1.13.2017 Daily Links

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In this instance channeling Free Press and providing a portal to other citations as well, a Benton.org profferal that briefs scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens about a particular case, a largely bogus libel trial that involves the often-cited-here TechDirt, a must consider set of ideas and arguments that deal with only one of the ways that monopoly interests and the plundering thugs who run them seek to undermine, or even utterly destroy, grassroots mediation that dares to ‘speak truth to power’ and such, in the event an iteration that meshes in an interesting way with a just-released Justice Department investigation  of the Chicago Police Department, where DOJ detected a culture of depredation and impunity worthy of a police state, an instructive finding indeed that today’s New York Times backs up in its own assessment  of these matters.

                    This Day in History                  

In some U.S. jurisdictions, today is Korean American Day, and in many parts of Southern Asia, tonight is the Sidereal Winter Solstice celebration; in Constantinople fourteen hundred and eighty-five years back, factions allied with different gangs and sporting organizations erupted in violent conflict—the Nika Riots—that torched more than half the city and left uncounted tens-of-thousands of people dead, discord that arose over high taxes that imperial war necessitated; the fourth Pope Eugene nine hundred three years subsequent to that conjunction, in 1435, issued a dictate that forbade Spanish enslavement of indigenous inhabitants of the Canary Islands; a century and thirteen years later to the day, in 1547, the Earl of Surrey, who had helped to invent the English sonnet, faced a capital sentence from Henry VIII’s adherents in London, just a few short years after his cousin, Anne Boleyn, lost her head; MORE HERE

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letter writing write ink pen paper cursive calligraphyThe plethora of English vocabulary might cause an expectation of plentiful ideation—so many shades of meaning, such a rich metaphorical loam to match the wild fecundity that the cosmos breeds in even its most restricted environs, nouns and verbs and such aplenty, and a grammar that can seem both the keenest blade and a flexible rubbery band simultaneously—while a little reflection might also elicit the admission that social life’s denizens of imperial hegemony and dictatorial dominance so fear most critical thinking or rational analysis that they pay top wages in order for fetishized nonsense and boisterous bullshit to prevail instead of the desperately needed intelligence and insight necessary to manage our moment’s outpouring of manufactured mayhem: indeed, scrappy scribes now must surf the tsunami of paradox that typifies their present potential to comprehend and contextualize in such a fashion as to embrace the intellectual potential for transcendence while they resist and dismantle the established regime’s fierce commitment to disallow all that might threaten its continued plundering, even as that process of plutocracy and privilege threatens to extinguish altogether the human experiment, with all the beautiful poetry and incisive reason that its grassroots creators manage in the middle of madness to produce.

                  Quote of the Day                       
Behold, whiles she before the altar stands,
Hearing the holy priest that to her speakes,
And blesseth her with his two happy hands.

                   Doc of the Day                      

Sir,Would you allow me, grateful as I am for the kind reception you once extended to me, to show my concern about maintaining your well-deserved prestige and to point out that your star which, until now, has shone so brightly, risks being dimmed by the most shameful and indelible of stains?

Unscathed by vile slander, you have won the hearts of all.  You are radiant in the patriotic glory of our country’s alliance with Russia, you are about to preside over the solemn triumph of our World Fair, the jewel that crowns this great century of labour, truth, and freedom.  But what filth this wretched Dreyfus affair has cast on your name – I wanted to say ‘reign’ -.  A court martial, under orders, has just dared to acquit a certain Esterhazy, a supreme insult to all truth and justice.  And now the image of France is sullied by this filth, and history shall record that it was under your presidency that this crime against society was committed. MORE HERE

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SEARCHDAYliterature OR narrative OR storytelling purpose OR rationale OR adaptive OR advantage expose OR reveal OR uncover OR deconstruct OR "speaking truth" lampoon OR satire OR irony fraud OR abuse OR venality OR hypocrisy contradiction OR paradox OR ineffable analysis OR explication OR scholarship critique OR criticism marxist OR radical = 884,000 Connections.

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              TODAY’S HEART, SOUL, &                                  AWARENESS VIDEO                  


A six minute or so interlude that ought to give scrappy scribes and stalwart citizens chills, from Aeon video, a mini-documentary about a Spanish island where shepherds and cowherds have, time out of mind, communicated with a system of whistles that contains a lexicon and grammar that mandate the label of language for the practice, which is in the process of going extinct as observers look on, an iconic bit of documentation about how we go about being human that blends in a fascinating fashion with a new Global Voices report , which in addition contains a couple of hip videos from the Southern Cone, about Chilean predominance in astronomical matters, a case of whistling in the wind if ever there was one, both of which, in ways not exactly obvious but which are nonetheless palpable, create a groove that includes a somewhat older YouTube interlude from the proprietors of Patreon, about how artists and creators seek support through signs and signals that might not speak as directly as text but which still manage to reach to the heart of possible patrons who constitute the audience that we all seek.

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From Thursday’s Files

Not ‘Fake News,’ But Bad Journalism – http://www.cjr.org/criticism/bad_journalism_fake_news.php

Hungary Turns Against Soros

Hungary Cracks-Down on all Soros Funded NGOs

Gerrymandered Urban Democracy – http://www.citylab.com/politics/2017/01/how-gerrymandering-is-containing-city-power/512621/



student writing arm


Seaside Writers Conference

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

The 2017 Seaside Writers Conference will be held from May 14 to May 21, 2017, at the Seaside Assembly Hall and Academic Village in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.


Deadline March 31, 2017. The contest is not theme bound. There is no restriction on genre either, and we are happy to read historical fiction, mystery/suspense, and horror. However, for consistency of presentation we cannot accept children’s stories, fantasy, young adult or chick lit; likewise hardcore science fiction is not something we are looking for, but are open to science based/alternative history based literary works. In case of doubt, it is best to query the editorial team before submitting. Stories must be not less than 1500 words and no more than 7,000 words in length. First Prize: US$250. Second Prize: US$150. Third Prize: US$100.


immediately seeking experienced copy editor hide this posting

compensation: per project, competitive
employment type: contract
telecommuting okay

Do you get chills reading (or crafting) the perfect email? Can you take something short, and make it even more concise? Can you take something pretty good, and make it sing?We’re immediately seeking an experienced copy editor to help us produce our cold email campaigns. Specifically, you’ll be 1) giving feedback to our writers as they draft a new campaign (applying defined internal standards) and 2) line-editing their work to get it ready for final delivery.


Capital’s Problem: Itself

A Truth-Out piece by an erudite analyst who gives background and provides a concrete solution for the current crises: “In private corporations the employers are the boards of directors selected by the major shareholders. In state or public enterprises of the traditional socialist economies, the employers are state officials. Instead of either kind of employer-employee relationship, system change installs a different core relationship inside enterprises. A different group of people — all workers in the factory, office or store — democratically makes those same decisions. The rule is “one worker, one vote,” and in general, the majority decides. The difference between employer and employee dissolves.”

WRISSDeconstructing Ellipses

A MEL look at the ins and outs of a particularly evocative form of punctuation…. “This is where the ellipsis comes in. It has become a finishing move, a power play; the communion it represents is no longer between speaker and listener, but rather between the speaker and those already on their side. Patrick D. Elliott, a Ph.D. candidate in Linguistics at University College London and visiting scholar at Berlin’s Center for General Linguistics, sees it as deliberately performative: “[The ellipsis] used to convey something like the following: ‘I could go on to explain why this is weird, but it’s so obvious to the rest of my audience that I don’t need to bother. Rather, I’m using ellipsis to demonstrate my awareness of this.’ ””


Journalist Resource’s Fake News Profferal

A Journalist’s Resource scholarly and thorough look at the phenomenon of ‘fake news’: “While much has been written about fake news, scholars have published a limited amount of peer-reviewed research on the topic. Below, Journalist’s Resource has compiled studies that examine fake news and the spread of misinformation more broadly to help journalists better understand the problem and its impacts. Other resources that may be helpful are Poynter Institute’s tips on debunking fake news stories and a well-circulated list of fake, unreliable and questionable news websites compiled by Melissa Zimdars, a communication professor at Merrimack College. The First Draft Partner Network, a global collaboration of newsrooms, social media platforms and fact-checking organizations, was launched in September 2016 to battle fake news.” 

Assange’s Latest Press Conference

A Duran reposting and summary of the most recent Julian Assange interview: “Julian Assange slammed the recent report as a “press release”, stating that only about five pages of the report could be considered substantial content.

“The real question is whether the Russians hacked the Democratic party with the intention of favoring Donald Trump,” Said Assange [Paraphrase]. “Even if you accept that Russia hackers were involved, even if no evidence was presented in the report, what was the intent of those Russian attacks and do they connect to Wikileaks.”

GENISSADHD Meds’ Horseshit & Its Side Effects

A Waking Times look at the true side effects of the sorts of medications that are forced on children for the sake of ‘crowd control’: “Produced by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, in this video, Daniel tells his story of being required to take ADHD medications from the age of 5 years-old, re-counting the experience of his doctors yelling at his mother when she tried to stop after noticing her son was behaving strangely, in a distant and spaced-out manner. Daniel goes on to explain how his forced medication as a child led to severe psychological issues growing up included long suicidal episodes.”