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In one will almost undoubtedly be one of the more arcane and bizarre developments that result from Chelsea Manning’s commuted sentence, which is to say the disposition of Julian Assange’s custodial arrangements, here a report for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens from 21st Century Wire about the Wikileaks founder’s most recent vow to ‘stand by’ all that he has assured people would happen if Manning received a pardon–his turning himself over to U.S. authorities–the upshot of this situation that the commutation of the whistleblower’s next thirty-odd years is not the same as a pardon as such, an important caveat when lawyers come into play, as The Hill made clear in a briefing that voiced Julian’s attorney’s concerns that what has transpired does not meet the ‘conditions’ that the dapper iconoclast set in making his original offer, a sense of tension and uncertainty that today’s Guardian also explored  at some length.

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In what ought to be a cause for jocularity among our fractious clannish sorts, today is a Day of Prayer for Christian Unity among erstwhile proponents of the Nazarene around the globe, while in 2016, Americans commemorate the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr.; in the Andes four hundred eighty-two years ago, Spanish interloper and plunderer Francisco Pizarro oversaw the ‘creation’ of what became Lima, modern day Peru’s capital; a century and thirty-six years subsequent to that imperial venture, in 1671, British privateer Henry Morgan capped years of plunder of Spanish treasure with a sacking of Panama City, the second largest town in the Hemisphere; eighteen years later, in 1689 back in Europe, a baby boy cried out who matured as the renowned thinker and philosopher, Montesquieu; just short of nine decades hence, in 1778, James Cook claimed the credit for ‘discovering’ what he termed the Hawaiian Islands; one hundred fifty  years back, a male infant was born in Nicaragua who became the acclaimed poet and iconic thinker of liberation, Ruben Dario; MORE HERE

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October Revolution - public domain
October Revolution – public domain

One might easily forget today that capital once served as the world’s primary revolutionary force, standing for at least a sort of freedom and against the inherited privileges of aristocratic classes that had time out of mind ruled the roost, basically since the multifaceted collapse of Rome in the sixth century or so of the current era—still, no sooner had a few sovereigns lost their heads to mark the new order’s ascendancy than the nouveau riche of rising business families joined forces with surviving nobility to continue the exploitation and general oppression of workers and peasants who had, already, for so many centuries provided the labor and cannon fodder for the ways and means of wealth and empire, a fact throughout the European phalanx attenuated only by the convenient ‘discovery’ of ‘new worlds’ into which ‘surplus’ and otherwise beset common folk could venture and then expect impunity when they stole the ’empty lands’ where long lost cousins already lived who could not fight the diaspora of farmers and slaves and wage-earners who inundated their hemisphere, in aggregate altogether a dynamic the understanding of which is crucial for any transformation or reform to succeed in grappling with the multidimensional, persistent, and growing crises that afflict the globe over which bourgeois forms, in just these ways, have now for centuries ruled.

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“…esa América
que tiembla de huracanes y que vive de amor,
hombres de ojos sajones y alma bárbara, vive.
Y sueña. Y ama, y vibra, y es la hija del Sol.”
Rubén Darío, Azul… / Cantos de vida y esperanza
(this America
that trembles with hurricanes and lives of love,
men of Saxon eyes and barbaric souls, lives.
And dreams. And love, and vibrates, and is the daughter of the Sun)
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Vittorio Marchetti: Your book Anti-Oedipus is subtitled Capitalism and Schizophrenia.  Why is that?  What were the fundamental ideas you started from?

japan mask theater theatre 17th_century_Noh_maskGilles Deleuze: Perhaps the most fundamental idea is that the unconscious ‘produces.’  What this means is that we must stop treating the unconscious, as everyone has done up to now, like some kind of theatre where a privileged drama is represented, the drama of Oedipus.   We believe the unconscious is not a theatre, but a factory.  Artaud said something really beautiful in this regard.  He said the body, and especially the ailing body, is like an overheated factory.  So, no more theatre.  Saying the unconscious ‘produces’ means that it’s a kind of mechanism that produces other mechanisms.  In other words, we believe the unconscious has nothing in common with theatrical representation, but with something called a ‘desiring-machine.’  Let’s be clear about the word ‘mechanism.’  The biological theory of mechanism was never able to understand desire and remains totally in the dark in this area because desire cannot be integrated into mechanical models.  When we talk about desiring-machines, or the unconscious as a mechanism of desire, we mean something completely different.  Desiring consists in interruptions, letting certain flows through, making withdrawals from those flows, cutting the chains that become attached to the flows.  This system of the unconscious, or desire that flows, interrupts, begins flowing again—it’s totally literal; and contrary to what traditional psychoanalysis tells us, it is perfectly meaningless.  Without any sense, there is nothing to interpret.  Interpretation is meaningless here.  The problem is knowing how the unconscious works.  It is knowing how ‘desiring-machines’ work, and knowing how to use those machines. MORE HERE

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SEARCHDAYrepression OR suppression OR oppression OR subjugation "free speech" OR protest OR assembly OR petition "ruling classes" OR capital OR bourgeois OR monopoly OR "big business" OR profiteer militarism OR warmongering OR war "free enterprise" OR "civil liberties" contradiction OR paradox insane OR schizophrenia analysis OR explication history OR origins = 242,000 Connections.

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An absolutely critical brief interlude for scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens to note, in the event a podcast from TruthDig‘s Robert Scheer that provides an interview with a Canadian Russian emigre who teaches at York University, a scholar of the Slavic who never supported Putin but does insist on a nuanced, evidence-based contemplation of Russia and its relations with the world, something so obviously absent from monopoly mediation these days that this sort of deeply rooted and historical presentation represent one of the only ways that observers today can avoid idiocy about these issues, a problem that is nearly as acute in relation to Turkey as it has become in regard to the Russian Federation, a difficulty that in utterly fascinating fashion another audio presentation , this time in the form of an Ottoman History Podcast, tackles with a little less than an hour about the role of Opium in Turkey from the nineteenth through the twentieth centuries, an admittedly historical topic that in all manner of ways delves to the heart of those intersections and interconnections that guide and even govern geopolitical developments in the here and now, the aggregate of which fits neatly with a five minute interlude  from Forbidden Knowledge TV about the hypocrisy and inanity that presently hold sway in regard to Russia and Syria and so-called ‘Fake News.’

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From Tuesday’s Files

Another Lesson in Looming Fascism – https://www.marxists.org/history/etol/writers/guerin/1945/09/fascism.htm

An ‘Up-&-Comer’s’ Arguably Anti-Semitic Past – http://forward.com/culture/359954/richard-spencers-masters-thesis-was-an-anti-semitic-critique-of-a-jewish-ph/

Well-Bred & Elite Education Nazis – https://www.jacobinmag.com/2016/12/richard-spencer-alt-right-dallas-texas/





Calling all indie press editors and publishers: Electric Literature is reviving their ‘Great Indie Press Preview’ feature.

The Deaf Poets Society, an online journal of disability literature & art, accepts poetry, prose, cross-genre work, reviews/interviews/miscellany, and art on a rolling basis.


A Fed Chair’s Channeling Bernie

A Wall Street on Parade look at a government official willing to address the truly pressing and important issues affecting us: “Last night the Federal Reserve convened a Town Hall meeting via webcast with K-12 teachers and college educators of economics and history. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen delivered a speech and then took a series of questions from teachers. It was during the Q&A period that Yellen gave a sobering assessment of the long-term prospects for the U.S. At numerous points, Yellen echoed the income inequality themes that Senator Bernie Sanders raised repeatedly at his rallies around the country during the presidential primaries.”

WRISSHonest and Anonymous Literary Words

A Millions column that honestly answers questions that relate to the writing life: “In this third episode of Swarm and Spark, a new literary column at The Millions written by an anonymous NYC editor and an MFA professor with the goal of restoring humanism to the literary conversation, we consider memoirs, crushing doubt, secrets, and shame.  “


‘Rational’ Behavior, Re ‘Piracy’

A Tech Dirt article that looks at different approaches publishers could take in regards to copyright and profit  issues: “We have talked about the power of connecting with fans and giving them a reason to buy, along with using public shaming, as tools for combating piracy in its various forms. Tools far better, in fact, than twisting in litigious winds hoping that the construct of law will be sufficient to curb natural human behavior… and finding out that it isn’t. What these routes offer content producers is a way to ingratiate themselves with their fans, building a community that not only wants to buy content themselves, but also will decry any attempt to pirate that content by others. Morality is shaped by the herd, in other words, so having the herd on your side finds content producers a powerful ally.”