10.28.2016 Nearly Naked Links

A Critical Review of The 13th
A Kenyan Scribe Who Deserves Laureates
Asserting the Vitality of a German ‘Left’
Learning How to Build Antiwar Movements
Projection’s Role in Warmongering Propaganda
Alternative Story Forms
Ubiquitous SOP Political Corruption
Making Strategic Thinking De Rigeur
Fake Greens & Their ‘Purchases’
FDA Media Manipulation
Fake Journalism For Biased Science
Daniel Berrigan’s Debate on Israeli Dilemmas
Daniel Berrigan’s Essential Writings
Fatuous ‘Goldilocks’ War Policies
Robert Parry Examines ‘Rigged Elections’
Comparing German & American Incarceration Policies & Practices
A Stirring Pregnancy & Abortion Essay
Negotiating Love, Sex, & Orgasm
Believing Israel’s Apartheid ‘Exceptional’
TRONC, Gannett, Nitty-Gritty Monopoly Media
HRC’s Rule & What It Could Portend
A CIA REcords Search Tool Triptych
A North Carolina Libel Award for Gun-Control Overreaching
How Gig Economies Harm Wage-Earners
Social Media’s Sociopolitical Disruptions
A Longform Look @ a CIA Mole & Thief
Russia’s Military Plans, Vis-a-Vis Its Fiscal Means
Amnesty‘s Report on U.S. Air-Strike Civilian Deaths
Inevitability’s Evolution
What Counts As Science
Algorithmic Policing’s Fascist Pendency
A Tom Hayden Interview
1830-1910 & the Creation of Global Empire
Longstanding Reactionary Attacks on Democracy
Media’s War For Attention
War-on-Drugs Fraud, Persistent Wrong Directions
Revelations of a Tarot Tragedy
Chicago Pro-Nuke Astroturf Skullduggery
Rentier Capitalism & Its Lies
Bi-Partisan Plans–Austerity & War
Man-Booker Celebrity & Its Literary Impact
Explicating Female Opposition to Feminism
Military Budget Primacy
Resuscitating Endangered Languages
‘Sound Science’ Often = Scientism
Media’s Boosting of ‘No-Fly-Zone’ Syrian War
Interviewing a Hemp Farmer
An Historical Analysis of North Carolina’s Ongoing Jim Crow System
Lefsetz’s Take on NFL Struggles
Russia’s War Preparedness
Putin’s Quiet Evisceration of U.S. Bluster & Pretense
Hidden Agendas’ Ruling Things, Through Public Relations & Secret State Protocols
A View of the Social Reality That Underlies Trump