10.19.2016 Nearly Naked Links


Setting & Following Narrative Tone
Abolishing Slavery, Yet Force-Feeding Empire
Neoliberal Ascendancy on Display in California
Removing RT‘s Bank Privileges in London
Russia’s War Prep
Reading, Learning, & Using Narrative Trickery
War’s Technology Lessons
Secret Law’s Omnipresence
Mosul’s Hidden Agendas
Podesta-Release’s Revelations of a ‘Mockingbird’ Role
A Legalistic Perspective on Majority Rule
Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics
An Encomium to A.J. Liebling
Viewing Journalism As Truth Seeking
Wall Street’s Central Place in the Election
Digital & Print, Money & Media
Another Assessment of ‘Comment’ Sections
A Minnesota Local News Model
A Jobless Future
National Geographic‘s Report on Mosul
Reactionaries’ Arrival
A Cop’s Turn Toward Justice
A Review-Essay About Progressive Board Games
A Sobering Calculus of Mass Collective Suicide
United Nations General Assembly Resolutions 1948-9
A Building Solidarity Briefing
Recognizing Responsibility for Such As Trump
A Guide to the Podesta Materials
Profiteering Militarism Prevails
Conversation About Capital, Drugs, & Culture
Carving Out Investor State Dispute Settlement ‘Exceptions’
Corporate Mediation, Brainwashing, & Lobotomized Robot Citizens
A Proto-Fascist View of the ‘Assad Quandary’
Police Forces & Communities of Color
Inequality, ‘Race,’ & Wage Gaps
‘Race,’ Reinvention, & Literature
Translation & Cognizance
A Philosophical Novel Interview
Evaluating the Colombia Vote
Mosul, Aleppo, Death, & Geopolitics
The Dissolution of the ‘Two-State’ Solution
Clickbait Traps & Mediated Standard Operating Procedures
Fighting Plutocracy
Hillary’s Israel Agenda
A State-Department-FBI Quid Pro Quo to Protect Ms. Clinton
Hillary’s Speeches: No ‘Smoking Gun,’ But Generalized Corruption
The Philippines’ Turn Toward China
Maladaptive Beliefs in Authorities & Experts
America’s New War Policies
Militarism’s Pending Total Coup of the Economy
A Nine-Book Self Improvement List
Why Morality Means Doing More
A Sex-Club Narrative
Consolidating the Food Monopoly With Monsanto
Delineating the Nature of Contemporary Rule
Arguing That the Brave New World Is Now