10.24.2016 Nearly Naked Links


Plenty of Time for Great


Assad Swiss Interview
False-Flagging a Route to Ecocide
Hell Inside Holman Prison
ICIJ Post-Panama-Papers Spinoff
Snapchat Documentaries on the Way
DDoS Shutdown in Real Time
Administrative Plums Available to Big Boosters
A Noteworthy Poynter Pair on Present Monopoly-Media
A Dark Cultural Reflection
Corporations Fail a ‘Living Earth Economy’
Chicago Labor Updates: Two-Tier Schools; Grad-Student Organizing
A Venezuela Analysis Duo–Maduro Popularity & Excoriating Trump-Chavez Link
A South Carolina Du Bois Anniversary
A Twisted & Bizarre Police Murder Development
An International Law Freedom-of-Expression Overview
Doom Ahead Without Alternatives to Capital
Black Panther Lessons
An Ironic ‘Peace Prize’ Disquisition
Fluoride Revelations
The Oxymoron of ‘Bombing for Peace’
Witness Protection
Jill Stein: Reaching a Million on Facebook After Last Debate
Kashmiri Peace Activist’s Plight & Prospects
Sacco & Vanzetti’s Address to Their Murderers
Sci-Fi Views of Urban Futures
Police Department Extortion ‘Game’
Further Evidence of White Helmet Perfidy
Humanity’s Warmaking Capacity
Letting the Philippines Go
A Critical View of BLM
Delivering CRS to the People
Rents “Too Damned High”
Free Speech Victories Over Zionist Bullies
Engendering Polarity
A Moral Philosophy Interview
How Sci-Fi Addresses Injustice
A Civil War Soldier’s Letters
The Conclave of 50,000 Attendees @ Quito’s Habitat III
A New Blood, Old Pro Exchange on Literature & Its Production
Hans Fallada & Fascism’s Depiction
Deconstructing Brazil’s Present Plight
India’s Case Study in the Nuclear Supplier’s Group
Rejuvenating a Critique of Rentiers
ISIS Evolution in the Direction of Becoming Guerillas
Embracing Skepticism, Rejecting Cynicism
Amy Goodman on Strip Searches & Press Freedom
650 Writing Prompts
Teaching & Writing Personal Essays
CIA Abstract Art Collection
Politically Progressive Southern Bands
A Bracing Dylan Deconstruction
Assessing a Kurdish ‘National Birth’
Filming Anarchy As Fashionable
Another Coup in Turkey?
Bayer-Monsanto, Europe, Agricultural Hegemony
Wage Discrimination Against Hispanic Thespians
IMF Splits
A Tiny Houses Detroit Briefing
A Powerful Argument Against ‘No-Fly-Zones’
Brain-Pickings Ten Year Anniversary Materials
Death From Ritalin Overview
Dario Fo Insights
NACLA on Andean Coke Traffic
Third World Traveler on McCoy’s CIA Drug Connections
An Agency View of the CIA in Laos
‘Accidental’ Opium Spikes in Afghanistan
U.S. Part in Contraband Creation
PBS Kerry-Committee CIA-&-Drug Excerpts
A Vast Silence on Drug War Corruption
A CIA Narcotics Briefing
CIA’s Long History With Drugs
CIA Drug Lords
A CIA Drug-Running Timeline
A Hero’s Obituary That Ignores His CIA Drug-Running
An Alfred McCoy CIA-&-Drug Interview
When Soldiers Lose Their Bonuses
ATT & Time-Warner Merger, Stock Crash Forecast
Design, Typography, & Readability
How ‘Market-Based’ Learning Races to Bottom
Privatized Financialization of Government Operations
Wonder Woman & Real Heroines
Obtrusive Slum Dwellers & Death Plots
Raising Vaccine Falsehood to the Level of Enforced Narratives
DDoS False-Flag Projections
A Reasonable Question About Booz-Allen
The D.C. Death-Dance Parade
Brave New World Analogies
Hate Rising‘s Director on What’s Up
Korean Strike Eruptions & International Solidarity
Blackstone Concerns From John Podesta E-Mails
Native American Police State Blues