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Sun Red Giant - B Jacobs
Sun Red Giant – B Jacobs


A pair of profferals from EcoWatch that detail the ecological and social depredations that follow in the wake of ascendant energy capital, in the first place in relation to the now well-established correspondence between earthquake activity and obtaining gas via hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, of rock formations, so much so that Oklahoma, which prior to the boom in this activity rarely if ever experienced tectonic shaking, now sports the informal title of “earthquake capital of the world,” and in the second place  in terms of the Dakota Access Pipeline owner’s refusal to honor the Obama administration’s request for a voluntary, temporary suspension of construction till the expanding dispute in South Dakota, on the fringe of the Missouri River, came to some satisfactory resolution, incidents in the most immediate here and now that illustrate for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens the underlying principles of profiteering and impunity that rule in this, as in every realm, of capital’s fierce seeking of imprimatur in the face of growing crisis.

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Both in the former Soviet Union and in the contemporary Russian Federation, this date marks October Revolution Day, or the beginning of the Bolshevik imprimatur over the nascent Soviet Union; in the declining Roman empire one thousand six hundred eighty-one years ago, this designated blabla faced banishment in the Alps after other leading elements in Roman rule determined that he had forestalled an important shipment of grain to Constantinople; a half decade short of three and a half centuries onward from that conjunction, in 680, a different sort of imperial event unfolded in Constantinople with the opening of the Sixth Ecumenical Council, seeking to mend the rift between Orthodox and Roman Catholicism; four years less than three quarters of a millennium after that, in 1426, around the world in Southeast Asia, local Vietnamese rebels extended their ongoing centuries-long conflicts with the Chinese when they decisively defeated troops of the Ming Dynasty in the Battle of Battle of Tốt Động – Chúc Động; three and a half centuries and a year ahead of today, the London Gazette printed its inaugural issue to become the longest-continuously published periodical in the world today;


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The capacity to think creatively, not to mention productively and usefully, about conundrums and contradiction depends ineluctably on three key factors that, paradoxically, contemporary social contexts suppress, if not prohibit altogether, to wit, encouraging and capacitating the study of history, the past that lays the basis for all that is present; fostering critical-thinking generally, with its necessities of cross pollination, interdisciplinarity, and fierce, iconoclastic skepticism; manifesting mutuality, collectivity, and solidarity when the pernicious ideology of individualism reigns supreme.

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When your time comes to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home. Tecumseh
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Liberals and even most of those who consider themselves Marxists are guilty of using the world fascist very loosely today{1993}. They fling it around as an epithet or political swearword against right-wing figures whom they particularly despise, or against reactionaries in general.

Since WWII, the fascist label has been applied to such figures and movements as Gerald L. K. Smith, Senator Joseph McCarthy, Senator Eastland, Barry Goldwater, the Minutemen, the John Birch Society, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George Wallace.

MORE HERE from Leon Trotsky; some of the posthumously published components of Fascism: What Is It, & How to Fight It 

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SEARCHDAY”uses of history” OR “necessity of history” “ignorance of history” OR “uninterested in history” OR “overlooking of history” planned OR purposeful OR systemic OR systematic OR ideological thinking OR consciousness OR awareness OR epistemology OR insight problem OR undermine OR inhibit OR suppress OR forestall explanation = 1,520,000 Connections.

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Another incisive deconstruction, and skewering, of how reactionary rule manifests itself today, from Abby Martin’s Empire Files, via the estimable aggregators at Information Clearinghouse, in this case with a focus on Wikileaks and how this election’s peccadilloes have come to the forefront at the same time that all those involved in the troves of e-mails that constitute most of the leaks have furiously sought to deflect attention from substance to fatuous, not to mention false, allegations of Russian backing for the materials’ theft, a tour of the stinking heart of the ‘sausage factory’ of American politics that in particular examines the work of John Podesta, whose ‘legendary’ lobbying has been a part of the Clinton machine since the days back in the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock, and whose transactional lubrication for big money and its various corporate outposts has remained at the center of the various ‘complexes’ that in turn stand in the middle of American capitalism in its most recent version of a terminal crisis, altogether twenty-odd minutes that every single scrappy scribe and stalwart citizen should invest in listening and watching if such as they care even a little about actually understanding how the world works and why things have gotten so bizarre and dangerous and full of paradox and peril.

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Issues and Comics

A PRI look at the work of a talented artist willing to discuss important issues: ““You know, journalists really care about the stories they’re working on, but they also have to think about marketing, their audience, and how they’re going to get someone to take time out of their day and read their article or watch their documentary. And this is a struggle I think that all journalists have to go through. I just really wanted to show that process.” “




On Blogging

A Brevity look at the ongoing life of the medium that preceded social media: “Blogging gives us something to share on social media. We contribute positively to our civilization by sharing an idea instead of a meme, starting a discussion about a book we liked or an essay we read or an experience we’ve had. It lightens the heart to care passionately about a subject that might stir disagreement but is unlikely to dredge up hatred.”




Organizing the South

A Think Progress post that contextualizes the election results in the South, in the context of a false dichotomy: “That was eight years ago. Now, in the final days of the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are virtually tied in North Carolina. But what began as a “moment” has, since the 2008 race, matured into a movement.Trump still has an overall lead in the South, but his polling advantage is shockingly slim compared to those of prior Republican candidates. Whereas Obama lost the region by a solid seven points in 2012, Clinton is behind by just a single percentage point, and conservative states long thought to be GOP strongholds are now securely in the “toss-up” column”