10.31.2016 Day in History

Happy_Halloween! scaryBased on Pagan mythos, Halloween happens today, paralleling the marking of the first day of the winter season in many ancient traditions, while throughout the nations of the world, many people celebrate World Savings Day, and cognizant others commemorate Seven Billions Day, in recognition of the recent expansion of the human population to that number; during a siege of Mecca in the civil wars that followed Mohammad’s death, one thousand three hundred thirty-three years ago, Islam’s holiest temple, the Kaaba, partially burned down; just a year less than twelve decades thereafter, in 802, the reputedly treacherous and scheming queen of Byzantium, Irene, faced banishment to the island of Lesbos; four hundred ninety-nine years prior to the present pass, Martin Luther posted his theses at Wittenberg that in many ways marked the initiation of the Protestant Reformation; seven decades beyond that conjunction, in 1587, other Germans with the general interest of humanity at heart opened the doors of the magnificent Leiden University Library; two hundred twenty-one years back, the male infant who wrote verses as John Keats was born; five and a half decades beyond that, in 1860, another fortuitous entry into our midst took place when the baby girl opened her eyes who would rise as the founder of the Girl Scouts Juliette Gordon Low; a thousand sixty-five days hence past that, in 1863, tribe women maoriother Englishmen carried out a more nefarious operation in instigating war against indigenous New Zealanders,  during the Invasion of the Waikato and the inception of the Maori Wars; a single cycle of the sun further in the direction of today, in 1864, a different sort of birth took place with the entry of Nevada as the thirty-sixth U.S. State; fifteen years more in the direction of today, in 1879, the General who encouraged women to follow his soldiers and provide services Joseph Hooker took a final breath before he exited; a dozen years subsequently, in 1891, a different sort of all-American passage unfolded in the coal fields of East Tennessee when plundering plutocratic mineowners received their comeuppance from miners who surrounded leased-convict strikebreakers, freed some, and sent the remainder on trains from Knoxville from whence they’d come; twenty-two years even nearer to the here-and-now, in 1913, the first transcontinental highway paved for automobiles opened, and a bitter strike afflicted Indianapolis’s street car business, followed by riots; a full nine yaers afterward, in 1922, across the wide Atlantic and through a portion of the Mediterranean, Benito Mussolini ushered in the fascist epoch, which some mot altogether insane observers would indicate is still ongoing  when he managed through skullduggery to have himself appointed Prime Minister of Italy; a four-year dance forward in time from that conjunction, in 1926, back in the United States, Harry Houdini suffered one of the grotesque insults of pre-modern medicine after his appendix had

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burst, dying in agony of gangrene and peritonitis; half a decade precisely past that tragic misfortune, in 1931, across the continent in the vicinity of Seattle, benighted and oppressed workers and unemployed people inaugurated a movement to ‘occupy Seattle,’ constructing the country’s first ‘Hooverville’ that eventually housed as many as 1,000 homeless citizens, and the child who grew up to become broadcast journalist Dan Rather came into the world Southwest of Houston; six years yet later on, in 1937, the baby boy who would write and sing as Tom Paxton was born; an additional year on time’s relentless march, in 1938, the fiscal and financial powers-that-be sought to bolster sagging stock prices nine years after Black Friday by instituting reforms that would make ‘investing’ more transparent and reliable; three years past that vain exercise, in 1941, sculptors completed their monumental work at Mt. Rushmore; just a tiny bit less then nine years subsequent to that monumental moment, in 1950, the baby girl who grew up to write as journalist Jane Pauley was born; five years even closer to the current context, the female infant who matured into writer Susan Orlean came into the world; another full circle of the sun past that, in 1956, England and France began bombing Egypt to force the reopening of the Suez Canal; eleven years henceforth, in 1967, the male child shouted out who would mature as the thinker and rapper and producer Vanilla Ice; another year later still, in 1968, in an ‘October Surprise’ immediately prior to Presidential elections, Lyndon Johnson announced pending breakthroughs in negotiations with the North Vietnamese, and a cessation of U.S. bombing as of November first; sixteen years still more proximate to the present pass, in 1984, Indira Gandhi died at the hands of assassins who were members of the Sikh minority in India; a thousand four hundred sixty-one days further down the pike, in 1988,  noted producer, performer, and creator of films scripts John Houseman shot his final frame;  another five years in the future fellini 0-eight-8-and-a-half-federico-fellini-movie-poster filmfrom that juncture, in 1993, acclaimed Italian screenwriter and director Federico Fellini died; seven years more along the temporal arc, in 2000, a Russian space launch sent the first crew to the International Space Station, which has operated under human oversight ever since, and well-respected writer and humorist Ring Lardner passed away; another year toward today’s light and air, in 2001, ‘terrorists’ succeeded in bringing about the death from anthrax of two postal workers, after exposing several other innocent victims to the deadly spores via mailed samples of the pathogen that originated at the army’s biological warfare facility in Maryland; an additional year onward and upward in 2002, the United States indicted a single former Enron employee for the fraud and racketeering that afflicted much of the capitalist system and definitely destroyed whatever value existed in the energy giant

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itself; another three hundred sixty-five days further along, in 2003, estimable establishment historian Richard Neustadt died; five years after that terminal passage, in 2008, beloved documentarian and author Studs Terkel lived out his final scene; three years afterward, and five years back, in 2011, the world’s seven billionth human was born.