10.20.2016 Nearly Naked Links

Plan Colombia’s Referendum ‘Victory’
Engagement, Solidarity, POV
Delphi Initiative Overview
FDA’s Anti-Pot Rationale
Gag Reflex Toxicity of Anti-Depressants
Sherena Shim’s Predictions & Her Murder
Truly Recognizing Cuba, a Winning Strategic Vision
Interesting Ideas About Dylan’s Nobel Prize
Criminalizing Youth
Children With Life Without Parole Sentences: Only in America
A Baseline Assange Now Projection
A Political Critique of the EU & the Europ
Information Technology, the Internet, & Media Business Conundrums
Uncle Sam’s Economic Warfared
An Interview With a Militant Jewish Anti-Zionist
A ‘Silicon Valley’ Russia View
Alcohol Industry PR About Pot
Intellectual Uses of History
Necessary Urban Leadership for ‘Urban Agendas’
Revitalizing Detroit
Imposing Nationalism Without a Nation in Ukraine
Zionism As Racism
A Modest Proposal
Jonathan Swift & Philip Sheridan & Their Reportage
Swift’s “Essay on Conversation”
Explicating Social Science Parameters
Writing As Construction, Like a Sculpture
Ursala on Liberating Genres
An Interview With a Genre-Bender
Literary Fiction in Genre Work & Vice Versa
A Student’s Passive-Voiced Technocracy Critique
Deconstructing Newspaper Digitization
Massive Anti-Globalization & Trade Protests Rock Europe
Operationalizing Universal Basic Income
Paraguay’s Examination of Privileged Educational Access
The British Child-Abuse-Inquiry Controversy
Today’s Disruptions: As ‘Disruptive’ As Gutenberg
Rap’s Golden Age Is Now