10.06.2016 Nearly Naked Links

Faked ISIS Videos, a Documentation & Deconstruction
Documenting & Deconstructing GMO’s
Abandoned Plutonium Disposal Protocols
‘Consensus’ on Butchering Syria
Ms. Clinton & the Honduran Coup
A Purged Anti-Zionist Jewish Leader in England
Student Debt Now = Life Sentence
Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Threat to All ‘Progress’
Oxymoronic Nobel Peach Prizes
A ‘Young Turk’s’ Journalistic Rise
The Murder of an English Graduate Student in Egypt
A ‘Women-&-Happiness’ Essay
Personalizing History’s Many Meanings
How Coopted Socialism Leads to ‘Snarxism’
A Crowdfunding Lament
Advertising & Media Spying Revelations
Removing ‘Sanctity’ From Subjects & Objects of Historical Study
Constructive Technology Critique
Capital’s Inherent Anti-Democratic Bias
A Political Analysis of Polish Women’s Protests
A Philippine Drug-Fascism-Film Review
Toronto Film Fest Profferals
A Pessimistic Pairing About the IMF’s Most Recent Forecast
A ‘Liberal’ & Technocratic Parsing of the FARC Vote
Falling Online Degree Costs
Touting Globalism
Dueling Death Squads
Washington’s Destination—War
Making the Argument That Education Is a Right
Eliminating War Prior to Eliminating Ourselves
When Formal ‘Justice’ Disappears, Politics Looks for Alternatives
The Spreading Kaepernick Protests
First Person Abortion Accounts
A Paean to Mobile Homes
A ‘Guccifer’ Bombshell
A Brave Chief-of-Police, Drug War Opponent, Loses His Position
Mass-Scanned E-Mails, for NSA, CIA, FBI, etc.
Colonial Elites Who Love Hitler
Commemorating a ‘Liberal’ South African Journalist
Atlantic Magazine‘s 1860 Presidential Election Coverage & Lincoln Endorsement
An Arms-Dealer’s ‘Get-Out-of-Jail-Free’ Card, Courtesy of Barack Obama’s DOJ
A From-Inside-Solitary Rumination
A Brain-Implant Briefing & Precis