11.10.2016 Nearly Naked Links


A Pair, By & About Carl Sagan

Ian Welsh Trump Bullet Points

Neoliberalism’s Inducement of Trump Victory

Intelligence Agencies’ Dread of Trump

Trump’s Civil Racketeering Trial to Begin

Electoral Warnings of Social Crises

A Belief About Working Class ‘Victory’

Trump & American Populism: An SOP Analysis

Neoliberalism’s Depredation & Trump

Increasing SubUrban Poverty Everywhere

A Loving Review Essay

A French Nuclear Industry Crisis

Bizarre & Historic Election

Smug American Liberalism

World Leaders’ Reactions to Trump Victory

How & Why Generosity Pays

TPP’s Monopoly Protection Racket

Ancient Sexual Understanding

Narrative, Mothers, & the Feminine in Storytelling

Electoral Explanations & Tons of Comments

Founding Fathers’ Bias Against Democracy

A Liberal Upshot Cavil

Unifying Evolutionary Theory

A Drone Murder Documentary Review-Essay

Zizek’s Trump Endorsement