10.11.2016 Nearly Naked Links

New Math Teach Standards Under Review
Plutocracy Rather Than Idiocracy
Searching For the Meaning of Che
Yankee Depredation Everywhere
Another Booz-Allen Collusive Plot Discourse About NSA, CIA, etc.
Department of Justice Role: According to Some, Protect Wealthy From Law
Clinton Foundation & Democratic National Committee = New Project Mockingbird
Logistical Meltdowns That Reveal Capital’s Current SOP
Massachusetts Teachers in a Fight With Billionaire Charter Boosters
Arguing a Duty to Legalize Cannabis
A Review-Essay of the Powerful Documentary, 13th
The Prolux Dangers of the Military Industrial Project
A Russian Blogger’s Campaign Tour
Duterte’s Latest Riff, a Challenge to the CIA
More & More, Vaccines That Are Venal & Vile
A White Helmets Nobel ‘Fail’
A Feminist Materialism Deconstruction
Pondering Esperanto
Mary Gaitskill’s Exposition of Eros & Sex
Panama’s Hidden Trillions
A Quartet of Investigative Police State Pieces From Sarah Stillman & New Yorker
Weaponizing Information & the Web: the Case of the Philippines
Piketty on Inequality, Markets, & Housing
An Unended, & Unending, Downturn
What an Aleppo ‘Defeat’ Will Mean for Washington
Time Travel’s Twists in the Development of Awareness
Origins of the Modern Mental Template
Big Pharma’s Opportunistic Web Censorshipo
Libraries’ Role in Humanity’s Potential Salvation
Ignorance & Science
The Voices of Salvation for Book Publishers
A Novel Idea–Voting FOR Something
The Thin, ‘White-Lab-Coat’ Line
Police Treatment of People of Color As Less Than Human
Seeing & Unraveling the Linkage Between Militarization & Police State Protocols
‘Gambling’ to Address Sure Loss
Deconstructing Economics Via a Multidisciplinary Member of the Fold
Clandestime on the Elections
Less Than a Million in Damages For Steven Salaita’s Recompense
Unveiling Union-Busting Today by Profitable & Plutocratic Companies
Vets Who Turn to Pot
Natural Born Killers??
Hillary Rodham Clinton, Warmonger Extraordinaire
Disparaging ‘Third Party’ Candidates
Europe’s Crisis Writ Large: Spain’s Turmoil
Another Long-Distance Mossad Assassination
Claude Simon’s Nobel Lecture
How Corporate Conquest Plunders Citizens
Inexplicable Events, Their Tales, & the Origins of Consciousness
Transcendence As an Ineffable Phenomenon
An ‘Untouchables’ Revolution, With a Bow to BLM
A Conversation About Student Debt & Higher Education Policy
Fetishizing Mediated Meltdowns
A Jewish Woman’s Lament
Quiet American Fascism
Faux Elections & the Rule of Finance
Origins of ‘Exceptionalism’
Renewable Energy’s Unifying Reality in Yemen & Dubai
Explicating a ‘New Slave Revolt’
Imagining Monopoly Media Fiscal Fixes
A Nobel Economics Award For Delineating Contractual Elements
Essentially Zero Coverage of the Supreme Court Imbroglio
Philippines’ Pulling Away From Washington’s Ambit
DNA Evidence of Ancient Migrations
Poland’s Ongoing Struggle Over Reproductive Rights
Nigeria’s Corruption & the Implausibility of ‘Reform’
Lack of Congruency: Fiscal & Journalistic Necessities
Purposeful Mexican Mass Murders
A New Way of Contextualizing NGO’s & Foundations
Persistent Mass Incarceration
A Clinton Speech Trove
Another Step Toward War, Via the Security Council
The Impunity of Alabama’s Fascist Police
The Religious Thread in the Mosaic of Imperial Depredation
Red Cloud’s Victory Over U.S. Forces
The Necessity of Investigative Journalism