10.05.2016 Day in History

teacher studentAround the globe, today is both World Teachers Day and an International Day of No Prostitution; the conquest of what is now Spain by Roman imperial troops and Visigoth, Frankish, and Gothic allies one thousand five hundred sixty years ago began with an invasion of Iberia at the order of Emperor Avitus; four hundred thirteen years later, in 869, the modern meaning of byzantine became clear with the convocation of a council to determine what to do about Constantinople’s erstwhile ruler, Photius, who had been in and out of a leadership role for much of the previous decade and whose backers and opponents alike were likely to die from assassination or mysterious demise; five hundred sixty-six years in advance of this moment in time, Lower Bavaria’s ninth Duke Louis ordered the expulsion of all Jews from the Duchy; eight thousand miles West and Southwest, a single century hence, in 1550, marauding Spaniards founded the settlement, soon to become the city, of Concepcion in Chile; one hundred fifteen years further along to the day, in 1665, back in Germany, bourgeois and aristocratic backers founded the University of Kiel, which to this day remains a center of European learning; three hundred thirteen years before the here and now, a baby boy screamed out for the first time on his path to becoming the fire-and-brimstone American preacher, Jonathon Edwards; a decade past that juncture, in 1713, across the Atlantic in France, the male infant was born who would rise as the renowned thinker and revolutionary philosopher, Denis Diderot; seventy-six years henceforth, in 1789, massive crowds of

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women marched to Versailles and demand both bread and the end to feudalism that the sixteenth King Louis had theretofore refused to grant; four years beyond that conjunction, in 1793, also in Paris, revolutionary leaders officially ‘disestablished’ Christianity as France’s official faith; twenty years afterward, in 1813, American forces in Canada during the War of 1812 won out at the Battle of the Thames and killed the Shawnee strategist and fighter, Tecumseh; one hundred fifty-two years prior to the present pass, Calcutta is almost completely destroyed by a cyclone, a storm which kills millions; thirteen years subsequently, in 1877, Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce peoples surrendered to U.S. Cavalry and vowed that he was through with warfare; a decade still further along, in 1887, Eastward across North America and the Atlantic, a male baby entered the world whose destiny was to lead struggles for peace as Rene Cassin, whose prose graced the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and merited the author a Nobel Peace Prize; a hundred thirteen years back,  a male child took his first breath in West Texas who would mature as the geologist and thinker, M. King Hubbert, whose presentation to the American Petroleum Society in 1956, Nuclear Energy and the Fossil Fuels, laid the basis for the theory of ‘Peak Oil;’ two years

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“Oil well” Flcelloguy at en.wikipedia

subsequent to that instant, in 1905, Wilbur Wright flew an unprecedented distance of twenty-five miles, zooming along above the Earth at over forty miles per hour; half a decade hence, in 1910, a coup overturns the Portuguese monarch; ninety-five years ahead of today, a seminal moment in media and baseball history transpired when the first World Series was broadcast over radio for the first time; two years hence, in 1923, the baby boy first opened his eyes on the way to becoming the brave and iconic American priest and activist Philip Berrigan; ninety-two years ago, the baby boy came along in Chile who would define Latin America’s literary ‘boom’ as Jose Donoso; three years later, in 1927, the iconic Polish-born director, producer, screenwriter, and co-founder of the eponymous film company, Sam Warner, participated in his final scene; nine years thereafter, in 1936, Communist-inspired marchers set out from Jarrow England to London to highlight and protest years of unemployment and privation, and the male infant was born across the Channel in the land of Czechs who would become the political leader, thinker, and writer, Vaclav Havel; two years later and a bit West, in 1938 in Germany, the Nazis implemented restrictions on Jewish passports that essentially prohibited emigration; three years closer to today, in 1941, the American lawyer and jurist Louis Brandeis died; three years still after that moment in time, in 1944 in France, women first gained their suffrage rights; three hundred sixty-five days subsequently, in 1945, plus or minus eight thousand miles West in Hollywood, thehollywood california film media movie ‘Battle of Burbank’ unfolded as unionized set production workers fought against scabs whom media’s moguls had designated as strikers’ replacements; Harry Truman made media history two years past that point, in 1947, when he addressed the nation over their television screens; half a decade nearer to now, in 1952, a British baby male bounced into the world who would mature as Clive Barker, the writer and artist of dark themes compellingly told; a year further along time’s road, in 1953, the first documented gathering of Narcotics Anonymous met together in California; another half decade still closer to the current context, in 1958, a New York infant came along whom fate had designated as the world’s premiere science and cosmology communicatory, Neil deGrasse Tyson; four years onward from that instant, in 1962, the Beatles released their first single, “Love Me Do,” and the James Bond ‘film franchise’ began with the distribution of Dr. No; four years more along the temporal arc, in 1966, “we almost lost Detroit” as the Enrico Fermi Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor suffered a partial meltdown in Motor City that came close to permitting a critical mass of plutonium to accumulate; three years yet more proximate to the present, in 1969, back in England, the Monty Python Flying Circus had its debut on BBC One; another year on, in 1970, and back across the pond again, the Public Broadcasting Corporation first came into existence in the U.S.; five years after that conjunction, in 1975, five thousand miles South in Argentina, the guerilla attack Operation Primacia started against a military base on the pampas; a year even closer to now, in 1976, United Auto Workers ended an erstwhile successful strike against Ford by acceding to a contract that met some of their demands; thirty-four years ago, in a further development in the ongoing saga of the Tylenol murders, Johnson & Johnson initiated a nationwide product recall in the United States after several cyanide-laced bottles were found in the Chicago area; one year later, back in the Southern Cone in 1983, iconic Brazilian filmmaker Humberto Mauro had his final exit, and Polish Solidarity union founder Lech Walesa won the Nobel Peace Prize; three years beyond that, in 1986, seven thousand miles Northeast in London, the Times published the first installment of Mordecai Vanunu’s story, which documented Israel’s H-bomb program and more; seven hundred thirty-one days still further down the pike, in 1988, and back in South America once more, Chile’s voters rejected any continuation of Augusto Pinochet’s rule in the Concertacion ouster of the laptop computer accountingdictator; three years henceforth, in 1991, Linux Kernel made gave its initial turn on the computer market stage; nine years ahead of today, in 2000, mass demonstrations in Belgrade led to the resignation of Slobodan Milosevic; four years further on, in 2004, in a victory for labor and worker solidarity, over 2000 supermarket janitors in California won an over $20 million over unpaid overtime, and famous funnyman Rodney Dangerfield cracked his last joke; five years ago, Civil Rights pioneer Fred Shuttlesworth, a founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, breathed his last, and Steve Jobs died; three years afterward, in 2014, the final day transpired of CIA operative and spy-thriller storyteller and Georgian-Russian royalty scion, Dave Chavchavadze.