10.04.2016 Nearly Naked Links


Princeton’s Program in Latin American Studies Senior Theses
The Ford Foundation & the Cooptation of Dissent: an Alternative CIA
A Must-Read About the Early Manhattan Project
Hans Reichenbach in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Energy Imperialism & Consolidation
The Results of Anti-Commie Insanity
Strong Evidence of a ReDemoPubliCratiCan Phalanx
Fake Terrorist Videos From the Pentagon?
CIA & Other Government Assistance With Afghan, Soviet-Era Films
The Model That Rome Still Provides
Examining John Calvin
Making Abortion Rights a Moral Argument
Complexity, Evolution, Economics
An Argument for the Necessity of Democracy, Socialism, & Capitalism
A Pair of ‘Bad Apple’ Exposes From New Yorker
Revealing Elana Ferrante
Slavery’s Trap: One of the Worms in America’s Shiny Apple
Ukraine Today About Holocaust Then
John Kerry’s Open Support for Illegal Intervention
An Essay on Consciousness
A Battle of Algiers Retrospective
Brian Eno on Art
Cutbacks in Denver & Losses to Journalism
America’s Delusional Illusions of Democracy
Encouraging Northeast Asian Nuclear Proliferation
Ending the Office of Strategic Services, Pre Central Intelligence Agency
A Shamanistic Approach to Mental ‘Disease’
Deconstructing Science Writing
Time Travel & Consciousness
Wagering on Chance
The Chessboard Fallacy
Al Sharpton’s Funeral Oration for Michael Brown
Corporate Media’s Predictable Choice: Ignore Prison Strikers
Mass Incarceration = New Jim Crow
Poles Fight for Reproductive Rights
Practicing Terrorism Against Syria
Origins of Electronic Records Archiving Protocols
A Glorification of ‘Digital Nomads’
Saudi Conundrums Just Now
Turkish-U.S. Geopolitics Currently
An Elana Ferrante Comment
Pushing Armageddon With Russia
Important Deutschebank Data
Explaining the Inexplicable in Colombia
The Dangerous Delusions That Characterize U.S. Imperial Policy
England’s Libya War Fraud
A Circa 1960 Critique of Nuclear Megadeath
Jail Time for Allegedly Thieving a $.65 Carton of Milk @ School
A ‘Liberal’ Look @ Colombia’s Referendum
A High School Student’s Interview About ‘Institutional Racism’
A Plea for ‘Elena’s’ Privacy
Spying on Engagement
More Double Standard Profiteering Tax Avoidance
‘Going to Prison’ to Help Out With Learning & Such
Animated Anthropomorphism
The Question of Human Survival
The Fragility of Digital Media
An Israeli Spy Chief’s Warning About Israel’s Apartheid Practices
A Warning From Veteran Intelligence Officers Re Diffusing Russia Tensions
A Political Economic Guide to Surviving Tomorrow & the Day After That
Promoting Collective Thinking
Imperial Strikeback
Global News Collaboration in the Context of the Panama Papers
Society’s Origins Through the Lens of Mythos
A ‘Rogue’ Intell Unit in Law Enforcement & the Military
A Syrian ‘Nutshell’ Portal
Wondering Whether the ‘Texas Wind Boom’ Is Replicable
A Review of a Heartfelt But Flawed Spanish Civil War History
Major WarS on the Horizon