10.27.2016 Nearly Naked Links

Iceland’s Women’s Strike Action for Equal Pay
A Self-Published Gay Erotica Pathfinder
A Dubious, Yet Provocative, Electoral Deconstruction
The Undeniable Working Class Appeal of ‘Military Service’
Legal Pot’s Opponents
CUNY & Journalism Education
Jim Hightower on Standing Up, Standing Rock
Men Who Lack Work, An Exchange
Contextualizing Kierkegaard
Setting Panthers Free
Organizing the Old
A Biased Agent-Orange ‘Expert’
Deconstructing Agent-Orange Falsehoods & PR
Plutocrats United in Plunder
Capital & Slavery & Liberation
Remembering Paul Wellstone’s Life & Death
Instigating Armageddon Unconsciously, Irresponsibly
‘Notorious Victoria’s’ Legacy
Fighting the Blockade Against Cuba
An Empiricists Views on Evidence
Assessing Bernie’s Hopes, Regrets
Perceiving a Paradigm Shift
ACLU FISA Litigation
Campus Hate Groups Attack Palestinian Supporters
A Slave-Trade History Interview
Non-Profit Law Win-Win
Evocative Analysis of Turkish Ottoman Maps
A ‘Super Lobbyists’ List
A Black Public Intellectual Interview
Increasing Numbers of Yankee Mercenaries
Job Losses & Basic Income Rationale
Tom Hayden’s Stance For Immigrants
Necessary Governance for a ‘Free’ Internet
Eliminating ‘Adolescence’
DoE Roles in ‘Making-Of’ Videos
Ecofeminist Installation Art
Data Without Visions, Problems Without Solution
Planning For War With Russia
Capital’s Inherent Promulgation of Injustice
Problematic But Popular Perspectives on ‘Rationality’
China’s Democracy Struggles, Jump Street