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In relation to one of the hideous travesties of journalism and justice over the past period of time, a report from LawNewz about the Charlottesville, Virginia Federal civil litigation in which a University of Virginia administrator, whom the author of the Rolling Stone article, “A Rape on Campus,” characterized as callous and insensitive toward victims of sexual assault, has received jury affirmation of her defamation lawsuit against the journalist, Rolling Stone itself, and the magazines’ owner and publisher, a verdict that flowed from both the falsity of the story–no rape occurred, despite cavalier allegations of male impunity and fraternity license to plunder young women–and the presence of an agenda to ‘prove’ that something akin to rape culture was prevalent at Old Dominion as it allegedly was also ubiquitous at other academic institutions, a matter of some import for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who find the notion that the complexities and marvels and mayhem of human sexuality are possible to summarize as, primarily or otherwise, repeated instances of vicious and brutal carnal knowledge is, in the light most favorable to those who advance such beliefs, absurd and insane, a conclusion that fits with the jury’s findings and ought to cause onlookers to wonder what motivations lurk beneath the surface of the psyches of those people who defend such lies as necessary for both the ‘protection of women’ and the adequate punishment of the supposedly huge proportion of men who are so likely to be rapists that the very presumption of an accused’s innocence should no longer be the case.

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Today is Unity Day in Russia and National Unity and Armed Forces Day in Italy; five hundred eighty-seven years ago-1429, Joan of Arc led forces in the liberation of Saint-Pierre-le-Moutier in her fight for France; Spain nearly razed and then captured Flanders as part of the Eighty Years’ War four hundred forty years before the present pass;  MORE HERE

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Two persistent problems that writers inevitably experience also serve as essential elements of any successful narrator’s process: the subjectivity of a particular scribe’s desire to delve the at once dainty and daunting ways that this world’s wonders and woes manifest themselves always afflicts any given Terran expression objectivity, so to speak; moreover, rare to the vanishing point is the wordsmith who doesn’t defend the importance of his or her own enscriptions, despite their dubious slant in whatever direction the author inclines, an at minimum something-akin-to-arrogant insistence that everyone pay attention to one’s presumably insightful musings—yet, without these qualities, a highly personal perspective and a confidence that not only does one have something useful to say but also that everybody else has incurred an obligation to listen to and engage with one’s words and ideas, very little that would qualify as journalism or literature would happen, and even less of it would be worth skimming, even in perfunctory fashion.

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You cannot share your life with a dog, as I had done in Bournemouth, or a cat, and not know perfectly well that animals have personalities and minds and feelings. Jane Goodall
                   Doc of the Day                      

“Loan sharks and interest hounds: I have addressed every form of organized graft in the United States, excepting Congress. So it’s naturally a pleasure to me to appear before the biggest. You are without a doubt the most disgustingly rich audience I’ve ever talked to, with the possible exception of the Bootleggers’ Union Local No. 1, combined with the enforcement officers.

Now I understand you hold this convention every year to announce what the annual gyp will be. I have often wondered where the depositors hold their convention. I had an account in a bank once and the banker asked me to withdraw it. Said I used up more red ink than the account was worth.

I see where your wives come with you. You notice I say “come” not “was brought.” I see where your convention was opened with a prayer. You had to send outside your ranks to get somebody who knew how to pray. You should have had one creditor there. He’d have shown you how to pray. I noticed in the prayer the clergymen announced to the almighty that the bankers were here. Well, it wasn’t exactly an announcement. It was more in the nature of a warning. He didn’t tell the devil, he figured he knew where you all were all the time anyhow.

I see by your speeches that you are very optimistic of the business conditions of the coming year. Boy, I don’t blame you. If I had your dough, I’d be optimistic too.

Will you please tell me what you all do with the vice-presidents the bank has? I guess that’s to get anybody more discouraged before you can see the main guy. The United States is the biggest business institution in the world. They only got one vice-president. Nobody’s ever found anything for him to do!

I’ve met most of you as I come out of the stage door of the Follies every night. I want to tell you, any of you that are capitalized at under a million dollars needn’t hang around there! Our girls may not know their Latin and Greek, but they certainly know their Dun and Bradstreet.

You have a wonderful organization. I understand you have 10,000 here, and with what you have in various federal prisons, your membership is around 30,000.

So goodbye, paupers! You are the finest bunch of Shylocks that ever foreclosed a mortgage on a widow’s home.”  Will Rogers, transcript of a ‘Roast’ of financiers at an annual convention, circa 1924

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  

An interview with Dennis Banks, a leader of the Wounded Knee action in 1973 and one of the founders of the the American Indian Movement, in which Abby Martin of The Empire Files asks the venerable Indian leader about the issues at stake in the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline Project protests–key factors such as the pollution of fundamental water sources like the Missouri River, the desecration of burial sites, the lack of transparency in the negotiation process, deleterious impacts on five or more endangered species, and plenty more–a discussion in which Banks speaks for the animals, for the Earth, for people who still honor their forebears, and provides an analytical and emotional overview of this situation that scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens should take note of and ponder both in terms of legal violations of treaties and in the broader ecological and spiritual sense that this indigenous elder from Minnesota wants to convey for listeners.



student writing arm


The One-Act Play Contest from the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival will award $1,500 and a professionally staged reading. Judge: The University of New Orleans’ Creative Writing Workshop and the Department of Film, Theatre, and Communication Arts.

Grand Prize:

  • $1,500
  • Professional Staged Reading at the next Festival
  • A VIP All-Access Festival pass ($500 value)
  • Publication in Bayou Magazine
pascal maramis - flickr
pascal maramis – flickr


Entry Level Reporting Job

WWNY TV in Watertown NY seeks a reporter/MMJ to join our market-leading, award winning news team. We’re a TV station with a more than 60 year history of serving northern New York; our newscasts are regularly among the highest ranked in the country, and we do serious work on TV, the web and social media. We stress reporting craft, writing ability and live skills.



Civil Society Alternatives

A fascinating Defend Democracy post that looks at notions of alternatives responses to the various crises in society: “Since the crisis began in 2008, an intense European discussion has challenged official policy priorities. Civil society organisations (CSOs), trade unions, think tanks and grassroots campaigns have called for ending austerity and restoring shared prosperity, reforming (or dismantling) EU institutions, reducing inequality and making Europe more inclusive, achieving environmental sustainability and reacting to climate change with green economic alternatives.”


A Novel Foretold

A Dead Darlings look at the perils of being a novel writer: “I’m at a dinner party. My partner gestures to me and says to the man we’re making small talk with: “Rose is a writer. In fact, she’s writing a novel!”

“Well, isn’t that something!” he begins. I take a sip of wine big enough to stain all my teeth garnet and wait for one of the following questions”




Russia and Propaganda

A Waking Times view of MSM’s view and portrayal of Russia:  “Vladimir Putin in particular, and Russia in general, have been the focus of an intensive high-drama propaganda campaign of late. Are you buying it? For the time being, Russophobia has replaced Islamophobia as the driving force behind the lies. Various US officials have been frantically warning Americans that the Russians are behind everything: hacking the DNC, controlling Trump, influencing the election and breaking the Syrian ceasefire agreement. They might as well add making your girlfriend break up with you, making your toast get burnt and making your car run out of fuel for all the evidence they have presented. ”


Media Merger

A Back Channel look at recent events that could threaten media: “Why do companies merge? Presumably, in order to get ahead in a competitive marketplace. So here’s the unavoidable truth about the AT&T/Time Warner (TWX) megadeal: First, it’s not aimed at strengthening AT&T’s ability to compete in its current business — because the company faces no real competition. It’s quite happy in its current situation. Second, by entering into the business of originating as well as distributing content, AT&T’s incentive to favor that content over internet sources is hugely increased. The deal doesn’t make sense unless AT&T messes with video coming across its wires and wireless connections that might compete with the pay TV offerings (HBO and other TWX channels) and other high-capacity services that AT&T wants to sell.”



Palestinian Films

A Hollywood Progressive look at the film production in a delicate area of the world:  “There are many films about Palestinians, specifically Gazans, who somehow find creative cultural diversions from the death and destruction their land has been facing from the Israeli Occupation. A memorable and powerfully progressive documentary, Shake the Dust, from 2014 shows how Gazans and other poor third-world communities have discovered the power of dance, specifically break dancing. The Idol, by Oscar winning director Hany Abu Assad, is a powerhouse true story of a young Gazan singer who overcomes all possible odds to win the Arab Idol singing contest.”