10.25.2016 Nearly Naked Links


A Jeffrey Goldberg Assessment
Economists & Race
A Christian’s Recent Personal Account
A Review Essay of Patty Hearst Biography
1913 Coal Mine Carnage in New Mexico
Tikkun‘s Appreciation of Bob Dylan’s Award
W.E.B. Du Bois & Revolution
Stopping the Next War Before It Starts
How Peter Thiel Boosts Winner-Take-All Plunder
Projections of Mass Detention
Critiquing America’s Asian ‘Pivot’
Venezuela & ‘Left’ Failure
A Critical Examination of Civil Rights Today
A Pending Energy Crisis
Julian’s Status: ‘Truthdigger’ of the Week
A ‘Liberal’ View of Dumbing Down in the Name of ‘Protection’
Five Tracks to Effective Thinking
A Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet
Salvador Allende @ the U.N.
Covering Up Fukushima Ecocide
Harvard Business Review on Rebellion, Productivity, Profit
Uniontown’s Environmental Injustice Nighmare
Democratic Party Decimation of Popular, & Populist, Agendas
The Woman Who Knew Too Much, Reviewed
The Responsibilities of the Novelist
Death Penalty Pretenses Versus Reality
Treating Agony As Addiction
Strange Deaths in Finance & Activism
‘Free Trade’ As Bullshit Phenomenology
Hidden Agenda, Deep-State, Shadow-Government Assessments
Learning From Librarians
Saker Predictions of Epic Crisis
A Bobby Seale Panther Retrospective
Free College: Proletarian Pros, Petty-Bourgeois Cons
Lesser-Known Huxley Quotations
Wonder Woman’s Ambassadorial Role
Another TRONC Merger Deal, More Layoffs
A White-Helmets-Controversy Analysis
Looking Through Russian Lenses
Trumpish Populist Hornets’ Nests
Pinker on Violence & Human Nature
Seeing Ourselves As Morally Superior: Treacherous Bias
An Overview of Korean Literature
Police State Hollywood
Boosting Impoverished Scribes
Alleging ‘National Security Blind Spots’
Citizen Journalism Catastrophes
Mandating Open Minds
Paul Craig Roberts’ View of Russia: ‘Trapped’
Alt Media’s Rising
The Company Behind Mass Surveillance
How Power Works
Preferring Apocalypse to Feminism
Artists’ Purveying Panther Messages
The Pharma Oxycontin Campaign
Turkey & Iraq in Mosul
Remake Diminishing Returns
New York Times‘ Anti-Semitism Conceptualization
‘Post-Real’ Economics Yields ‘Post-Real’ Politics
Wikileaks As a Gift to Democracy