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ebola health illness disease plague war pestilenceUNEXPECTED & ANOMALOUS MANILA DEPREDATIONS
In the tense–some would say explosive–imperious Imperial international environment that prevails today, a bizarre up-to-the-minute announcement from Mint Press News about a Manila policeman who rammed his armored vehicle into a crowd of protesters in front of the American embassy, bizarre because as innumerable recent reports suggest, the very fabric of U.S. domination is in dispute  in the archipelago that it stole from Spain twelve decades ago, under the guise of ‘liberation’ of course, an important upshot of the present pass the failed and predatory profiteering plunder of the falsely-named ‘War on Drugs,’ which places in the context of many other places on Earth the same issues of hegemony and depredation that are up for discussion in relation to the Philippines, as, for example, in yesterday’s occurrence in Mexico, where the judge who is presiding over Chapo’s case, on a routine outing for exercise and errands, encountered assassins who dispatched him with lethal efficiency, altogether matters that scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens should study deeply if they don’t want the present U.S. devolution toward dystopia to worse and deepen, perhaps irretrievably and immeasurably.

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Today is World Statistics Day as well as another interlude to commemorate a disease, World Osteoporosis Day; in the so-called New World four hundred sixty-eight years back, two European monarchs permitted Alonso Mendoza to act as their representative in founding the city of La Paz as an exemplar of Our Lady of Peace; two hundred sixty-eight years ago, Caribbean pirate Calico Jack was finally captured by the Royal Navy; two hundred thirty-five years before the here and now,  the Hapsburg Monarchy approved a rudimentary recognition of religious freedom with its Patent of Toleration; twenty-two years later, in 1803, the Senate ratified the Louisiana purchase, a key imperial move in U.S. continental expansion; the forty-ninth parallel became the Northwestern border between Canada and the United States a decade and a half years thereafter, according to the Convention of 1818MORE HERE

                A Thought for the Day                

In ways that are truly bizarre, at once grotesque and treacherous, perverse and salacious, mediated expression now has become more clearly hypersexualized than at any juncture in the past from which recorded documentation is available at exactly the same instant that a cultural war against erotic love and sexual play is gathering what appears at times to be almost an unstoppable momentum—labeling huge swaths of sexual interaction as criminal; claiming that the exchange of ‘bodily fluids’ bears an outsized responsibility in sickening us; decrying voluntary assignations among consenting adults as sacrilege and abominations to ‘nature and nature’s God,’ the aggregation of which contradiction supports the presence of a paradox in which hegemonic ‘leadership’ benefits from routine and real-world sexual repression at one and the same time that commercial ‘success’ relies on deeply unsatisfied ‘consumers’ who will buy anything with the requisite ‘sex-appeal’ subliminally to suggest that satisfaction is accessible ‘for a price.’

                  Quote of the Day                       

“There is a strong feeling, I know, that to speak against Mr. Milne puts one immediately in the ranks of those who set fire to orphanages, strike crippled newsboys, and lure little curly-heads off into corners to explain to them that Santa Claus is only Daddy making a fool of himself. But, I, too, have a strong feeling in the matter. I have a very strong feeling about the whimsicality of Milne. I’m having it right this minute. It’s in my stomach.

Time was when A.A. Milne was my only hero. But when Mr. Milne went quaint, all was over. Now he leads his life and I lead mine.

Of Milne’s recent verse, I speak in a minority amounting to solitude. I think it is affected, commonplace, bad. I did so, too, say bad. And now I must stop, to get ready for being ridden out of town on a rail.”
Constant Reader, AKA Dorothy Parker “Mr. Morley Capers on a Toadstool — Mr. Milne Grows to Be Six,” The New Yorker, November 12, 1927, pp. 112-3

                   Doc of the Day                      
“Renewal of Life by Transmission. The most notable distinction between living and inanimate things is that the former maintain themselves by renewal. A stone when struck resists. If its resistance is greater than the force of the blow struck, it remains outwardly unchanged. Otherwise, it is shattered into smaller bits. Never does the stone attempt to react in such a way that it may maintain itself against the blow, much less so as to render the blow a contributing factor to its own continued action. While the living thing may easily be crushed by superior force, it none the less tries to turn the energies which act upon it into means of its own further existence. If it cannot do so, it does not just split into smaller pieces (at least in the higher forms of life), but loses its identity as a living thing.”

book hor2

SEARCHDAY"overtly sexual" OR "open sexuality" OR sexualized prevalent OR ubiquitous OR widespread perversion OR dissolute OR decadent prudery OR anti-sexual OR "non sexual" OR "sexual repression" OR criminalization OR proscription paradox OR contradiction manipulation OR exploitation OR machination OR rigged OR distraction = 9,310 Hits.

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As blatant lies and deception become ever more prevalent in every arena, so that the very notion of joyous existence or personal fulfillment appear more and more laughable, even fatuous, a sad and yet also lovely briefing and accompanying viewing opportunity from Mint Press News about an Alaska TV announcer who offered her resignation in no uncertain terms in order to avail herself of Alaska’s just-passed liberalization of marijuana laws, especially in relation to dispensing of the therapeutic cannabis in which she had an interest, so that her now facing 20-50 or more years in prison appears to be both a travesty and a tragedy, albeit one that fits seamlessly with what The Intercept reports  is the Department of Defense view of the human future–which is to say poverty, hopelessness, dystopia, repression, terror, and the ever tightening grip of declining resources and expanding population, the conjunction of which dovetails with the critique that such popular icons as Bob Dylan have proffered about this social nexus that prevails just now, as a recent compilation of his ‘100 greatest hits’ by Rolling Stone reveals , at the same time that scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens might take heart in the at least occasional notes of hope that creep into Dylan’s tunes, an optimism as ever dependent of course on our willingness to stand together and take responsibility, apparent long shots even now for all their ineluctable necessity.


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WRISSWomen in Jail

A Book Riot look at a very important collection of stories that tell important tales of one of the most underrepresented and sad aspects of the American Prison Industrial Complex: “You might expect personal narratives from incarcerated women to be depressing, full of violence and despair. Sure, you’ll find those things, but you’ll find a lot more. These are not the stories of victims. They are the stories of women with remarkable courage and dignity, with perseverance even when faced with obstacles that would be impossible for most people to imagine. These are human beings with voices that deserve to be heard.”


Rap’s Golden Age Is Now

A Washington Post analysis of the current cultural climate that lifts up one creative form of expression: “Everything else in America feels insane, too. We’ll be frog-marched to the ballot box next month, wondering how our votes might rectify economic inequality or stop police from killing unarmed black men with such horrific frequency. Rap music provides the richest sonic response to these civic anxieties. It isn’t a style so much as an omni-style — one that allows artists to say whatever they feel over beats made from whatever they can find….Teeming with disparate messages, meanings, methods and moods, rap’s cumulative charge speaks to the madness of the moment while expressing the complexity of the people it speaks for. Today’s rappers contain multitudes, and the humanity bouncing off their tongues sounds like the music of a new golden age.”


Argentina’s Women’s Mobilizing Against Rape & Depredation & Murder

A Dazed Digital piece that looks at recent actions taken in solidarity against horrific depredations: “Thousands of women dressed in black gathered to protest in Argentina and across South America on Wednesday (19 October), following the horrific death of a 16-year-old girl who was drugged, raped and tortured.

Lucia Perez was abducted and assaulted in Mar del Plata earlier in the month. Her attack was so severe that she suffered cardiac arrest, and later died in hospital due to internal injuries from sexual violence.”

GENISSAlcohol Industry PR About Pot

A Think Progress article that looks at the frightened alcohol industry’s smear campaign designed to push back the inevitable supremacy of pot: “The alcohol industry has been bankrolling campaigns against marijuana legalization, fearing that recreational weed may pose unwanted competition for their products. Wine & Spirit Wholesalers of Massachusetts, Inc. and Beer Distributors of Massachusetts, Inc. gave a combined $75,000 to the group, and several local bars donated thousands more to oppose Question 4, according to the Massachusetts Office of Campaign & Political Finance.