10.03.2016 Nearly Naked Links

Cold War II Dangers
Making a Moral Case for Abortion
A Constructive Dialog About Venezuela
I Am Not Your Negro Review
Utopia’s Return
Access to Government Digital Data
Giant Evil Merges With Enormous Villain
Nader on Plutocracy & Democracy
Reviewing Demand the Impossible
Gates’ Golden Rice, Suboptimal or Worse
Protests Against Jordan’s Israeli Gas Deals
Striking Prisoners Help Justice Blossom
Russia Baiting Risks Nuclear War
Boosting Israel to Profit Lockheed
Duterte’s Latest Outrages
A Rising Tide of ‘Right-to-Be-Forgotten’ Censorship
How to Make Comments Sublime
A Critique of Journalism Follows BBC Exec’s Resignation
A Lovely Review Essay About Irony, Feelings, Labor, & Literature
A Grammar Nerd’s Advice Against ‘Indirect Construction’
Rotten, Rotten College Financing
The ‘Left’s’ Refusal to Stand up to Imperialism
‘Dealing’ With a Company That Has Preyed on Veterans
Deconstructing & Reconstructing Economics
A 1997 Interview With Ecologist Barry Commoner
Orlando Letelier’s “The Chicago Boys in Chile”
Robert Reich’s Universal Basic Income Manifesto
New Philosophy Networking Potential
The Origins & Evolution of Deconstruction in America
Junk Science & Police State Impunity
Robot’s Even Threaten Construction Jobs
When We Should Be Cutting Back on Megadeath, Expansion Instead
Philanthropic Science Funding Will Prove Inadequate
An Ig Nobel Shtick
A Balkan Defense of Abortion & Sexuality
A Critical Assessment of Ivy League Endowments
A ‘Common’ Heritage
Reasons Why the SOP MH-17 Narrative Is Nonsense
Evil’s Roots Flourish in Conformist Soil
Ancient Mythos of Drones & Cyborgs As a Source of Insight
One Dollar, One Vote Local Realities
The Goal: Total Control, Everywhere & Always
Anonymous Threatens Facebook & Israel
Metaphors for Translation
A Wager About Pulp Fiction Output
Organizing the Fight Against South African Apartheid
Legalizing Pot Does Not Lead to Dire Outcomes, Or Miraculous Magic
Robin Williams’ Wife’s Testimonial–Caveat Emptor
An Overview of the Colombian Peace Process, Problems & Prospects
Branding Russia ‘Terrorist’
Bolivian Coca Control Success, Sans Any ‘War’
Telegraphy & the Inaugural Turn of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Saudi Arabia’s ‘Rethinking’ of U.S. Ties
A Libertarian View of Big Trade Deals
How Sugar’s Peddlers Have Set Their Hooks
Adderall = Crystal Meth, More or Less
The ‘Boss’s’ Depression–Caveat Emptor
Legitimizing Nicaraguan Murder Once More
Permitting School of Assassins Opacity
America’s Potential for Disintegration
Financing Government With Fines on the Poor
Ben Hecht’s Front Page & Jewish Sensibilities
DEA & Pharmaceutical Collusion on Kratom
How Peres Stopped Netanyahu’s an Iran Bombing Plan
In Defense of A.I.
An ‘Unhackable’ Quantum Enigma Machine
Israeli Attacks on Academic Freedom
When Arms Sales Define U.S. ‘Foreign Policy’
A U.S. Threat to Arm ISIS With Surface-to-Air Missiles
Aleppo’s Dual Reality & Western Propaganda
‘Generation’ Starships
‘Black Cloud’ Proclivities
Giving Maths a Reality Orientation
Russia & Syria & Aleppo
Instances When U.S. Bombings Have Killed Syrians
Why School Now Undermines Education
Social Democracy, a ‘Third Way,’ & Crisis in Europe
Narcos in Reality
New Wrinkles on Ancient Geopolitics
Ten Grand Apiece for Plus or Minus 20,000 Snitches
ICANN Transitions
A Review Essay on Resisting Armageddon
An Interview on the Inevitable Depredations of Wrongful Imprisonment
The Modern Roots of Terror
Bringing a Human Touch to Algorithms Through Curation
A Disciplined Socialist Peres Obituary
A Series of Incisive Socialist Film Reviews
An Assessment of the Continuing Prison Strike
Studs Terkel’s Albert Luthuli Interview, Circa 1960
Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Bernie Sanders’ Nation Interview
Revolutionary & Rational in Cuba Now
A Marxist Ecological Overview
Marx on ‘Nature’
The First 9/11
War, Propaganda, & CIA Media Manipulation
Media Manipulation Generally
Modern Monopoly Media: Operation Mockingbird, the CIA, & SOP Manipulation