modalities for vaccines, in spite of generalized opprobrium to those queries: “Daley mentions “fine tuning” the test regarding metabolites to assure accuracy levels.  However, his fine tuning of the test brings to mind something I, as a vaccine damage and literature researcher, would like to question and suggest:

Could it be possible for that metabolites concussion blood test to be tweaked or “fine-tuned” to diagnose brain damage and brain encephalopathy due to neurotoxins and other toxic chemicals in vaccines and vaccinations?”

WRISSA Medium Style Guide

A very helpful post from Free Code Camp and Medium that will help scrappy scribes submit great copy for online sites in general: “After spending more than 1,000 hours writing and editing stories for our Medium publication, I’ve decided to create this living style guide for contributors. Feel free to use it for your publication as well.”


Facebook’s Fear of Fake-News-Cut Backlash

A Gizmodo article that contextualizes some of the accusations leveled against the monopolistic social media outlet of skewing election outcomes through manipulation:  ” It’s no secret that Facebook has a fake news problem. Critics have accused the social network of allowing false and hoax news stories to run rampant, with some suggesting that Facebook contributed to Donald Trump’s election by letting hyper-partisan websites spread false and misleading information. Mark Zuckerberg has addressed the issue twice since Election Day, most notably in a carefully worded statement that reads: “Of all the content on Facebook, more than 99 percent of what people see is authentic. Only a very small amount is fake news and hoaxes. The hoaxes that do exist are not limited to one partisan view, or even to politics.””


Examining Michael Moore’s Call For Taking Over Dems

A World Socialist Web Site article that studies the reasons behind lifting up political filmmaker and gadfly to the general piublic in the wake of horrific pseudo liberal establishment: “In the aftermath of last week’s elections, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is being promoted by the media as the voice of popular opposition to the fascistic president-elect Donald Trump. Moore has appeared on CNN twice, first with Don Lemon and then on Jake Tapper’s “State of the Union” program….

Why are the establishment media giving Moore such a buildup?”


A History Channel offering that brings us a prescient note on media by a dearly and prematurely departed president: “In the article, Kennedy mused that television had the power to bring political campaigns—and scandals—immediately and directly to the public and illuminated the contrast between political personalities. Kennedy shrewdly noted that a “slick or bombastic orator pounding the table and ringing the rafters” fared poorly against a more congenial candidate and “is not as welcome in the family living room” as a candidate with “honesty, vigor, compassion [and] intelligence.” Kennedy strove to convey the latter image. He also compared Woodrow Wilson’s 1919 month-long cross-country railroad trek to promote his League of Nations proposal (an exhausting trip that ended when Wilson suffered a stroke) to then-President Eisenhower’s ability to reach millions of voters in a 15-minute television appearance.”