10.14.2016 Nearly Naked Links

A Jefferson-&-Hemings Chapter One
A Truthout Militarism/Police-State Duo
Birth of a Nation in Context
Aiding ISIS to Oust Assad
Helpful Standing Rock Analysis
Netflix‘s Drive to ‘Charterize’
The U.S. Hand in Colombian Brutality
Women’s Certainty About Abortion Rights
Green & Imperial Form an Oxymoron
A Couple of Links That Honor Arna Bontemps
Evidence of Rottenness @ Clinton’s Core
A Countercurrents South Asia Pairing
An Unmarked Anniversary of a Decade-&-a-Half of Catastrophic Cant
A Film Auteur Who ‘Didn’t Give a Fuck’
The Underlying Dynamics of the War of All Against Each Now
A LitHub Literary Take on Bob Dylan’s Poetry & Prize
University Presses Today
An Interview With a Pathfinding Chicago Crime-&-Social-Justice Investigator
Blaming Trump for Capital’s Proclivities to Blow Up Everything
The Meth Epidemic’s Roots in Adderall
Central America’s Intertwined Depredation & Immigration
Another Epic Media Flail: Coverage of College Costs
Tools to Transcribe Audio & Video
Sieges, From Sarajevo to Aleppo
ISIS Visits Pakistan
Do Not Resist, A Must See Documentary
Mediated Murder of Intellectual Honesty
Euclid’s ‘Founding Father’ Status
The Socially-Mediated Violence of ‘Schrodinger’s Cat’
Nate Parker & Restorative Justice
Street Lamps & Spreading the Web
Discerning Value in Newspapers
Guns & Their Impact on Conquering America
Blaming Monopoly Mediated Reaction on ‘Populism’
Teaching Reconstruction’s Import
Deconstructing Brzezinski’s Current Outlook
Nobel Economics Versus Social Justice & Equality
An ‘Assemblage Theory’ Primer
Solidarity, Not Conformity
A Political Analysis of Bellingcat
A Brit’s Travels, & Travails, in 16th Century Brazil
What Dylan Teaches About Writing & Storytelling
Distinguishing News, Advertising, & Information
Children & the Origins of the Otherness of ‘Race’
Defending Amy Goodman
Bigoted & Viciously Unequal Education
Dylan’s Poetic Genius, As Reviewed Seventeen Years Ago
Geopolitics of American ‘Leadership’–Albeit Minus, Empire, Plunder, Profiteering
Chines Immigrants in Mexico