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Amid all manner of ‘October Surprises’ that are everywhere in the news now, a briefing from the New York Times about the acquittal of all the defendants from Oregon’s so-called Bundy-trial, which may or may not be a triumph of free speech, which may or may not be indicative primarily of White privilege, which may or may not indicate a general decrease in juries’ trust for Federal prosecutors, but definitely does merit the attention of scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who would like to consider themselves basically aware of the key issues that are confronting societies everywhere now, from Eastern Oregon to Western Mongolia, one of multiple unexpected stories that are unfolding today, for example a report from MintPress Newsthat provides an overview of the Maryland Green Party U.S. Senate candidate who ‘crashed’ a ReDemoPubliCratiCan only debate in Baltimore, much to the delight of the studio audience, and with the support of her ‘two-party’ opponents, who also wanted her to have a spot on the stage for this now standard aspect of the electoral process, or for instance a new account from Countercurrents that gives an overview of the just-passed United Nations resolution that calls for eliminating nuclear weapons, an accord with which some four-fifths of the world’s nations agreed–including North Korea–while the United States joined some other imperial powers and purveyors of megatonnage and megadeath that cast ballots to continue the Modern Nuclear Project and its ultimately inevitable promise of ecocide in some shape, form, or fashion.

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Based on Pagan mythos, Halloween happens today, paralleling the marking of the first day of the winter season in many ancient traditions, while throughout the nations of the world, many people celebrate World Savings Day, and cognizant others commemorate Seven Billions Day, in recognition of the recent expansion of the human population to that number; more here

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Though in its construction complex and in its accomplishment apparently almost impossible , the question is nevertheless apt, How are the common citizens of the world to gain, first, the knowledge and capacity, and, then, the organizational potency, to assume responsibility and command in transforming the current crisis for the benefit of themselves and their immediate and extended families, the vast majority of benighted human cousins who occupy the planet? an inquiry more important in all likelihood than any other—moreso than who becomes President, moreso than how to stop or cope with climate change, moreso than what means will permit us to avoid self-immolation—precisely because every single inquiry of any note depends on ascertaining how to put the people themselves in charge of themselves rather than at the beck and call and prey to the whims of Plutocrats and Bigots and Psychotic narcissists who presently arrogate to themselves the roles of potentates and prognosticators.

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Happy halloween!
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“John Laroche is a tall guy, skinny as a stick, pale-eyed, slouch-shouldered, and sharply handsome, in spite of the fact that he is missing all his front teeth. He has the posture of al dente spaghetti and the nervous intensity of someone who plays a lot of video games. He is thirty-four years old, and works for the Seminole Tribe of Florida, setting up a plant nursery on the tribal reservation near Miami. The Seminole nicknames for Laroche are Crazy White Man and Troublemaker. more here from Susan Orlean Orchid Fever

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SEARCHDAYsolidarity OR mutuality OR "mutual support" OR collectivity "golden rule" OR ethics OR respect "class conflict" OR "social conflict" OR "social contradiction" "class consciousness" OR "collective interest" inherent OR essential OR "sine qua non" OR necessary history OR origins OR evolution radical OR marxist = 49,200

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A mandatory experience for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens everywhere, perhaps particularly in the ‘belly-of-the-beast’ in the United States, from Russia’s Valdai Discussion Club, with the likes of the U.N.’s former Secretary General, Kofi Annan, on stage and a lively and extensive audience there to listen and participate, with an address by Vladimir Putin to kick things off, who proffers frank and direct statements of the evidence and analysis that underlies a reality-based understanding of the world–with the promulgation of terror in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya; with double-standards about violence and exploitation; with the advancing of “absurd” assertions that Russia, with less than one quarter of NATO’s combined populace, is preparing to attack and try to conquer the planet–and then proceeds to an intelligent and open-ended series of exchanges among authoritative panelists and an audience much more engaged that anything that one might see in the context of an American so-called ‘political debate, ‘all of which shows up in brief in a presentation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWsLyUI0qYI#t=14) to Britain’s House of Lords by Dr. Marcus Papadoupolus, who proves without possibility of refutation that the balance of equities in conflicts between NATO and the Russian Federation are on the side of Moscow, with aggression and attack repeatedly taking place from Washington’s minions against every Russian ally, while an encircling process takes place in regard to the Russian nation proper.

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Evelyn Waugh’s 1938 Missive From Mexico
U.N. Report Documents Globalized Misery
What’s Up With Wikileaks?


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Selecting Towards Sustainability

An Evonomics look at the work of a fascinating thinker who addresses the lessons that humanity must solve, at a micro and macro level, so as to subsist and not succumb to the treachery of ‘success:’ “Is the so-called tragedy of the commons ever averted in the biological world and might this possibility provide solutions for our own species? One plausible scenario is natural selection at the level of groups. A selfish farmer might have an advantage over other farmers in his village, but a village that somehow solved the tragedy of the commons would have a decisive advantage over other villages. Most species are subdivided into local populations at various scales, just as humans are subdivided into villages, cities and nations. If natural selection between groups (favoring cooperation) can successfully oppose natural selection within groups (favoring non-cooperation), then the tragedy of the commons can be averted for humans and non-human species alike.”

WRISSOn Collaboration Rewards and Perils

A Harvard Business Review post that looks at one of the most rewarding yet challenging methods for producing great work, whether creatively or in a business setting: “Most of what is written about collaboration is positive. Even hip. Collaboration is championed enthusiastically by the Enterprise 2.0 experts, as well as leading thinkers like Don Tapscott, as the crucial approach for the 21st century. Collaboration creates once-elusive “buy-in or “empowerment,” improves problem solving, increases creativity, is key to innovation at companies like Lego, Pixar, and Intuit. It slashes costs and improves productivity.

So why is collaboration as rare as it is?”


Endangering the Food Supply

A Who What Why look at recent developments in Big Agra that can literally put at risk the entire food supplies for the entire world: “A wave of Big Ag mergers is threatening to entrench a food system that reduces nature’s edible abundance to a handful of plants on your plate.

Monsanto, the world’s largest seed company, has been purchased by Bayer, the German pharma and agrochemical multinational. Bayer paid $66 billion — the biggest cash buy-out in history.”

GENISSOrientalism and the Middle East

A Counter Punch essay by the iconic Edward Said that gives readers impactful information for understanding the unfolding dynamics in the Middle East: “I wish I could say that general understanding of the Middle East, the Arabs and Islam in the United States has improved somewhat, but alas, it really hasn’t. For all kinds of reasons, the situation in Europe seems to be considerably better. In the US, the hardening of attitudes, the tightening of the grip of demeaning generalization and triumphalist cliché, the dominance of crude power allied with simplistic contempt for dissenters and “others” has found a fitting correlative in the looting and destruction of Iraq’s libraries and museums. What our leaders and their intellectual lackeys seem incapable of understanding is that history cannot be swept clean like a blackboard, clean so that “we” might inscribe our own future there and impose our own forms of life for these lesser people to follow.”