11.07.2016 Day in History

USSR_Emblem_1936 russia sovietBoth in the former Soviet Union and in the contemporary Russian Federation, this date marks October Revolution Day, or the beginning of the Bolshevik imprimatur over the nascent Soviet Union; in the declining Roman empire one thousand six hundred eighty-one years ago, this designated administrator of Egypt, now a venerated saint, faced banishment in the Alps after other leading elements in Roman rule determined that he had forestalled an important shipment of grain to Constantinople; a half decade short of three and a half centuries onward from that conjunction, in 680, a different sort of imperial event unfolded in Constantinople with the opening of the Sixth Ecumenical Council, seeking to mend the rift between Orthodox and Roman Catholicism; four years less than three quarters of a millennium after that, in 1426, around the world in Southeast Asia, local Vietnamese rebels extended their ongoing centuries-long conflicts with the Chinese when they decisively defeated troops of the Ming Dynasty in the Battle of Battle of Tốt Động – Chúc Động; three and a half centuries and a year ahead of today, the London Gazette printed its inaugural issue to become the longest-continuously published periodical in the world today; eleven decades later,in 1775, across the wide Atlantic in England’s insurgent Virginia colony, the royal governor sent out a call to all slaves to join the British and rise up against their masters in return for their liberation; thirty-six years past that

from Espresso Stalinist
from Espresso Stalinist

point in space and time, in 1811, the brilliant Native American tactician Tecumseh suffered a defeat against future president James Tyler at the Battle of Tippecanoe in present-day Indiana; twenty-one years further along the temporal arc, in 1832, the baby male was born who would become the businessman, philanthropist, and educator Andrew Dickson White, whose accomplishments included founding Cornell University; an additional five years toward today, in 1837, almost due West in Illinois, a bigoted and furious mob murdered Elijah Lovejoy, who was trying to defend his abolitionist press from destruction for the third time by this incipient fascist horde; thirty-seven years thereafter, in 1874, Thomas Nast illustrated one of his political cartoons with the first iconic image of the G.O.P as an elephant; fourteen hundred sixty-one days more in the direction of today, in 1878, the female infant first looked around her whom fate had designated as a key player in the Modern Nuclear Project, the first scientist more or less accurately to describe the workings of nuclear fission;another cycle about the sun, in 1879, a bit further to the East in Ukraine, the little baby boy opened his eyes who would rise as the promoter of international solidarity and human

Leon Trotsky - public domain
Leon Trotsky – public domain

liberation, not to mention radical revolution, Leon Trotsky; a couple years past that, in 1881, many thousands of miles to the West, a squalling girl infant called out who would mature as ‘Cissy’ Patterson, one of the first women to lead a major urban journalistic enterprise, the Washington Times-Herald; a dozen yea rs subsequently, in 1893, the U.S. State of Colorado – which later became the second jurisdiction to legalize marijuana – gave women the franchise, also the second arena in the United States to grant women the right to vote;seven years further along, in 1900, ninety miles off Florida in Cuba, freedom fighters who disliked Yankee imperialism as much as they hated Spanish colonialism formed the People’s Party to struggle for removing the island from the yoke of Washington; three years yet nearer to the here and now, in 1903, across the Atlantic in Austria, the male child came along in standard fashion who would mature as the scientist, and, at least for a time, champion of false theories of ‘national socialism,’ Konrad Lorenz; a half decade afterward, in 1908, the iconic outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, having absconded from the relentless Pinkertons in the United States, supposedly met a bloody end after having resumed their rebellious bank robbing ways in Bolivia; an additional four years in the future from that, in 1912, the working class artist and stalwart of solidarity, Ernest Riebe first created the blockhead comics to lampoon workers who side with their oppressors; a single additional solar cycle forward on time’s relentless march, in 1913, the male baby entered our midst who would in due time become the thinker and writer and storyteller, who eventually won the Nobel Prize, Albert Camus, and the proponent of evolutionary thinking who contemplated much of the system that Darwin eventually popularized, Alfred Russel Wallace, breathed his last; another year onward from those eventualities, in 1914, across the wide Atlantic in New York, the first issue of smart-set magazine, The New Republic, hit the newsstands, and, around the world in China, Japanese troops overran the primary German possession in the orient at Kiaochow Bay; an additional seven hundred thirty-one days henceforth, in 1916, an early New York radio station, 2XG, for the first time broadcast presidential election returns in the contest of radio3Woodrow Wilson against William Howard Taft; a year past that juncture, in 1917, after having broken his vow to ‘keep us out of war,’ Woodrow Wilson’s War Department threatened to imprison construction workers in Massachusetts, over a thousand of whom were conducting a wildcat strike against United State government usage of open shop contractors, while een more radical working-class protests exploded in Russia, to the point that this marked the initiation of Bolshevik imprimatur over the revolution against the bourgeois – aristocratic Russian empire, at the same time that fifteen hundred miles or so to the South and West, from that unfolding drama in Red Square, British imperial troops finally captured Gaza from the Ottomans after their third attempt; two years even closer to the current context, in 1919, purposefully on the second anniversary of the October Revolution, U.S. Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer initiated the first brutal raids that now bear his name against labor organizers, socialists, communists, anarchists, and assorted other sorts who hoped to improve the United States; a decade yet later on, in 1929, the Museum of Modern Art first opened to the public in New York City, just as capitalism was collapsing around it, and the male infant bounced into the world in Austria who would become neurophysiologist and psychiatrist and Nobel Prize winner Eric stalin mao china communismKandel; a pair of years hence, in 1931, Chinese communists proclaimed a Soviet Republic for part of their vast land; not quite a decade past that entry-point, roughly seven thousand miles West in 1940, an engineer’s ignored warning about a bridge’s risk of harmonic dissolution came true when, only four months after its opening, the Tacoma Narrow’s Bridge experienced catastrophic collapse; an additional year forward in time, in 1941, a baby boy came along who would become the popular wordsmith and songster, Johnny Rivers; two years afterward, in 1943, the male child cast his gaze about him for the first time en route to a life as the thinker and critic, Stephen Greenblatt, while the baby girl was busy being born who would go on to renown and riches as the singer-songwriter, Joni Mitchell; precisely thirteen years subsequent to that passage, in 1956, the United Nations called on Britain and France and Israel to cease and desist in their invasion of and war on Egypt for that State’s closure of the Suez Canal; the very next year, in 1957, across the wide Atlantic, the Gaither Report, among its many endorsements of a ‘National Security State’ and attendant empire, called for increased production of ecocidal nuclear weapons and bomb shelters for potential victims of the usage of such implements of humanity’s destruction; two more years still more proximate to the present pass, in 1959, President Eisenhower deployed one of the Taft-Hartley Act’s reactionary aspects in breaking a solidaritynationwide steel strike; another three years past that passage, in 1962, the estimable matron of haute bourgeois hegemony, Eleanor Roosevelt, took a final breath; a half decade more in today’s definite direction, in 1967, Cleveland elected the nation’s first African-American mayor, Carl Stokes, and Lyndon Johnson signed into law the act that created the Corporation for Public Broadcasting;six years farther down the pike, in 1973, the U.S. Congress overrode Richard Nixon’s veto of the legislature’s requirement of Congressional approval of any future cases of war powers actions that in the case of Vietnam had not required such oversight; eight years afterward, in 1981,the prolific and beloved popular historian, Will Durant, lived out his final day;eight years later still, in 1989, Virginia’s Douglas Wilder became the first Black to hold the position of Governor of a State; the following year, in 1990, to the South in Florida, Lemuel Boulware died, after a life of advancing the supremacy of management over labor, policies that now bear the moniker of Boulwarism, while across the sea in England, the estimable and acclaimed author and thinker, Lawrence Durrell, lived through his final chapter; the very next year onward, in 1991, National Basketball Association superstar, ‘Magic’ Johnson, retired with the announcement that he was HIV positive and showing signs of AIDS; a thousand ninety-six days in even greater proximity to this exact point in time, in 1994,students at the University of North Carolina inaugurated the world’s first all-Internet radio station, WXYC; half a decade thereafter, in 2000, one of America’s ‘stolen’ elections unfolded with the apparent victory of George W. Bush, while in the country’s heartland, Federal agents scooped up a vast cache of LSD that its makers had manufactured in an abandoned missile silo; two further years along the flow of time’s currents, in 2002, one of the founder of Germany’s Der Spiegel, Rudolph Augstein, sang his swan song; another pair of years on the plodding path to today, in 2004, Iraq’s puppet government declared a two month ‘state of emergency’ as its U.S. backers sought to crush insurgents in Fallujah.