10.13.2016 Nearly Naked Links

A Powerful Take on Class & Surveillance From the Belly of the Beast
A ‘Dramatized’ Outing of an Anonymous Woman
Essay As Argumentation: an Interview
An Interview About Future Sex
Origins of Globalizing Cultural Institutions
Dopamine Dips, Disappointment, & Addiction
A Monopolizing Model for Intellectual Production
A Multi-Media ‘Wall’-Building Assessment
A Dick Gregory Excerpt
Dick Gregory Album Notes
Dick Gregory Interview
Another Atlantic & Jeffrey Goldberg Deconstruction
A Vox Launch Recollection
Shalom ‘Self-Taught,’ Hello Technocracy
A World-War-One Profiteering Social Sidebar
Empire @ Its Most Dangerous: in Decline
A Dangerous Deconstruction of Capital
The ACLU on ‘Targeted’ Surveillance
The Fetish of ‘Mental Health Writing’
Literary Fiction’s Human Instruction
Chinese Entrance Exams: World’s Toughest Test
A Story About Cosmic Life & Mass Collective Suicide
Lies to Indians in ‘Treaties’
Deconstructing How Technology Comes to Pass
Calling ‘Trigger-Warning’ Bullshit
Jung’s Warning, Apropos Now
Explicating Populist Revolt
An Important Film About Ukraine, & an Interview
An Imperialistic, Yet Instructive, Look @ India A Century Back
Buying Happiness
The New Urban Agenda
Student Debt Jubilee
Drug War Deconstructions
Inside Our Heads
Police State & Drug War, Coequal
America’s Missing M.A.D. Conversation
Contextualizing Current Warmongering Geist
Ubiquitous Facebook Fakery
Alabama’s ‘Corrections Officers,’ in Solidarity With Prisoner Strike
A Drama About Writing & Arrogance
Elections & ‘Elite’ Imprimatur
Teaching Prisoners, a Sine Qua Non
Explicating Leonard Cohen’s Latest
An Apocalyptic Battle, Upstream From Aleppo
The Reality of Missing Journalism
Tolstoy’s Instruction on Warmongering
A Hanoi Hannah Recollection
Competing Ruling Class Views
Reading Polls Intelligently
Imperial Police State Necessities
The Initiation of the Federal Reserve