10.17.2016 Nearly Naked Links

A Tough-Minded View of Common Core
Fukushima’s Irradiated Freaks
A Proposal to Decommidify Food
DoD’s Warning of Urban Dystopias
Currency Wars, Real Wars
A Must-Listen Interview & Must-Read Transcript From Bashar Assad
‘End of Growth’ & Instability
Resisting Fascist Reaciton to Migration @ the Border
A Powerfully Credible WWIII Alert
A Naysayer on Dylan’s Laureates
Arundhati Roy on Snowden & Empire
An Alaskan Mental Health Consumers Network
NAS & CIA Team Up on Social Studies
An Insightful Dylan Essay
Monsanto’s Glyphosate Against FARC in Colombia
Decrying ‘Mandatory Arbitration,’ Yet Missing the Point
Henry Green & a Scribe’s Fate
Reading Dylan Politically
Revolutionary Caribbean Women
Honoring Walter Rodney
Charges From Russia of Threatened Preemptive Nuking
Mediated Willful Ignorance About Prison Solidarity
‘Free Trade’s’ Guarantees of Plunder & Profit
Engagement, Participation, & Sustainable Journalism
An EFF Challenge to a National Security Letter Gag Order
How a Judge’s Order Destroys Police Assertions About ‘Suspicions’
A Teaching Math & Science Primer
Keeping the Ignorant Reader in Mind
An International Tribunal Indicts Monsanto
Losing the ‘War on Addiction’
A ‘Right-to-Be-Forgotten’ Refutation
‘First-Person’ Pieces @ Vox
Katha Pollitt on Abortion
War Crimes by U.S. & Allies in Yemen
The President’s Views on Technological ‘Salvation’
Corporate Pot
A DoD Finance Dogfight
Right to Marry, For Polygamists
WikiLeaks Heroics
Neoliberalism’s Crushing of Spirit & Psyche
Freud’s Intuition on Dreams & Sex
The New Secretary General @ Valdai
Reconstruction in a Current Context
A Constructive Critique of Chavismo
Antidepressants & Pregnancy, a Subtle Pharma POV
An Examination of Swearing
A Haymarket Time Capsule
Drug War Police State Incarceration Nation
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy On Critical Theory
The Origins of Many ‘Medical Studies:’ Pharmaceutical Companies
BRICS Meets in India As War With Pakistan Percolates
Useful Timelines & Narrative Economic History
Existential Choices in Syria
A Resuscitated Case Against NSA’s Dragnet
Encouraging a ‘Magistrate’s Revolt’ Against Sealing Records
A Congressman’s 1921 Open-Borders Speech
A Border Vision of Integration
Poynter‘s Spoken Word Webinar
A New Godzilla
Ayn Rand in Chicago
Cuba’s Plight & Rejection of Isolation
Female Rage on Film
Under Review, a Jewish Novel of Israel’s Destruction
A Paean to ‘War’s Workings’
College Football’s Joys & Risks
Blaming ‘Populism’ for Collapse
A Deconstructing Coates Review-Essay
A German Think-Tank’s Warnings of War
Truth’s Requisite: Reconciliation
Blood on ‘Peace Day’ in Charlotte
Asgardia Space Colony Fantasies & Such
Inequality’s Present-Day Defining Status
Impeding Solar by Shoring Up Nukes
Projecting Nuclear Accident Injuries & Death
A Call to Release Files of 1953 Iran Coup
World War One & U.S. Social Evolution
The Geopolitics of the Levant, 2,000 Years Back
Using Copyright to Stifle Speech & Debate, Etc.
A Useful Syrian Overview
A WikiLeaks Summary
Stopping War With Russia: an Essential Goal
A ‘Rape Culture’ Syllabus
Digital Hackers’ False Flags
Drug War Agendas in Syria
Cancer & Cops & Why Only One Receives a Disease Designation
Evidence That Bad Attitudes May Not Cause Disease
A POV on Assange’s ‘Endgame’
Deriding Belief’s in the Imminence of War, From New Yorker
Undermining Public Universities
Algorithmic Discrimination
A Latino Self-Awareness Essay
Palestinian Authority’s Approval of the U.N. Temple Mount Resolution