10.18.2016 Nearly Naked Links

Double Standards in Demonizing Russia
Banning ‘Non-Compliant’ Media
A Novel Idea: Let Syrians Decide Their Own Fate
What Any Goodman Exemplifies, As Well As Integrity
Clinton’s Corporate Briefing on Pot & Prison
The GOP’s Continued Hegemonic Role
Keeping Whistleblowers Down
Questioning the Notion of ‘Safe’ Vaccines
Gouging the Vulnerable in Lead-Poisoned Communities
Imminent Economic Meltdown
Enlightenment Realities
Dangers of ‘Rape Culture:’ a Review-Essay
Silencing Librarians
Rigged Voting Rights
New Cold War Devastation
Cuba’s Agricultural Lessons
An Optimistic Panther Revolutionary
BRICS Commitments to Globalization
War Escalation in Somalia
Organizing Intellectual Product
‘Land of the Free’ Attacks on Free Speech
Drowning in Debt
Hillary’s Speeches
Misunderstanding Other Cultures
Recognizing Democracy’s ‘Rough Edges’
Apocalyptic Adulthood
Atwood’s New ‘Tempestuous’ Take on Shakespeare
Anonymity, Woolf, & Ferrante
Creativity’s Wellsprings
A Corey Robins Refusal to Appear
Making Tough Decisions
Hanging a Propagandist After Nuremburg
Avoiding Stupidity First, Seeking Brilliance Second
Life in an Age of Ubiquitous Fear
Predictions of Economic Collapse
An Important Call to Action Regarding Standing Rock
A U.S. ‘Good Guys’ Assessment of Afghanistan
Analyzing & Subverting the Prison-Industrial-Complex
Hinting @ Palestinian, Levantine, Semitic Complexity
The Reality of FBI ‘Terror’ Connections, & Speculations Thereon
A Neruda & Jackie Review
Direct Confrontation Inches Closer in Mediterranean
An Argentian Woman’s Poetry a Century Ago
A Dylan View From Hyperallergic
An Interwar American Feminist Iconoclast
‘Liberal’ Media’s Class War
An Interesting Legalistic Analysis of Ankara, Washington, Damascus
Republicans’ New Affection for Julian
Escalating Attacks on RT
Identity Politics’ Zero Sum Game
A Disquisition on Frederick Douglass
Refugees Dismantle Capital’s Travel Hegemony
White Girls’ Pot Proclivities
Bad Labels, & the Consequences of Their Ubiquity
An ‘Alternative’ Mosul Assessment, Via Actually Monopolized Grassroots Media
Child Mental Health ‘Evaluations,’ Full of False Equivalence
Frederick Douglass’ Second Autobiography
NAACP Call for a Charter Moratorium
A Sympathetic View of Duterte’s Work
An Incisive Aleppo Update
A ‘Debt & Entitlement’ Bullshit Parade Against Social Security
Naval Toxic Legacies in Places Such As Puerto Rico
Julian’s Disappearing Web-Link Amid Bombs Away Against Clinton
Deconstructing Westworld
Monopoly Media’s ‘News Deserts’
Another Dylan Award Critique
For-Profit Colleges’ Lobbying Efforts
Half a Million Chilean Pension Protesters
Kautsky on the Manifesto
Kautsky on Finance Capital
Executive Order on Possible Space Disasters
Times‘ Anti-Russian Distortions
Suppressing the Press Via Attacks on Assange & RT
Agroecology’s Necessity Means Agribusiness’ Diminution
An Examination of Syrian Coverage in the Andes
Coke’s Methods of Defending Sugar
WWIII, Or 1929 Deja Vous
Dismantling Colleges
A Truly Far Out, Fantastical Economist
Avoiding Algorithmic Enslavement
Why the Present Pass May Be Much Worse Than ‘Cold War’
Philippine Blowback
Germany’s Post-War Fascist Judicial Continuity
HRC’s Reflection of Ruling Class Agendas
Drug Industry Response to Addiction Is More Scrips
Inequality’s Much-Greater-Than-Advertised Extent
Mental Health & Creativity
Presenting the ‘Machinocene’
Soviet Internet Attempts & What They Mean Now
A ‘Grand’ New Economy
A Libertarian Stand in Favor of Heresy
The Real Humanitarian Crisis, Not in Aleppo
Dario Fo’s Final Exit
Tricky English Idioms
India & Pakistan Make Mutual War on ‘Peacemongers’
Agribusiness Migrant Camps
Attempting to Unite the Divided Who Suffer Inequality’s Ravages
Revealing ADHD Fraud
Backing the Promise of Advanced Manufacturing