11.14.2016 Nearly Naked Links


Solving Facebook With Snopes

Demographic Data & Trump’s Election
Drones & International Law
Unsolved Sex-Worker Murders
Costs of Cooperation
War on Science & Its Implications
EPA’s GMO Approval Amplifies Pesticide Use
Making Films For Women
Paranoid Political Styles
Old Fascist Ideas Flourish
Housing & Foreclosures
Race, Class, Trump
Rebelling Against Globalism
Pittsburgh’s Symphony Strike
Thinking With Hands & Head
Abortion Via Mail
Vachel Lindsay on Film, Circa 1920
A Henry Kissinger Interview
Eight E-Mail Newsletter Models
Carl Sagan on Cooperation
DU Usage Issues in the Levant
Longform Journalism & In-Depth Reportage
Algorithmic Police States
Finance Capital’s Gutting of Manufacturing
‘Panama Papers’ & Looting Africa
Hedges on America’s Murderous Empire
Defeating ‘Right-to-Work’ in Virginia
Trump’s First Hundred Days
Roseann on MK-Ultra & Hollywood
Massachusetts Teachers Sink Pro-Charter Referendum
An HBR Proletarian Disquisition
Unions That Support Trump
Venezuela Communes’ Sociopolitical Function
France, ADHD in America, & Bullshit
A Worse-Than-Imagined Crisis
Assigning ‘Blame’ For Trump
Linh Dinh on Trump
Oligarchic Signals of Collapse
Divided Libertarians
Rejecting ‘Humanitarian’ Interventions
Calls for Police State Abolition