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Just as the presumption that sex approximates rape becomes more prevalent in American culture–between teens, for instance, or if anyone’s been drinking or tripping or otherwise indulging, if an encounter takes place between unequal partners or is in any way transactional–and so too the presumption of innocence for accused rapists has started to seem out of date and is definitely out of fashion among many who would hold themselves up as outstanding feminists, an account from Poynter.org about Rolling Stone‘s travails in its libel trial with a University of Virginia administrator whom a now (in)famous article from just under two years ago portrayed as something akin to callously insensitive to the so-called ‘rape victim’ from the article, “A Rape on Campus,” a piece of faux journalism that the magazine retracted and the Columbia Journalism Review stringently criticized  in Spring, 2015, altogether a case of a cultural geist that ruins both the topic under consideration–human sexuality–and makes for bizarre and fantastical forays into reportage that can often assassinate any hope of consciousness or knowledge more generally, in the event a matter that local outlets are covering  on a regular basis in the Virginia courthouse where the trial is ongoing, a now little noted comeuppance for mediated insistence on a ‘rape culture’ that can only yield travesties of justice for both actual rape victims and the hapless participants in the dallying dance of erotic energy who end up accused or in jail or both, components of a sociocultural cesspool to which scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens should pay attention if they value either their liberty or their pleasure, advice that blends in interesting fashion with a new video–available through Rolling Stone-from “Pussy Riot” about the primacy  of vaginas; a look at an all-too-often overlooked nook of the present pass, the courtroom dramas that unfold all about us, that in an entirely different vein is visible in a new Atlantic briefing  that details the legal and electoral woes of Arizona’s fascist Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who seems likely to lose his current race and possibly face prison thereafter for a charge of felony Contempt of a Federal Court Order.

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Today is the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage; in a crowning moment for the entire fate of Christianity and Western Civilization, one thousand seven hundred four years ago, Constantine the Great supposedly received his famous Vision of the Cross; thirteen hundred six years back, Sardinia faced an invasion by Saracens from across the Mediterranean; the City of Amsterdam marks today as the seven hundred forty-first anniversary of its founding; five hundred thirty-one years behind us, the Dutch philosopher, poet, and educator Rodolphus Agricola, wrote his last verse; MORE HERE

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Each extension of ourselves, without exception, stems from the trunk of our actual transit through the universe’s manifestation of matter and space, whether such growth expresses fruition or truncation in a given instance a matter of interlocking aspects of fortune and capacity and cooperation, with friends and from the cosmos; an often overlooked or unknown conclusion from this truism of ‘personal development’ emanates from a wise acceptance of the multiplicity and variety that always call to anyone who opens eyes and mind and heart to what is possible, to wit that to suggest that a single branch of any life’s journey should merit total, or even primary, attention makes no more sense than insisting, or even merely hoping, that existence might ever remain a bright and brisk and cheery morning, when nothing whatsoever could occur that might uproot or prune the otherwise direct rising of leaf and twig to sunny ray and breezy breath of windy day.

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Father Daniel J. Berrigan, S.J., hero of the peace movement and award winning poet and writer, died April 30, 2016.  From our archives we share an extended conversation with the priest about pacifism. Berrigan touched off a storm of controversy in 1973 when, in an address to the Association of Arab University Graduates, he denounced the state of Israel as a “nightmare military-industrial complex . . . the creation of millionaires, generals, and entrepreneurs.” Berrigan’s remarks were, in turn, denounced by some of his former associates in the peace movement; Rabbi Arthur Herzberg, president of the American Jewish Congress, said the priest was guilty of “old-fashioned theological anti-Semitism.” MORE HERE FROM Progressive Magazine, some context and then an abridged transcript of a debate between Hans Morgenthau and Daniel Berrigan in 1974, about moral quandaries in regard to Israel

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As the protean proliferation of horseshit predominates all corporate mediation, replete with the chimera of choice that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton represent, a representation of manure as chocolate pie by the bye that both rational actors and random bypassers recognize implicitly, so that they reject the ReDemoPubliCratiCan candidacies handed to them on a manipulated plastic platter in unprecedented numbers, a lovely profferal from Mint Press News, two hours with Dr. Jill Stein in which, offering rejoinder to the third so-called debate, she shows that something other than bullshit is possible to present, an interlude that at once manifests real analysis and plans that regular people need and critiques and rebuts the combination of nonsense and vitriol that prevails from the fake candidates who are the ‘choices’ that we have in the fake Presidential contest, material to which scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens might readily add by referring to an hour-long segment from Dr. Stein that responded to the faux candidates’ second pretend debate, or by examining last Friday’s hour with The Young Turks, when Jill answered  real questions from real people before both a live audience and plus or minus a million people on social media, or by hearkening back to the longer segment that C-SPAN made available to introduce third-party candidates, in the event both Jill Stein and her running mate, Ajama Baraka, a collection of viewing opportunities that not only ought scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens make mandatory, at the top of their queues, but also that they should find a way to act on and share widely enough to cause the sort of groundswell that is necessary to pull our asses from the fires of various hellish scenes that await us just ahead otherwise.

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Iceland’s Women’s Strike Action for Equal Pay
A Self-Published Gay Erotica Pathfinder


student writing arm


  1. The Vermont Writers’ Prize offers a $1,500 prize for the best story, essay, or poem that celebrates the state of Vermont. The deadline for entry is November 1st. Learn more here.


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Economists & Race

A Naked Capitalism repost of a blog by an insightful researcher who looks at the dire economic realities behind some folks economic ascent and others’ constant emiseration: ““The traditional approach says that educational attainment is a consequence of parental investment,” says Darity, “but it doesn’t explain how parents can feasibly make those investments.” The explanation he puts forth is a blow to the long-cherished view of America as a land of equal opportunity, where it’s not supposed to matter who your parents and grandparents are or how much money they have.

But that, says Darity, is the key. In his view, the capacity of parents and grandparents to invest in their children is contingent on their wealth position.”

WRISSFive Tracks to Effective Thinking

A Farnam Street posting that looks at cognitive and learning processes that can be invaluable to scrappy scribes: “Do you want to come up with more imaginative ideas? Do you stumble with complicated problems? Do you want to find new ways to confront challenges?

Of course you do. So do I.

But when is the last time you thought about how you think?”


ATT & Time Warner Stock Crash Forecast

A Bloomberg article that looks at the dire straits that major tech and media companies are facing, in a climate that increasingly, along with everything else, becomes more hostile and untenable: “Things were different in Silicon Valley in the distant year of 2012, when iPhone sales were skyrocketing and you could still buy a house in Palo Alto for less than $2 million. Back then, most restaurants had menus, not tasting menus. Chief executive officers could say something grandiose at a tech conference without worrying about getting mocked on HBO six months later by the Beavis and Butt-head guy. And a talented entrepreneur could walk into a venture capitalist’s office, say his startup was a mobile-first solution for pretty much any problem (payments! photos! blogging!), and walk out with a good-size seed investment. “That pitch was enough to get going,” says Roelof Botha, a partner with VC firm Sequoia Capital. “It’s not enough anymore.””


Another Coup in Turkey?

A Defend Democracy Press analysis of the still volatile situation in Turkey that could easily lead to more instability soon on its way, due to more imperialistic intervention: “But Rubin’s “prophecies” may not ne just “prophecies”. They constitute also an indirect, still clear threat. Rubin and the AEI are anything but innocent observers. The same author has already written about the possibility of a coup in Turkey in March 2016, encouraging the Turkish army to go on with it. He was subsequently quoted by a relevant article by Peter Korzun, in May 2016. Finally, the “predicted” coup took place in July 2016!”


Embracing Skepticism, Rejecting Cynicism

A Medium post that asks people to dare to imagine a greater future is possible, even in the face of insurmaountable dissappointment and darkness: “At its heart, cynicism is the belief that everyone is motivated by ill intentions, and by their own self-interest. It is the failure to believe in the empathy or goodwill of those around you.

But it’s greater than that. Cynicism is a trump card. It shuts down any and all conversation. It is the absence of a solution. It is the rejection of nuance. It’s essentially giving up, and I don’t like to give up. Especially not when there will be work to be done no matter the result this cycle.