10.05.2016 Nearly Naked Links


U.S. Elections: Predictions of Inevitable Decline
Police State Actions Against a Kansas Librarian for Defending Free Speech
Wiki FOIA in Beta
Reports of Amplified CIA Torture
Police State Murders Need No Excuse
Accelerating Imperial Intervention in Africa
Fukushima’s Fouling of the Pacific
An Account of Anne Sexton’s Life & Work
‘Giant Funders’ That Suddenly Back Wikepedia
Founding Globalization, Circa 1850
A ‘Philosophical Encyclopia’ Pair About Richard Rorty
Laws of War & Intervention
A Powerful Portal on Imperial Depredations Now
Imperial Propaganda Techniques
Cyberspace & Information Warfare
Recent Cuban Film, Review Essay
Birth of a Nation Review Essay
The New York Times’ CIA-Tinged Neocon Turn
Solar Beats Coal in England for Half a Year
$250 Million in Grants for Often Rotten Charters–Not a Mistake
An Analytically Real Account of Colombia’s Referendum
A Syrian Regime-Change PR-Firm Overview
A Skeptical Look @ Assange & Snowden & Their Networks
A Critical New Yorker View of Birth of a Nation
Drawing Parallels Between Palestine & Kashmir
Placing Resources in the Commons
A New Science-&-Society Overview
Extolling a Decade of Wikileaks
Gambling on Solar, Literally
Fighting for Local Control
A Netherlands ‘Trial’ of Monsanto for Crimes Against Humanity
Crushing Workers & People of Color in Urban Areas
H. Rap Brown’s Die, Nigger, Die!
A Globalization of Poverty, 2d Edition, Preface
Pot’s Reduction of Impaired Driving
NATO’s Warmongering Death Dance
An Interview With Writing Teacher Maggie Nelson
A Conversation With Cultural Savant Junot Diaz
Department of Justice Digital Millennium Copyright Prosecutions of Researchers
Moscow’s Withdrawal From Plutonium Deal
How Corruption Works, Vis a Vis Insurance Regulation
White Helmets & Netflix
Syria’s Heroic Fight Against Empire
Putting ‘Colored’s’ to Death Because of Chauvinist Falsehoods
A Palestinian Letter to Black America
The Columbia Journalism Review on the FOIA Wiki
Sam Altman, Y-Combinator, & Class Rule
A Big Plug for Crowdfunding
Soaring ‘Mental Health’ Problems Among Young Women
A Do Not Resist Review Essay With 500+ Comments
A Powerful Interview With the Creators of a 37 Year Old Movie About Wild Kids
Grotesque Texas Wrongful Conviction Story
Analyzing Wealth & Power in the 21st Century
How Deutschebank Illuminates Split Among Capitalist Countries
A Briefing About Kurdistan
An Overview of Palestinians in Syria
An Argument That ‘Brain Training’ May Not Work
Writing for Oneself As a Scribe’s Sine Qua Non
Tennessee’s Radical, Sneaky Privatization Plans
Planning Eternal Imperial Wars ‘For Their Own Good’
Re Henrietta Lacks, Radium in Utero