10.21.2016 Nearly Naked Links

‘Beauty-Industrial Complex’ Toxicity
War & Heroin
Reality & Risks of a Banking Cabal
Providing an ISIS ‘Escape Corridor’ From Mosul to Aleppo
Russia’s Threat to the West: Relations With Europe
A New Nuke in Eastern Tennessee
Insane Bullshit As SOP ‘News Updates’
An SOP Science-Reporting Site
Populism on the March, & Its ‘Threat’ to the ‘West’
Persistent ‘Rigging’ of Electoral Arenas
Recent Instances of ‘Jewish Culture’s’ Expression
Twitter‘s Anti-Semitism Problems
A POTUS Perspective on Government, Vis-a-Vis Business
Granada’s Lessons for the Here-&-Now
Reconsidering Populism
An Open-Access Portal
Hillary’s Promises to Cover Heer Saudi Clients’ Asses
Democracy & Education
A Selected List of Dewey’s Works
Argentina’s Feminist Mobilizing Against Rape & Depredation
An Essay About Syria’s Conundrums for ‘Leftists’
The Web & the Rise of ‘Urbanpreneurs’
2016, Viewed From Outside U.S. Borders
Monopoly Finance Capital’s Imperious ‘Investment’ Imprimatur Now
Turkey & Its Coup & Insider Yankee Influence
Martial Law Triggers
A Damning CDC Prohibition
Mess & Process: an Essay
Omnipresent Killing Fields
Local Monopoly News Models
JASON–Elite, Technocrat Militarist-Advisory-Group–Index
Reagan’s National Security Decisions Directives List
Political Economy of Moral Repugnance
Smart Bomb Army Developments & Projections
Vampire Yarns Lesbianic Roots
A New Novelist’s Interview About Her Genre-Bending, Gender-Busting Legerdemain
Rewriting for ‘Voice,’ & Slavery’s Echoes
Magic, Technology, Making Change
Resuscitating the First Archivist’s Initial Creations

Digital Age Student Writing
Finding Rationale for a ‘Regional Press’
Some AI Potential Drawbacks
Billions for Elections Other Than President
Books & Bookishness
True Rebels Do Not Exist
Readers Who Flock to Religion
How the U.S. Hides Its Martial Attacks on Democracies
A German Radical Novelist & His ‘False Friends’
1937 & UAW & CAW Solidarity
The CIA’s James Bond Files
Beliefs, or Fantasies, of Journalism’s Prevailing Over PR
Advocating Eliminating ‘Trigger Warnings’
Storytelling Among Refugees
Tactics of a Color-Consciousness Advocate
When ‘Liberalism’ Has Zero to Say
A ‘Commons’ Portal
How Disposable Junk Cooks the Planet
The Berlin Wall & John Le Carre
Nat Turner’s Mandatory Story
Hillary’s Powerfully Progressive Stance on Abortion
Latin American Surveillance, From Condor to Today
Distribution of U.S. Refugees
An Incisive Assessment of Mosul
Fighting Predatory Prison Profiteers
Crushing Cascades of Crisis for Renters & Tenants
Divide & Conquer Agents Provocateurs