11.08.2016 Nearly Naked Links


New Orleans’ 1894 Interracial General Strike
John Interviews Julian: Transcript
Noting Randroids’ Weaknesses
Kropotkin, Mutuality, Revolution
Building the House of Breitbart
New Class Conflict & Its Fetishization
Disingenuous Attacks on Wikileaks
Israel’s Privatization of Occupation
A Black 1833 Detroit Uprising
Trust Funds for All
James Bond & the CIA
Ursala on the Love of Writing
Consciousness & Integration With the Cosmos
An Essay on Montaigne
Captagon & Syria’s War
Venezuela’s Fascistic ‘Opposition’
CIA & Cocaine Under Reagan
Organizing in the Current Context
Blaming Economics, Economists
A Review-Essay of Loving
Turkey’s Aim to Crush Kurdish Opposition
An SOA-Watch On-the-Border Report
Legacies of Slavery & Jim Crow: a Review & Interview
A CIA Torture Update
America’s Irrationalism
Trouble Ahead, Come What May
Wall Street Roles in an HRC Administration
NYT‘s Journalistic Failure
Organizing For a ‘Blue’ South
Deconstructing Russian Accusations As Bullshit
Happy Views of ‘Engineered Chaos’
Nuking Mississippi
Facebook‘s Suboptimal Mediation
Digital Fixers
ESL Best Practices
Democracy & Footnotes
Saving Militarism $1 Trillion
Busing & Ethnic History
Interviewing a Mental Health Activist Storyteller
Fetishizing Nonviolence: a Review-Essay
Trotsky on Fascism
Clinton Deep CIA Connections
Playing Electoral Chicken With Ecocide
A Greek, CIA-Backed Fascist’s Obituary
Finessing Fearful Politics
Measuring Global Inequality
Impediments to Male ‘Pills’
Big-Data Police State On the Way
America’s Collective Breakdown