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In a bracing case of arrogant and suicidal tendencies, at once astonishing and chilling, even if in aspect purportedly ironic or otherwise humorous, Rosie O’Donnell’s recent Twitter diatribe that calls for martial law to forestall Trump’s inauguration, here as a briefing for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens from 21st Century Wire, replete with evidentiary tweets and a bit of incisive analysis of the yawning Nazi chasm that looms on the far side of such moves, analysis of the present pass that fits well enough with a recent PaulCraigRoberts.org posting about the appearance of and commentary about solicitations in dozens of cities for employees to oppose Trump and otherwise advance the cause of what these sorts of promotions fail utterly to disclose, a setup for ‘intended consequences’ that the people to whom they happen likely did not intend, all of which stands in stark contrast to a Telesur item that gives an overview of actually responsible, and responsive, leadership, in the event China’s President Jinping Xi in calls for stability and peace between the Asian powerhouse and the United States, though such an outcome does not necessarily or obviously appear as part of any section of the ReDemoPubliCratiCan agenda.

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In addition to the general U.S. celebration of Martin Luther King Day, a few jurisdictions—such as Texas and Mississippi and other bastions of White Supremacy—also celebrate Robert E. Lee or Confederate Heroes Day of something similar on this date; as an attempt to resuscitate the imperial imprimatur of Rome, a thousand six hundred thirty-eight years ago, Flavius Augustus became the last Roman Emperor to oversee both the Eastern and Western sections of the empire; more or less a millennia and four decades subsequently, in 1419, Henry V’s soldiers captured Rouen and with it reinstituted British control of Normandy; MORE HERE

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CC BY-NC-ND by iirraa
CC BY-NC-ND by iirraa

The primary ways in which bourgeois rule now protects itself uniformly depend on the massive improvements in material conditions—plentiful foodstuffs, vast arrays of apparel and accessories, a plethora of personal tools and charms, and so on and so forth, practically ad infinitum in every possible arena of life and expression—that remain the primary, albeit commoditized and hence costly, as well as separate from our intentions and hence alienating, beneficence and advantage of capitalism itself, even as the rationalized and systematic methods of production that ‘free enterprise’ claims as its exclusive realm are available to socialists, communists, anarchists, and others as well: again, then, these methodologies of self-defense almost universally entail a process of distraction of, fetishization by, and diversion of the constantly penurious and enervated masses who nonetheless hunger for more and more and sense on the surface of consciousness that just a wee dab extra will allay the longing and sense of loss that accompany modern sensibility like glare attends light on new fallen snow, a threefold protective dynamic in which the resplendent and continuous spectacle of contemporary existence first captures nearly everyone’s attention and focuses awareness where those in command want it to concentrate; and then in which the almost limitless capacity of modern enterprise for production second proffers to the captivated ‘consumers’ multiple options for addressing the upshot of their paying attention in the first place, a desire to deepen or possibly even fulfill what lies behind their notice, the results of which are a willingness and even craving to purchase or otherwise obtain some commodity or commodified ‘application’ that serves as a fetish to allay their yearning appetite; and third, and finally, in which, as a part of the grand, ubiquitously mediated circus of the here and now, cultural outlets of multiple sorts celebrate this reified, though in some ways readily apparent and real, gratification, analyzing and justifying and defending it in such a fashion as practically to guarantee that almost no one individually, and even fewer people collectively, might begin to appreciate and examine and seek to develop the necessary mechanisms to achieve the personal and shared power that is essential to the social transformation which alone can salvage the lives that, desultory and full of ennui and angst, seek things, rather than relationships and action, to achieve something akin to a consummation of truly human achievement, the perfection of which will permanently prove impossible under the rule of the combination of bourgeoisie and aristocrats who continue to rule and successfully forestall alternative arrangements.

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(For) (w)hen scholars study a thing (like me), they strive to kill it first, if it’s alive; then they have the parts and the’be lost the whole, for the link that’s missing was the living soul.”  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Faust
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Numero Uno“Positivism, whether looked at as a philosophical system or as an instrument of social renovation, cannot count upon much support from any of the classes, whether in Church or State, by whom the government of mankind has hitherto been conducted.  There will be isolated exceptions of great value, and these will soon become more numerous: but the prejudices and passions of these classes will present serious obstacles to the work of moral and mental reorganization which constitutes the second phase of the great Western revolution.  Their faulty education and their repugnance to system prejudice them against a philosophy which subordinates specialities to general principles.  Their aristocratic instincts make it very difficult for them to recognize the supremacy of Social Feeling; that doctrine which lies at the root of social regeneration, as conceived by Positivism.  That no support can be expected from the classes who were in the ascendant before the Revolution, is of course obvious; and we shall probably meet with opposition, quite as real though more carefully concealed, from the middle classes, to whom that revolution transferred the authority and socialinfluence which they had long been coveting.  Their thoughts are entirely engrossed with the acquisition of power; MORE HERE

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  

A podcast and video about tomorrow’s ‘transitional moment,’ that the interviewee in the former case characterizes as angry and despairing, what in many cases many people ‘want done’ but ‘not who they want to do it,’ in relation to programs like the F-35, protocols like the overarching authority of the Federal Reserve and the intelligence agencies, and more, in terms of the perspectives and needs of scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens a key moment in the unfolding nightmare of chaos and carnage that capitalism itself produces with the certainty that specific sorts of earthquakes cause tsunamis, as such, assessments here that ‘tell it like it is’ and therefore aren’t “viable or serious,” meaning that “the results are on” the Democrats as well as those who actually punched their voting machines for Trump, “voting for cruelty over and over again,” an hour of absolutely essential dialog that the video component softens slightly and which, in addition, the likes of Vladimir Putin calls out in a composite interlude  that Duran presents from a joint session between the Russian Federation leader and his counterpart from Moldova, a sarcastic skewering of Yankee ignorance and arrogance that translates very well, points of view all round that comport with Julian Assange’s take on things in a Fox News interview just after the first of the year, altogether an aggregate of critique and deconstruction that at times contrasts markedly and in other instances complements congruently Noam Chomsky’s views that Social Europe recently made available.

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From Wednesday’s Files

Kiriakou: CIA Unnecessary – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46251.htm

Pro-Russian Accusations Against Corbyn – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46246.htm

A Puerto Rican Activist’s Commuted Sentence – https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/jan/17/barack-obama-commutes-sentence-oscar-lopez-rivera-puerto-rico-activist



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For a decade, the Create Change artist development program has connected communities and artists in meaningful ways, creating a corps of creative community leaders. Each year The Laundromat Project selects 20 multiracial, multi-disciplinary artists & change makers living in the New York Metropolitan area to participate and produce eight new projects through our fellowships, commissions, and residencies. For a period of 6-8 months, participants are guided through a series of workshops, studio visits, and intense community building focusing on experiential coaching in order to build and develop community responsive creative projects.


Each workshop season, we award fellowships to promising students in need to take our workshops for free. To be eligible, applicants must not have previously published (or had accepted for publication) a chapbook or full-length collection of poems. Applicants are limited to one fellowship every four years, two fellowships lifetime.

To apply for the upcoming season, submit 4-5 poems (7 pages max) along with a cover letter describing your writing background, interest in a particular workshop, and financial need by Sunday, January 29, 2017.

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pascal maramis – flickr


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Deadline January 9, 2017. Serve as the subject matter expert and consultant, as a member of inter-agency teams or standing committees addressing how to best write and edit a wide range of highly complex law enforcement related material and mission critical subject matter of a sensitive nature. Perform research to develop authoritative information to reflect in materials and projects covering topics pertaining to the TSA mission, functions, goals, programs, priorities, activities, accomplishments, interaction with other TSA and DHS components, and other federal agencies requiring a response. Prepare and/or review speeches for senior leadership. Planning and managing the content of periodicals, websites and other formats from initial concept to final production, selecting content themes and writing original materials for publications. Preparing oral briefings and written statuses for senior leadership. Employer TSA.


Digging Into Appalachia

A Poynter offering that introduces readers to the valuable work in documenting the tragedy, triumphs, and ultimately, truth of life in one of the poorest regions of America, especially in the context of this troubling regime change: “One of the things I think that we’re going to have to address is the stereotype that Appalachia is Trump nation and just a lot of low-income uneducated people, but that’s not the entire story — there are parts of West Virginia and Appalachia as a whole that have different cultures and different education levels and different socioeconomic statuses — how can tell those stories without exaggerating?

WRISSNetwork Effects: Digest & Discuss

A blog offering that discusses a question of fundamental importance to the success of most enterprises, in particular technological and creative ones: “Yet what IS a network effect? How do we untangle the nuances of ‘network effects’ with ‘marketplaces’ and ‘platforms’? What’s the difference between network effects, virality, supply-side economies of scale? And how do we know a company has network effects?

Most importantly, what questions can entrepreneurs and product managers ask to counter the wishful thinking and sometimes faulty assumption behind the belief that “if we build it, they will come” … and instead go about more deterministically creating network effects in their business? Because it’s not a winner-take-all market by accident.”


Mediating Digital Defenses, Legally

A Journalist’s Resource look at the circumstances where diminishing budgets and lack of fact-checking can create a climate where ‘fake news’ might proliferate: “Today they are unprepared to fight, argues a 2016 paper by lawyer and Fortune staff writer Jeff John Roberts. As newspaper budgets have shrunk and some media outlets have moved to clickbait-based business models, in many cases the tenured editors who served as wise counselors and fact-checkers have been sacked. Mistakes are thus more likely.”

Defamation Action Against Trump

A LawNewz article that looks at recent sexual assault claims that our future president has earned: “The lawsuit was filed in New York on Tuesday morning.  Zervos offered to dismiss the lawsuit without any compensation if Trump is willing to admit she was telling the truth about her claims.

“Ms. Zervos confided in family and friends when these assaults first occurred in 2007, both after Mr. Trump kissed her on the mouth in New York twice and after he attacked her in a hotel room on a later occasion,” the lawsuit states.”

GENISSWMD’s Cyber Issues

A Fortuna’s Corner article that provides a sobering read to those who understand that nuclear Armageddon really is around the corner, as much as folks may want to avoid looking at it: “Cyber technology is making the hunt for mobile missiles faster, cheaper, and better. This upsets nuclear stability because it opens the door to accurate strikes with conventional or nuclear weapons on the backbone deterrent systems of the second nuclear age, namely, mobile missiles. The consequences of this technological shift are many: an increase in the benefit of shooting first; more nervous, reactive intelligence tightly coupled to offensive forces; and arms races as attacker and defender go through cycles of measure and countermeasure.”