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By World Economic Forum via Wikimedia Commons
By World Economic Forum via Wikimedia Commons


While not technically immediate in its provenance for those who speak Russian and have the wherewithal to follow ‘mainstream’ Russian media, absolutely news of the newest variety for most Americans, in this case from the investigators and former spies at Consortium News, in the event an assessment of a lengthy panel discussion about America’s presidential-electoral-process from Russian State TV’s Channel One, in the form of a regularly scheduled program, Evening with Vladimir Soloviev, in which a verifiably wide range of opinions–from much more nationalistic than either Putin or most ReDemoPubliCratiCans in America to Israeli-Russian critics of the Soviets and the Russian Federation now–came to a conclusive consensus that the entire facade of ‘democratic’ procedure and majority rule engagement in the world’s ‘exceptional’ democracy had appeared both fraudulent and ludicrous throughout the campaign, in sum a set of ideas and exchanges that every scrappy scribe and stalwart citizen ought to ponder carefully, inasmuch as erstwhile ‘leaders’ on the verge of election are promising war with a nation capable of the clear-headed analysis and openness to diverse opinions that appeared for all to see last week, a nation, therefore, that would be a brutal opponent for promoters of idiotic, or at least bizarre and ill-conceived, strategies, if one had the careless attitude necessary to perceive American plots as strategic, instead of as self-righteous fantasies of plunder that bluster inform as much as greed.

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This date marks an occasion when one of the world’s most ancient peoples commemorates its identity with a Day of the Basque Country;under the aegis of the Christian-hating emperor Diocletian, seventeen hundred thirty-one years ago (or seventeen hundred thirty), oversaw the judicial murder of religious martyrs Crispin and Crispinian, who now are patron saints of various working people and social causes; eight hundred sixty-to years more in the direction of today, (or eight hundred sixty-one years), in 1147, Muslims and Christians in their then-centuries-long and now millennium-long struggles, experienced a ‘split decision,’ when forces of the early Reconquista succeeded in dislodging Islamic control of Lisbon in what is now Portugal, while Seljuk Turk Ottoman fighters defeated German crusaders at the Battle of Dorylaeum; MORE HERE

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drugs-French_opium_denThe ‘War on Drugs’ evokes a dynamic of depredation and devolution, the first part of which consists of the corruption, and ultimately the destruction, of every single thing of a civic nature that we say that we value–that which might be honorable in service of governance, police, soldiers, politicians, administrators, doctors, lawyers, every field and profession that stands for social management or improvement devolves into frequent bribery and double-dealing and brutality; the second part of which crushes, to the point of dissipation and disappearance, every element of individual rights, whether it concerns privacy or trust or some other aspect of appreciating personal responsibility and human development, so that the snitch and the victim proffer the supreme expressions of our social relations, explicitly insinuating that ‘good sons and daughters and good friends’ tell on parents or acquaintances, to help them, who do not follow regimens that either prescribe or proscribe certain chemicals; the third part of which, another element of this woven quilt of deceit and pretense, reveals itself as a passive, and in the end utterly resigned, psychosocial demeanor, a universal shrug at the possibility of decency and kindness, so that, as just one example, in any given year, ‘patients’ fill plus-or-minus two hundred million anti-depressant prescriptions in the United States, tens of millions of which are for children and young adults, who as ‘minors’ have no option but to swallow additional hundreds of millions of doses of methamphetamine derivatives, to ‘treat’ their deficient capacity to attend their lives; and finally, a fourth part of which, perhaps most insidious, also results from the precipitous decline in civic rectitude already catalogued, a dark schema, an ugly mosaic, that makes citizens feel chary about accusing and holding accountable either their erstwhile ‘employees’—in other words, politicians, administrators, and police—or the rich gangsters and banksters and spies whose operations behind the scenes are what manages this system’s daily routines, a popular unwillingness to confront reality that undeniably stems from multiple roots—a likely hatred of the thought that their patriotism has so little of probity to support it, for instance, or that they almost certainly hate to feel like such chumps, especially in the context of detesting how little they know and understand and how small that arrogant experts make them feel if they seek to intervene, and, perhaps most obviously, those aspects of their recalcitrance about speaking out that start with fears for their personal safety, since, after all, jail, injury, or death has certainly been a common outcome for others who have been unable to contain their outrage, their passion, their empathy, or their anguish.

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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
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“IT is not here a question of the “unarrived,”
the ” unpublished ” ; these are the care-free
irresponsibles whose hours are halcyon and
whose endeavours have all the lure, all the
recklessness of adventure. They are not recog
nized; they have made no standards for
themselves, and if they play the saltimbanque
and the charlatan nobody cares and nobody
(except themselves) is affected. MORE HERE from Frank Norris, The Responsibilities of the Novelist (first four chapters), in The Complete Works of Frank Norris

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On the date that represented a temporary triumph for Chilean workers and for real social democracy in South America, the date on which a plurality of Chile’s voters put Salvador Allende in the President’s Palace, for readers today a speech, which that faithful servant delivered to the General Assembly of the United Nations just over two years hence, a presentation that forthrightly and incisively laid the basis for analyzing and resisting the corruption and plunder of international finance capital and the transnational behemoths that serve as the substrate for the militarism, interventionism, dirty tricks, and exceptionalist arrogance that characterize the hegemonistic foreign policies of Uncle Sam, a prototypical devolution to violence and terror that has so typified imperial Washington’s relations with the Spanish-speaking Western Hemisphere that no other region or place has surpassed the proportion of depredation and mayhem and murder that has transpired there, a dynamic that Allende proved in another articulation, his “Final Speech,” MORE HERE

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In an arena in which the pretense of concern permeates everything that advertisers and public relations experts present about ‘mental health,’ ‘drug wars,’ and police and military intervention in human lives generally, practically speaking all of which arrogant balderdash is self-serving, self-dealing, imperial profiteering and cover-up for crimes against humanity in the name of lucre and power, a 21st Century Wire article that offers up a half hour documentary from Lebanon, beautifully conceived and written and produced, which shows the methamphetamine newcomer to drug war imperial capitalism–which goes by the name captagon, a form of speed that is cheap, highly addictive, and capable of keeping soldiers and other operatives running full speed on half rations–that presently has become a multi-billion dollar business in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Arabian Peninsula, a revelation that matches what Daily Links has already reported  in regard to the legacy of The Great Heroin Coup that the Nixon Administration finalized in inaugurating the Drug Enforcement Administration and cementing its underling status beneath the operations of the Central Intelligence Agency, an update of which plotting is available from an RT documentary, “Afghan Overdose,” that details the new center of world opium production in that woebegone country, further evidence of which patterns emanates also from a presentation by Michael Ruppert, he who lost his LAPD badge because he was a whistleblower about similar operations in California, in regard to which, as well, more reportage about the same jurisdiction originates in an interview with the crack investigator, Gary Webb, who broke the story of CIA involvement in importing crack and powder cocaine into U.S. communities, often enough poor and Black, or Brown, the hideous litany of which, again and again and again and again, is available for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who give a damn to view, as in this interview by Doug Kellner of former CIA top operative John Stockwell and in this exchange with Alfred McCoy, the historian whose The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade many researchers treat as a ‘bible’ of this realm—in relation to the aggregate putridity of which the grasping greed for more and more profit has obviously also afflicted millions–perhaps tens of millions or more–young people in the United States, in the form of legal, and all too often mandatorydosing of children with the meth derivatives that drug companies have the gall to sell as medicine, a pattern of an aboveboard kind of Captagon that many a brief documentary details in terms of the toxic health, social, and personal psychological patterns that result from Ritalin, Adderall, and other such prescriptive addicting of youth, who become either ‘lifetime customers’ or part of the criminal ‘meth epidemic’ in the aftermath of their enforced imbibing while under their parents care, a particularly galling and horrific testament of which occurs in a Citizens Committee on Human Rights first person account  of a teenaged boy who continues to struggle with this legacy of poison and plunder and false pretenses that infects so much of the body politic in the present pass that its extent is in some cases coequal with the reach of police and government themselves.

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Job Title:        Program Associate, Global Legal Program

Department:  Global Legal Program

Center Background: The Center for Reproductive Rights (the Center) is the premier global legal organization dedicated to advancing women’s reproductive health, self-determination, and dignity.  Its mission is straightforward and ambitious: to advance reproductive health and rights as fundamental human rights that all governments around the world are legally obligated to protect, respect, and fulfill.  Headquartered in New York City, the Center has regional offices in Bogota, Geneva, Kathmandu, Nairobi, and Washington, DC and a staff of more than 130 diverse professionals.  Its annual operating budget is approximately $23 million, the result of an extraordinary growth trajectory; the Center is now poised for a new phase of significant expansion through its next Strategic Plan.


An Interesting Personal Story By a Christian

A Heart Support first-person account by a thoughtful correspondent who muses on the uncomfortable intersections of faith, morals, and real life: “I didn’t want to believe it at first, but what finally caused the mental break was when I stopped for gas and noticed a young, homeless man asking for money. People ignored him, busy in the shuffle of their day-to-day lives, and I began to wonder how my pastor would respond? Maybe he would flash that infectious grin, offer a prayer, and then feel godly as he walked away in his snazzy suit and continued to nail his secretary on a pile of cash he stole from the church.”

WRISSDesign, Typography, & Reading

A Dazed post that brings up issues of basic readability and the fundamental importance of design in regards to creating a functional experience for all people: “Typography may not seem like a crucial design element, but it is. One of the reasons the web has become the default way that we access information is that it makes that information broadly available to everyone. “The power of the Web is in its universality,” wrote Tim Berners-Lee, director of the World Wide Web consortium. “Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”

But if the web is relayed through text that’s difficult to read, it curtails that open access by excluding large swaths of people, such as the elderly, the visually impaired, or those retrieving websites through low-quality screens”


Design, Typography, & Reading

A Back Channel post that brings up issues of basic readability and the fundamental importance of design in regards to creating a functional experience for all people: “Typography may not seem like a crucial design element, but it is. One of the reasons the web has become the default way that we access information is that it makes that information broadly available to everyone. “The power of the Web is in its universality,” wrote Tim Berners-Lee, director of the World Wide Web consortium. “Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”

But if the web is relayed through text that’s difficult to read, it curtails that open access by excluding large swaths of people, such as the elderly, the visually impaired, or those retrieving websites through low-quality screens”


Korean Strike Eruptions & International Solidarity

An In These Times report on conditions that workers in South Korea have had to endure that have launched strikes and worker solidarity movements that have met with much support worldwide:  ““This has become a challenge to the whole international community and is enormously damaging to the Korean government’s international reputation,” Stephen Cotton, general secretary of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), told In These Times.”

GENISSBrave New World Analogy

A blog post that muses about the scary proximity of this world to Huxley’s seminal novel, in which society gladly embraces its own prison sentence in a technocratic, deterministic world: “Huxley’s 1932 novel about a World State and its version of Utopia is still one of the most important and relevant novels of our time. … There are many people living among us today who would opt for that life in a heartbeat. They would see no downside. “Well, of course. Sign me up. I’ve been trying to find that pleasure all along. I’ll take it.””