10.10.2016 Nearly Naked Links


R.D. Laing, The Politics of Experience
Labor Force Participation & Crisis
Standing Rock’s Model
Forever Imprisonment
Turning Japan Into an H-Bomb Outpost
A Call to End Murder in Aleppo
Ending ‘Progress;’ a Critique of Foucault & Adorno
Karl Marx’s Messages for the Here-&-Now
Unveiling Italian Sexuality
Vaclav Havel, Circa 1980
Le Carre’s ‘Other Cold War’
Extolling Mass Collective Suicide
The School-of-the-Americas Watch’s Move to the Mexican Border
A Colombian Referendum Duo
The End of ‘Secrets’
Layoffs That Can Seed Startups in Journalism
The Paradox of Literary & Cultural Integrity in the Realm of Profit
A Truly Nobel Hypocrisy
Lessons of Empire, Unlearned
False Flag Free Speech
Clownish Red Herrings
A Code of Silence Review-Essay
Booz-Allen Spies & Private NSA Profiteering
Calls to Kill & Mass Collective Suicide
Mediating Police State Bigotry
Another Dangerous Warmongering Screed
TED Talks As Soporific & Misleading ‘Guidance’
A Stetson Kennedy Profile & Overview
A Jim Crow Guide, Chapter One
Anita Raja’s, & Possibly ‘Elena Ferrante’s,’ Family History
Laing Politics of Experience Excerpts
The CIA & ‘Digital Records’ Requests
Laing’s Dark Side, From His Son
Friendly to Fascists @ the Outset
Hegemonic Goals & Syria’s ‘Necessary’ Ruin
Fighting London Fascists in 1936
Mental Illness = New Normal
Replacing the Dollar
A Profile of a Hell-Raising Documentarian
From Neuroscience to Neuroweapons
Inspector General Report on Section 215
An Evenhanded Jobs-Data Assessment
An Italian Company’s Methods for Producing Social Mediation
Housing’s Permanent Crisis
A Slice of Acid’s Past & Its Present Impacts
An Early Attack on ‘Crazed Drug Fiends’–Cigarette Smokers
An Interview With a Black ‘Liberal’
A British-Chilean Artist & Writer & the ‘Southern Cone’
Audience Denigration & the Paradoxes of Engagement
Forgetting Libya, Fighting Syria
Institutional Choices That Produce Poverty
Projecting ‘Danger’ From Class War Victims, Especially People of Color
Chicago Police Department Intercept Series
Part Two of a ‘Third-Way’ Assessment
Accessible Machine-Learning Rock-Star Status
Normalized Ignorance & Its ‘Dangerous Thinking’ Requisites
Standing Nuremburg on Its Head
A Student-Created Guide to ‘Covering’ Race & Poverty
Science’s ‘English-Only’ Turn & Whence It Came
CIA & DOD Roles in Arming ISIS & Others
The Times Learning Network‘s ‘Civil Dialog’ Series
Mentoring Multilingualism
Meritocratic Dystopia
A ‘Liberal’s’ Advice Against a Syrian Intervention
An Interview With Yanis
Meditation Versus Methamphetamines
A Political Review of an Internet Documentary
A Political Examination of Half a Billion Bucks’ Worth of Fake ‘Terror’ Videos
A Review-Essay of a Trotsky-in-New-York Monograph
Another ‘Dangerous Thinking’ Essay
Anarchistic Communistic Optimums
A ReDemoPubliCratiCan Contextualization
A Corrupted Language of Empire & Its Insistence on Imprimatur
Delusional Illusion of Afghan ‘Victory’
Colluding in Official Deluded Thinking About Palestine
Urban Revitalization’s Real Potential
An Eternal Gilded Age
An Interview About Prison Uprisings, Past & Present
Reckoning With the Reality of ‘Reconstruction’ America
Freeing College, Undermining Militarism
Deconstructing Exceptionalism
Panicked Elite BDS E-Mail Exchanges
An Account of Immunotherapy Clinical-Trial Offers to Oncology Patients
A New Opioid Overdose ‘Salvation’ From Big-Pharma
Imagining Capital’s ‘Winners’ As Losers
Expertise & ‘False Memories’
Long Wave Radiation Risks
Ruminations on Time’s Arrow
Accusing Russia’s Government of ‘Hacking,’ & What Happens Next