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As the United States proceeds to ignore reality and presume its own uni-polar exceptionalist status, pretending that its creation of ISIS and support for terror constitute either a rational or a decent ‘foreign policy’ instead of standing for imperial plunder and mass murder, an account, from The Duran, of the inception of what could turn out to be the final battle for Syria’s very own ‘reconquista’ in regard to the industrial center of Aleppo, and the concomitant evisceration of at least a significant part of the apparatus-of-mayhem that America has formulated in the region, of particular import, perhaps, in regard to the confirmation today of the presence of a Russian aircraft carrier off of Syria’s Mediterranean coast, as if the area required more powder to stuff into the keg that sits at that conjunction of the human condition, just awaiting the right conditions for lighting a fuse, all of which fits seamlessly with the present announcement that Saudi Arabia and the Russian Federation are approaching a mutually acceptable accord in relation to controlling oil production, a development that would further weaken U.S. strategies of isolation and sanctions against Moscow, the sum total of all of which ought to catch the attention of scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens who care not only about their awareness of what is real and important but also about their effectiveness in acting in their own behalf, as ‘agents of history,’ so to speak.

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pizza foodIn general all over the Earth on this day, people commemorate World Polio Day, World Development Information Day, as well as United Nations Day, while Egypt celebrates Suez Day, and the United States marks one of its favorite activities by naming this date Food Day; in the valley of the mighty river that splits the Balkans, nineteen hundred and forty-seven years ago, the forces of Marcus Primus, the Danube Armies, decisively defeated the metropolitan fighters of Rome’s Emperor Vitellius; just nine years less than twelve centuries onward from that, in 1260, in a somewhat similar case of internecine imperial conflict, an assassin seized power in the Mamluk sultanate in Egypt after he killed Saif ad-Din Qutuz; thirty-three decades further in the direction of now, in 1590, the leader of the first English attempt to colonize North America at Roanoke island returned to the United Kingdom after having failed to find his family and colleagues and friends who apparently disappeared from the face of the earth when he was away gathering supplies; MORE HERE

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Latin America has produced bloody victors and tragic victims, on the one hand the ‘losers’ who had varying dreams and goals, while the ‘winners,’ on the other hand, possessed a much more uniform consciousness and sets of objectives that sought profit over all else; most importantly, these triumphant elites with friends in Washington organized to crush the merest hints of any workable expression of sharing, of mutuality, of popular empowerment, organizing themselves in trust-funded operations that served a single purpose: the promotion and persistence of monopoly empire—understanding these points about the commonly-held attitudes among and behavior of history’s Latino ‘unicorns’ is at least half the problem of comprehending why travails such as those in the Southern half of the Western Hemisphere have played out as they have.

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Now it is quite clear to me that there are no solid spheres in the heavens, and those that have been devised by the authors to save the appearances, exist only in the imagination. Tycho Brahe
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“I come from Chile, a small country but one where today any citizen is free to express himself as he so desires. A country of unlimited cultural, religious and ideological tolerance and where there is no room for racial discrimination. A country with its working class united in a single trade union organization, where universal and secret sufrage is the vehicle of determination of a multiparty regime, with a Parliament that has been operating constantly since it was created 160 years ago; where the courts of justice are independent of the executive and where the constitution has only been changed once since 1833, and has almost always been in effect. A country where public life is organized in civilian institutions and where the armed forces are of a proven professional background and deep democratic spirit. A country with a population of almost 10,000,000 people that in one generation has had two first-place Nobel Prize winners in literature, Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda, both children of simple workers. In my country, history, land and man are united in a great national feeling.” MORE HERE from Salvador Allende, his last speech prior to his murder, September 11, 1973

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From Michael Ruppert, the former Los Angeles Police Detective who originated in a “family of spooks” and whose career and investigatory struggles mirror the deception and distortion and intimidation and purposeful ignorance that passes for policy in the U.S. police state, a self-deprecatory and truly humble presentation of his own life and how its twists and turns intersect with U.S. imperial dominance of and depredations against both‘minority’ populations here that face a combination of death by overdose and slow withering incarceration nation experiences and Latin American campesinos and workers and other regular folk who confront death squads among their own police and military and the machinations of Langley and corporate headquarters everywhere from the ‘Colossus to the North,’ all of which on the surface has the shape and feel of a ‘conspiracy theory’ but which, in incorporating massive factual documentation that has resulted from Ruppert’s legendary police work, can only deserve the name of a criminal indictment against the United States for racketeering, mass murder, and, yes, criminal conspiracy to achieve its ends of plunder and power, of hegemony and profit, a brilliant couple of hours that any scrappy scribe or stalwart citizen worth the salt in his blood will take in as if it were manna, whether or not accusations of ‘conspiratorial ideation’ are in the offing, a point that is also well-taken in regard to such profferals as a Forbidden Knowledge TV documentary that presents a compelling case that the mechanism for downing MH-17 over Ukraine and killing nearly 300 people was a MIG fighter jet that some Ukrainian Air Force pilot was flying, or such brilliant interviews  as appear in a presentation from Twenty-First Century Wire in which a Syrian Imam makes a case for non-Muslims about the way that Islamic ‘End-of-History’ thinking is manifesting itself just now, or such awesome offerings as a regularly scheduled show   from Spy Culture’s weekly Clandestime series, a program that eviscerates the ‘movement’ that purports to prove that the Apollo Lunar Program was all a hoax, the aggregate of which gives a small window into the vast realm that seems irrepressible now, in which rage and disbelief and distrust combine to call into question, as George Carlin put the case, “everything that government tells me,” a hugely unfortunate side effect of which is the inability to tell between an actual conspiracy and a delusion of misrepresentation about matters that actually exist.

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Assad Swiss Interview
False-Flagging a Route to Ecocide



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A Critical Examination of Civil Rights Today

A Spiked Online review of books by thoughtful scholars that discuss the progress and problems and contradictions into which civil rights have developed: “Today’s civil-rights movement, argues Ford, is a movement that seems incapable of addressing social injustice. Indeed, its modern-day claims are more likely to corrupt the struggle for equality by being either daft or counterproductive. Ford gives many examples, particularly of sex-discrimination claims, where equality laws have produced results bereft of common sense. In 1985, Dennis Koire asserted his civil rights after being excluded from a ladies’ night bar. He was so incensed at being told to come back when he was wearing a skirt that he took his complaint to the Californian Supreme Court, which ruled that his civil rights had been violated. His success marked the beginning of the end for ladies’ nights across the nation as courts in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Hawaii found that ladies’ nights and similar female promotions or discounts constituted unlawful sex discrimination.”

WRISSCognitive Bias Cheat Sheet

A Medium guide for scrappy scribes who wish to consider issues of how cognitive biases affect our thinking and productivity: I’ve spent many years referencing Wikipedia’s list of cognitive biaseswhenever I have a hunch that a certain type of thinking is an official bias but I can’t recall the name or details. It’s been an invaluable reference for helping me identify the hidden flaws in my own thinking. “


DDoS False Flag Projections

A provocative 21St Century Wire look at recent critical events in regard to recent internet blackouts and that deconstructs the SOP approach of blaming its enemies: “The likelihood of Russia or any other country being involved in this heavily coordinated DDoS incident falls flat, when you consider that the US media has been floating the ‘blame Russia’ meme for months now, and even more conveniently during this 2016 US presidential election cycle, led by Vice President Joe Biden, and of course, the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, all blaming the Kremlin for both the DNC Leaks and the Wikileaks email dump.”


A Pending Energy Crisis

A Naked Capitalism look at an impending and inevitable energy crisis, a circumstance of the sort which can lead to the collapse of civilisation: “Even though the dire tone no doubt sound a bit histrionic, collapse experts like Joseph Tainter and Jared Diamond have described how complex societies fail and the trajectory can be rapid. The Mayan civilization pretty much ended after seven years of severe droughts. Tainter’s thesis is that more complex societies have higher energy needs, while at the same time, they exploit cheap and easily accessible energy sources first, and then resort to more difficult to extract and more costly ones. Collapse then result from energy needs rising beyond what can readily be supplied even at higher cost levels.

GENISS1913 Coal Mine Carnage in New Mexico

A History Channel look at a horrific tragedy that occurred as a consequence of primitive technology and lack of owner oversight: “The coal mine, where 284 workers were on duty on October 22, was owned by Phelps, Dodge and Company. At exactly 3 p.m., a tremendous explosion ripped through the Stag Canyon Fuel Company’s number-two mine. The entire town could feel a jolt from the explosion and many immediately rushed to the scene. The cause of the explosion was typical of many early coal-mine disasters—a pocket of methane gas had been ignited by a miner’s lamp.”