11.01.2016 Daily Links

          BREAKING NEWS RIGHT NOW          

A piece of fine reportage from The Guardian, both more incisive and deeper than anything from ‘established’ media sources on this side of the Atlantic, in the event in relation to the ongoing battle of Standing Rock, in which Native American protestors and their many millions and millions of supporters around the world are gearing up for what the paper calls “a last stand” before construction reaches the Missouri River, which the carbon technicians propose to run the pipeline beneath, a crossroads that in many ways reveals vast fissures and crucial conjunctions of contemporary capitalism, and the United States in particular, a point of view that in more partisan terms both Common Dreams  and Mint Press News  echo in up-to-the-minute reports that deal, respectively, with assertions of organizer confidence and leadership persistence in activism and litigation; a perspective, moreover, that a new account from Activist Post details with revelations of a prominent celebrity’s delivery to picketers of mobile solar electricity units for the long Winter ahead; a contextualization that, in addition, such disparate reporting operations as Mondoweiss and Business Insider  provide divergent accounts that nonetheless attest to the social and technical and political import of what’s happening in the Upper Midwest; an unfolding expression of current loggerheads that has further penetrated the culture generally, to the extent that Facebook is now playing a role, albeit unwittingly, by proffering far-flung backers of the forces aligned in favor of renewable energy and the sacred and survival with a chance to befuddle police-state watchers, who had been monitoring social media to determine who was taking part and where they were, a point that both Vice News AND Atlantic Media cover with widely different ‘monopoly-media’ assessments; altogether a sense of uprising in Indian country that such portals as Global Exchange are calling for people around the world to engage and find a way to help; the sum total of which, for those scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who like to imbibe their ‘news’ with visual, and especially video, connections, offers such accounts as Abby Martin’s legerdemain for TeleSur, here presented by TruthOut, in interviewing American Indian Movement co-founder Dennis Bank about the historical and analytical substrate that helps to define and understand what is happening with the Standing Rock movement, and such briefings  as Waking Times offers, in this case a window into an unexpected but wildly ecstatic and deeply symbolic traversal of the grounds of the standoff by a herd of some thousands of wild buffalo—the complete aggregate of which stands in interesting counterpoint to yesterday’s breaking news brief about the Bundy brothers acquittals in Oregon, which one prominent commentator explained as the time-honored process of jury nullification  of elite plans and ruling norms when those in charge have overreached in their rapacity and insistence on their ‘exceptional’ imprimatur.

                    This Day in History                  

At this juncture just prior to the halfway mark through autumn, ancient peoples and their contemporary adherents have celebrated the first day of Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere and Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere as part of the Wheel of the Year, while in more contemporary manifestations of the ‘spirit’ solar cycle, many nations with orthodox and Catholic populations celebrate All Saints Day, at the same time that more frolicsome peoples note this date as the second Day of the Dead, or Day of the Innocents, and more cosmically groovy people today call this day in the year World Vegan Day;


                A Thought for the Day                


What shall we say at the end of the day to guide us along a halcyon way?
Some believe that such a reprieve is more than we shall ever receive;
Still, at the heart of where we start when we search for such a typecast part
Remain amendments to sacred commandments that merely ask our attention:

To wit,
1. The Golden Rule Reigns Supreme.
2. All Children Receive Priority.
3. All Who Work Are Welcome.
4. All Who Work Are Equal.
5. All Who Work Have Responsibilities & Rights.
6. All Who Work Receive Benefits & Provide Support for Others.
7. All Who Work Own Everything That Labor Transforms.
8. All Who Work Are Family.
9. All Beliefs, Congruent with the Golden Rule, Are Welcome.
10. All Other Matters Are Negotiable.

We’d hardly need a gentler creed to assist us as we try not to bleed
Away all the joy that comes, bold or coy, if only we’ll make appropriate noise.
                   Doc of the Day                      
“Nine years ago I wrote an afterword for Orientalism which, in trying to clarify what I believed I had and had not said, stressed not only the many discussions that had opened up since my book appeared in 1978, but the ways in which a work about representations of “the Orient” lent itself to increasing misinterpretation. That I find myself feeling more ironic than irritated about that very same thing today is a sign of how much my age has crept up on me. The recent deaths of my two main intellectual, political and personal mentors, Eqbal Ahmad and Ibrahim Abu-Lughod, has brought sadness and loss, as well as resignation and a certain stubborn will to go on. MORE HERE from Edward Said 

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  


In any context of assisting clear ideation, in regard to any capacity to foster critical thinking, in relation to establishing the basis for constructive dialog, about any aspect of the world–its wonders and woes, its controversies and travails–that matters to the lives and hopes and dreams of scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens, a required two hour viewing of an Adam Green documentary that Forbidden Knowledge TV is generous and intrepid enough to make available for folks to ponder, a beautifully produced, carefully researched, and seamlessly edited tour de force that establishes beyond credible doubt that the proliferation of “conspiracy theory” as a derisive insult, deployed in any case in which critics doubt the credibility and motives of ‘official’ and governmental and monopoly media explanations, is itself a carefully orchestrated plot that originated in a top-secret Central Intelligence Agency memorandum that developed the strategic and tactical parameters of using the terminology of ‘conspiracy theorists’ to discredit and marginalize dissent in the aftermath of growing doubts about the Warren Commission’s now wholly debunked theory that Lee Harvey Oswald planned and executed the assassination of John F. Kennedy all by his lonesome, an explanatory nexus that as much as any other sort of awareness and insight is central to people’s finding a way, first, to figure out how those in command have looted the treasury and plundered the Earth and murdered or otherwise moved out of the way anyone who stood up to them, and, second, to determine a vision and eventually a course for working together with other oppressed people to actuate something akin to an actual rule by the majority, democracy in common parlance.

                   More Later…