10.06.2016 Day in History

An anachronistic fifteenth-century miniature depicting the sack of 410
An anachronistic fifteenth-century miniature depicting the sack of 410

Today in the United States is German American Day; inducing its martial reorganization, the military forces of Rome two thousand one hundred twenty-one years ago suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Germanic fighters who had originated near modern day Denmark; thirty-six years hence, in 69 BCE, another Republican legion overcame Armenian forces at the battle of Tigranocerta, in so doing effectively annexing that portion of Western Asia to Rome; ninety-two years subsequently, in 23 CE, more or less to the day, a peasant rebellion captured and decapitated a Chinese Xin Dynasty emperor; fifteen hundred sixteen years later, in 1539, Hernando de Soto captured the Apalachee capitol near the site of present-day Tallahassee, Florida; four hundred sixteen years prior to the present, the world’s first opera, Euridice premiered in Florence and helped to inaugurate the Baroque period; eighty-three years thereafter, in 1683, Germantown, Pennsylvania became the first significant settlement money dollar capitalism Benjamin-Franklin-U.S.-$100-billof Germans in the new world; Benjamin Franklin first arrived in Philadelphia four decades henceforth, in 1723, aged seventeen and ready to ‘disrupt’ media in his day; a baby boy came into the world twenty-one years after that, in 1744, further North on the continent, to mature as James McGill and use some of his great fortune to found a great university in Montreal; eighteen years further into the future, in 1762, Britain claimed Manila and occupied it for the rest of the Seven Years’ War upon the conclusion of the Battle of Manila; one hundred sixty-five years ago, the iconic Victorian novel Jane Eyre was first published; one hundred sixty-seven years prior to the here-and-now, Austria hung thirteen rebel generals at Arad, after Russia entered the war against their ‘democratic’ uprising; seventeen years nearer to now, in 1866, a baby boy first cried out on his way to becoming the inventor of radiotelephony, Reginald Fessenden; one hundred forty years back, U.S. Librarians founded the American Library Association; the Naval War College, eight years afterward precisely, in 1884, came into existence in Rhode Island; Thomas Edison five years past that juncture, in 1889, a bit to the South in New Jersey, showed the first motion picture; three years subsequent to that point, in 1892 across the Atlantic, the iconic writer, Alfred Tennyson lived out his final verse; one hundred and eight years back, –Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia-Herzegovina and initiated a crisis that nearly led to war; six years following that, in 1914, as the actual war was becoming more deadly and serious, the baby boy who grew up to become mariner and scientist Thor Heyerdahl was born; three years onward, in 1917, the baby girl who was destined to become the activist Fannie Lou Hamer took her first breath; one year later still, in 1918, the inaugural United States Conference of Trade Union Women took place; exactly three years closer to the current context, in 1921, a baby boy first hollered out in Alabama whom destiny had selected to lead the Southern Christian Leadership Conference as Joseph Lowery; two years later, in 1923, over four years after the Armistice in World War One ended most conflicts, ‘great powers’ left Turkey to its own devices; four years nearer to now, in 1927, The Jazz Singer opened

"Film strip" by Bart from New Orleans, Louisiana ,cc 2.0
“Film strip” by Bart from New Orleans, Louisiana ,cc 2.0

the era of sound film; a quarter century and two years more proximate to the present, in 1954, a baby boy was born who would mature as the rocker and songwriter of Latin pop, David Hidalgo; half a decade subsequent to that juncture, in 1959, the iconic thinker and art critic and social butterfly, Bernard Berenson, breathed his last; three years beyond that moment, in 1962, a Minnesota infant girl entered our midst who would soon enough become a premier curator and historian of Lesbian/Bisexual/Gay/Transgender film and media, Jenni Olson; a tad more than a decade more along time’s path, in 1973, Egypt and Syria attacked Israel to start the Yom Kippur War; a mere three years later, in 1976, Cubans, who had acted as CIA sub-contractors on occasion, planted bombs on a Cubana flight stalin mao china communismbound for Havana, and no one survived the crash of the plane into the ocean, and around the world in China, Communist Party leaders reined in the ‘Cultural Revolution;’ another three years onward, in 1979, American poet Elizabeth Bishop died; two years after that, exactly, in 1981, assassins murdered Anwar Sadat in Egypt; five years still further along, in 1986, United Airlines flight attendants won tens of millions of dollars in their lawsuit against the company for sacking them because they had dared to marry; nine years even nearer to our day, in 1995, over thirty thousand machinists initiated a strike against Boeing that would end successfully for them just over three months afterward; nine years ago, meanwhile, an English adventurer completed his circumnavigation of the globe entirely under his own power.